IPOB Remains Non Violent, Military Burnt Aba Police Station, Not IPOB” – IPOB


We the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) and it’s leadership worldwide under the command and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wish to bring to the knowledge of civilised nations that IPOB is the most peaceful self determination movement in the world right now bar none. We pride ourselves as the children of light, devoted to the worship of the one true God (Chukwu Okike Abiama) in truth and in spirit, so we cannot dabble into any form of lawlessness or criminality.

The Nigerian Police Commissioner of Rivers State is on record as having said that he finds nothing unlawful about the activities of IPOB, after over 3million people came out at Obigbo Rivers State in South South, just to catch a glimpse of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. There is nobody, in politics or religion, dead or alive that has managed to command the huge following that our leader has in Nigeria today. So it is understandable, especially in not so enlightened societies, for admiration to give way to treachery occasioned by a healthy dose of envy and jealousy.

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Most of the fabricated stories planted by Lai Mohammed on government owned or sponsored media to justify frequent bloody crackdown on IPOB by the Buhari administration should be seen and understood for what it is. Despite the presence of millions of people at each mega rally venue across Biafraland or anywhere else in the world, there has never been any reported incident of crime or injury to any member of the public. An unprecedented feat the Nigerian government and few sections of their compromised media will never report.

It came to our knowledge that Nigerian military- who by all intent and purpose are the ones running Nigeria; took it upon themselves to burn down a police station in order to justify the unconstitutional and murderous Operation Python Dance and more critically, to divert public attention away from their murderous raid on Kanu’s home that left 28 people dead, including his two cousins.

We want to make it absolutely clear to all and sundry that IPOB does not condone and will never engage in any crime or violence, no matter the level of provocation by the barbaric Buhari regime. All spurious allegations spouted by Lai Mohammed to justify their barbarism are nothing more but pure lies, fabricated to give IPOB a bad name. The civilised world, of which Nigeria is demonstrably not one, must demand for evidence from Lai Mohammed to corroborate these heinous lies against IPOB or else they must be seen and condemned for the liars they really are.

The same way this Buhari regime accused our leader of treasonable felony yet till date the prosecution is yet to open its case in a court of law. Going by the weight of the charges and accusation, cleverly packaged and sold to the media through APC friendly media houses, one would be forgiven for thinking that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is more dangerous than Al Baghdadi the ISIS leader. When the time came for Buhari to present his much taunted incriminating evidence in a court of law, they were found wanting, but instead they chose to frustrate their own instituted legal proceedings through adjournment after adjournment for two years now.

Being mindful of the fact they were definitely going to lose in their own court, as they have no witness nor evidence to tender, the Nigerian government decided to conjure up operation Python Dance 2, in concert with efulefu Igbo governors, to provide a perfect cover for the Attorney General of the Federation and Buhari’s henchman, the latitude to amend existing charges once again,  by forcing the reintroducing of the same charge of terrorism the courts threw out in previous rulings.

The essence of the genocidal Python Dance exercise was to legitimise the extra judicial killing of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his family. The Buhari regime have no interest in continuing the treason trial against our leader because they discovered to their horror that Hon. Justice Binta Nyako a Fulani woman and the presiding judge in the case flatly refused to compromise her stance or allow her conscience to be bought over. It was after they discovered the uprightness of Justice Nyako that Buhari decided, out if desperation, to unleash the genocidal Operation Python Dance and the preemptive military raid to kill Kanu in his home and scuttle the trial.

It is equally on record that since late 2015 IPOB started its protest and rallies all over the world, neither the Nigerian Police or any law enforcement agency in over 100 countries in the world where IPOB gather, can point to a single incident of breakdown of law and order. Recorded incidents of lawlessness normally happen when soldiers converge on the venue of any such peaceful gathering and open fire on unarmed civilians. It is IPOB that are the victims of state lawlessness. We have at varies times been visited with midnight abductions, torture, extra judicial executions, humiliation and imprisonment without trial, all perpetrated by Buhari’s police and soldiers exclusively made up of Hausa Fulani Islamic fundamentalists.

IPOB would like to advise the Nigerian government, her security operatives, and their collaborators in the South East (the governors), to stop making a fool of themselves before the civilised world. We are eagerly waiting for the next installment in thid series of cheap lies and propaganda against IPOB, because all their concocted deceit cannot stand any rigorous scrutiny.

The faces of IPOB family members and well wishers are on display during our rallies and peaceful protests ongoing now all over the world. It is the clearest signal yet that IPOB is not and can never be a terrorist organisation. Nigerian government must know by now that they cannot win this fight against a determined and well structured movement like IPOB that has global reach and connections. Nigeria will soon crumble like the house of cards that it is.




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