NASS Committed to Addressing Agitations and Uniting Nigeria, Ekweremadu Assures


The Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, has assured that the National Assembly of Nigeria would continue to work with all arms of government to address issues causing agitations and disunity in the country.


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He gave the assurances while hosting pupils of the Brickhall School, Abuja, who were on a Peace and Unity Advocacy visit to his Office in Abuja on Thursday.


He said: “I am impressed that you are committed to the peace and unity of Nigeria at this very young age. It is a further assurance that there is indeed hope and that our future will be greater.


“I have heard your concerns. Yes, there are agitations here and there. There are concerns about disunity. However, you need not be afraid. Let me assure you that the issues are being gradually resolved. The government is doing everything possible to ensure that we live in peace and unity, and that growing up, you will inherit a country that is united, peaceful, and progressive.


“Our promise to you is that we will hand over to you a country much better than what we have now. We will do our best to ensure that every part of Nigeria is given a sense of belonging; that there is justice in the land; and that the rule of law is observed”.


Ekweremadu urged the pupils to continue to cultivate friendship amongst themselves and work together no matter what part of the country they come from, as that was the only way Nigeria could make the desired progress.


Earlier in her remarks, the leader of the delegation, Miss Nicole Ella, said Nigerian children were getting more worried over the “bickering and agitations in the land”.


She continued: “We have been taught that the beauty and strength of Nigeria is in her diversity. We are witnesses to this because even though we come from different ethnic and religious backgrounds in our school, we all study and play together as friends and a family without any form of discrimination.


“We, therefore, desire to grow up seeing and learning more love, peace, unity, and respect for one another in the larger society. We do not want to inherit or be future leaders of a divided Nigeria. We do not want anything that will cause a separation or mar the friendship we share”.


Miss Ella appealed to the National Assembly to take every necessary step to ensure that Nigeria remained “one, united, but a just and equitable nation” by making laws that will address the various concerns of every part of the country.


“We are sure that if there is justice and equity in the land, these agitations will die a natural death”, she added. 



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