Edo State Government and APC: A colony of thieves and hypocrites!

22 February, 2018
PDP Press Release.

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Edo State Government and APC: A colony of thieves and hypocrites!

EDSG: King of Misappropriation of Resources of our commonwealth.
1. A few weeks ago PDP disclosed to all Edolites and Nigerians that Edo State Government diverted money budgetted for central hospital Benin to Specialist Hospital Iyamoh. PDP concluded that was the main reason the central hospital Benin is still habitted by rodents almost 2 years after President Buhari was decietfully invited to Benin to fraudulently commission a project that was uncompleted, unequiped and not ready for the purpose for which it was built.
We challenge EDSG to comment on the partnership structure as it relates to Afri-Invest and EDSG in Edo University Iyamoh  and the virement made to deny central hospital Benin its budget funds.
2. Edo PDP has also revealed that over N600m of Edo State money was squandered in the feeble and uncoordinated attempt to establish model farms in Sobe, Owan West local government area. Government officials who were entrusted to supervise the project defrauded the state by the phony land clearing contracts they awarded to themselves and cronies. They exaggerated the size of land acquired and falsified soil test results so they can lay their filthy claws on our commonwealth.
We challenge EDSG to announce the yield realised from the SOBE farms, the total amount spent there and size of land cleared and been used as part of the model farm.
3. EDSG was entrusted to deliver 6822 bags of rice, 76 cartons of vegetable oil and 100 sacks of used shoes to IDP in Benin by the OFFICE OF THE COMPROLLER-GENERAL OF NIGERIA CUSTOMS SERVICES vide a presidential directive on 10th November 2017. They collected these items and shared it amongst themselves as “christmas dash” without recourse to the IDP the items were meant for.
We challenge EDSG to say why they did not deliver the rice they received in November 2017, until February 8 and 9 2018. Edo people want to know why only 30% of the rice was returned and non of the other items were ever delivered . In correspondence between customs and EDSG, it is clear whose rice and items they were!
Chris Osa Nehikhare
SPS PDP Edo State