Operation Python Dance 11: The Python Does Not Dance, It Poisons And Swallows


Press Release

The United Progressive Party watched with trepidation the military

onslaught against the good people of South East geopolitical zone and

call on the Federal Government to stop this state terrorism in the

region forthwith.

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The pictures and videos of unarmed young men in Abia State beaten and

forced by soldiers at checkpoint to jump inside deep muds that covered

their bodies up to neck level, forced to lie face up in that condition

on road side and paraded by this Army of Occupation, are despicable,

detestable, eye-sore and assault on our national psyche. The actions

of these soldiers are barbaric, obnoxious and sadism of the worst


UPP is appalled that the Nigerian Army could throw decency,

professionalism and patriotism to the mud in carrying out its

controversial Operation Python Dance II in the South East geopolitical


The wanton killing of law-abiding citizens, the invasion of Nigerian

Union of Journalists (NUJ) Secretariat in Umuahia, Abia State, the

siege of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu’s

home, intimidation and torture of Ndigbo in their homeland are

classical example of state terrorism. The party demands a stop of this

show of shame that has brought the country to global ridicule and


The party condemns in strong terms this unprovoked militarization of

South East as there is no emergency in the region to warrant such

massive military deployment.

The code name of the military siege in the South East, Operation

Python Dance II shows the intention of the Military High Command in

carrying out the exercise. Python Dance which in Igbo language means

Egwu Eke is an act of terrorism. It is obvious that a Python does not

dance like masquerade, it poisons and swallows its prey. It is the

clear intention of the army to suppress, subdue and conquer the

unarmed good people of South East at peace time by a naked display of

military power in flagrant violation of the Constitution of the

Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, as amended, which they swore to


Peaceful agitations by interest groups and ethnic nationalities are

allowed in all democracies as clearly provided for in the Charter of

the United Nations, the African Union and the Nigerian Constitution.

It is democracy in action. To deploy the nation’s military armament to

crackdown on unarmed agitators for self-determination through a

national referendum, is justice juxtaposed and abuse of international

military-civilian rule of engagement.

The military show of force in the region when there is intractable

Boko Haram insurgency in the North East is a misplaced priority and

abuse of power.

UPP wishes to reiterate the call by our National Chairman, Chief Dr.

Chekwas Okorie on President Muhammadu Buhari to withdraw the soldiers

from the South East.

The party calls on the National Assembly and National Human Rights

Commission to set up a high-powered investigation on the human rights

abuses by the soldiers in the Operation Python Dance II in the South

East. The Nigerian Army should note that the whole world is watching

this state terrorism against unarmed civilians in the South East.





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