Buhari Aiding And Abetting Terror By Defending Fulani Terrorists – By Perry Brimah


By defending Fulani terrorists listed in the Global Terrorism Index as the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world, the Buhari government is dangerously aiding and abetting terror. [See ref: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/global-terrorism-index-nigerian-fulani-militants-named-as-fourth-deadliest-terror-group-in-world-a6739851.html]

Is Buhari Taking Nigeria For Granted?

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Armed Fulani militant terrorists have killed thousands of Nigerians and wiped out dozens of cities across the length and breadth of Nigeria while causing several starvation and suffering across the entire nation. There is no dispute about this. It is therefore shocking that the Buhari government will attempt to defend such deadly terrorists.

Global Terrorism Index and Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium, TRAC give data of an average of 1000 killed by Fulani terrorists every year. So many families have been irreversibly destroyed by the effect of Fulani terrorists in Nigeria which makes the defense of these killers ever so painful. Clamoring for the right to self determination has nothing to do with terrorism as the government ridiculously claimed.

I do not believe, and hope it isn’t because president Muhammadu Buhari is a Fulani that his government is defending Fulani terrorists. As a Fulani man myself, I understand the value of truth and honesty and without reservation, condemn the fringe Fulani involved in terrorism across Nigeria. It is terrorism and some of clansmen are involved in it. And we are ashamed of them and pray that Nigeria will someday have a decent government that will mete out justice to any Fulani terrorist or terrorist farmer who has unjustly taken the lives of fellow Nigerians in the ongoing madness to encourage lawfulness and discourage the continued perpetration of the evil.

I am surprised any true Fulani can defend such terrorists and even go as far as funding them as the Kaduna governor admitted to. Many who claim to be Fulani are not even really so, but are of other tribes who have come to associate with us the Fulanis for the prestige involved. [My Fulani blood genetics results: http://newsrescue.com/ancestry-dna-dokubo-was-right-i-am-from-futa-jallon-dr-peregrino-brimah/]

On behalf of Fulanis I was saddened when Kaduna state governor Nasir El-Rufai funded these terrorists who had been accused of and admitted to massacring innocent Nigerians. I condemned the fellow Fulani Kaduna state governor. I believe in God and humanity over tribe and ethnicity and everyone who swears an oath of office in Nigeria is more obligated to serve nation over tribe.

I hereby call on the Buhari government to quickly reverse this outlandish statement in defense of Fulani terrorists and officially proscribe the dangerous group to bring an end to the anguish and injustice in Nigeria. This would go a long way in restoring trust in this government and unifying the nation which is now fractionalized more than ever in recent history.

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