Nigeria Police Officer Slaps Student, Causes Chaos In Muhsin

Nigeria Police Officer Slaps Student, Causes Chaos In Muhsin

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By Abideen Muhammed

The Nigeria police of area ‘D’ Muhsin clashed with some set of
Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education students union members right
in front of their station on Thursday, 10th May, 2018 at about

The clash was as a result of the police officers using their van to
block the road instead of entering their station. One of the students
of AOCOED travelling to TASUED for South – West parliamentary summit
angrily asked the police to leave the road. ‘Please let us pass, we
are in a haste’, an eyewitness told our correspondent.

Following the statement, Inspector Olaleye Micheal was reported to
have left the van just to slapped the student who identified himself
as Prince Azeez Bashiru. It was the slap that triggered others
students in the bus to fight the officers in the van before one of
them removed an ‘officer cap’ and two students were arrested.

A student in the van, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they
we won’t have retaliated if we knew earlier that we are beside their
police station.

While revealing that two students were arrested for their strong
involvement in the clash, the speaker of the union, Rt. Hon. Musodiq
said those of us remaining made several efforts to resolve it. We
called our Dean, DOP of Ijanikin (the station close to AOCOED) and
others to help us. In fact, I had to call my dad who is a legal
practitioner when they transferred them to OLOSAN because then court
seem inevitable.

‘At a time, they said we should go and call our lawyer. They charged
them with three offences which is we can’t deny some but they never
included slapping a student first. They threatened the two students
with jail in which one was grieving but the other was not. But we
thank God, they were released about 7:00PM since 11:30AM without
collecting a dime’.

‘I thank our neighbouring school that stood with us especially
OCEANOGRAPHY, LASPOTECH among others. The area commander of the
station also showed us a fatherly attitude by advising us and
releasing them’.

When the students arrested were asked to narrate their experience,
Azeez Bashiru said, ‘I have really learnt today – I know struggle is
not easy and there is no justice in our land. They beat me mercilessly
in the station when I was shouting ‘injustice’ while my friend was
just crying and begging’. They transferred us to one man in OLOSAN
police station and detain us in crime department or so’.

The other student, Adedokun A’baqi was just thanking God that they
were released ‘since my childhood, I have never been to police station
before. This is my first experience and it was brutal. I can forget
today till my last breath’.

The students, however , claimed that the officer with ‘Adelaja O’ on
his badge who is also involved in the clash lit a cigarette and smoke
in front of their station while we were begging to release our