Northern Clerics Berate Danjuma On Arms Revolt, Salutes Nigeria Army Efforts

Northern Clerics Berate Danjuma On Arms Revolt, Salutes Nigeria Army Efforts

Northern Clerics Berate Danjuma On Arms Revolt, Salutes Nigeria Army Efforts

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By Abu Duniya


Northern Inter – Faith And Religious Organizations For Peace on Tuesday condemned in strong terms the recent call by a former Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. T.Y Danjuma (rtd) calling for arms revolt as a form of self defense against the incessant alleged incursion of the herdsmen.


Speaking at a World Press Conference with a theme: “Ethnic And Religious Crisis in Nigeria: The Place of Clerics In Peace Building”, Bishop Gabriel Obubah implored Nigerians to reject all false prophets calling on people to embrace arms.


He advised the populace to trash the evil recommendation of  such elements  because they are the “prophet of doom” campaigning for chaos in the nation.


According to the statement: “Prophets of doom had once concluded that the end has come for Nigeria on the strength of the satanic activities of Boko Haram but our Almighty God saw to it that the terror group is but a distraction that has almost been completely conquered  and we are emerging  stronger”.


“Our organization, in the strongest terms possible, condemn the call by a former Minister of Defence, retired Lieutenant General TY Danjuma, for triggering the call for people to take up arms against one another and by implication against the state.


“For someone that once held the position of Minister of Defence in a multicultural and polytheistic nation like Nigeria, Danjuma knows that his call is for anarchy. Had someone else made such call, Danjuma should have queried the belief system of such a person” he queried.


Speaking further, the group applauded the total defeat of Boko Haram insurgents by the Nigerian Army positing that the terrorists  caused similar havoc by embracing  the same modus operandi with the herdsmen whose identity is unknown.


They also appreciated the rare leadership qualities of President Muhammadu Buhari which created an enabling environment for peace and security to thrive in the country.


“Once the right political will was marshaled by President Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian Army has been able to decimate the terrorists to the point that those that continue to affiliate with Boko Haram are officially endangered species in today’s Nigeria”.


“Evil ones are always out on the prowl to devour the innocent, it is no surprise that what the followers of the devil have failed to achieve through Boko Haram they now want to achieve under the label of armed herdsmen.


“The patterns are  similar, the so called herdsmen operate with almost an aura of invincibility as Boko Haram once was before its political dimension was divinely exposed to herald its decline and impending end.


“This is why we at the Northern Inter-Faith Religious Organisation for Peace are alarmed that the issue of national security is being politicized and even being exploited by those seeking relevance”.


They called Nigerians to beware of fake clerics preaching false doctrines with the aim of causing disunity in the country.


The statement read in part:


“Our charge to Nigerians is to beware since false doctrines would multiply at times like these while national  security concerns would be exploited by the unscrupulous.


“The Northern Inter-Faith Religious Organisation for Peace salutes the President Buhari led administration on its efforts on security, without which the peddlers of discord would have succeeded in their bid to destabilize our dear nation. We hail the efforts of the Nigerian Army, in particular, for protecting the lives of all citizens without consideration for ethnic or religious affiliation.


“It is the Nigerian Army that has stood against wanton destruction of lives and properties by people who are diabolically possessed to the point of desperately being in a hurry to lead an ethic war in the country.


“The Exercise  Ayem Akapatuma and other operations by the Nigerian Army in the country are testimony to this very high commitment to peace and security in the country. We cannot but to laud these selfless men and women doing us proud while keeping the country and its sovereignty from the reach of the enemies.


“We call on Nigerians of all faiths to fervently pray against the evil men in our midst. They should plead God to frustrate the attempts to flood and taint the land with blood as a gimmick ahead of the 2019 general elections.


“The clerics in the land should convene sessions to discuss the position of the sacred testaments on the dangerous calls beings passed off as doctrines. We must also collectively pray for redemption for those calling for anarchy in the Land while begging God to free them from the demons of bloodlust.


“Patriotic citizens  should also endeavor to pray for Mr. President, the Nigerian Army and its leadership so that the lies of the devil will not have the space to take on form as being articulated by enemies of Nigeria.


“We testify to a truth that we know. The fight in the country is between the forces of good and the forces of evil; and the strategy of the evil one to manifest as the righteous in order to snare the unwary. The war rages on between the forces of darkness and the key national institutions that have refused to serve evil,” it concluded.


The group prayed for peace and unity in Nigeria and promised to lead a peaceful match to the Presidential Villa later this week to present their  position on the security situation in the country to President Muhammadu Buhari.




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