CP Akwa Ibom Warns Motorists /Motorcyclists Against Using Covered Number Plates


As part of the concerted efforts of the Akwa Ibom State Police Command to rid the state of criminal elements and to ultimately ensure the  safety of residents and visitors alike, the Command has therefore warned all motorists and motorcyclists to desist from the growing trend of covering vehicle and motorcycle number plates with unauthorized materials.

The Commissioner of Police Akwa Ibom State C.P Don Awunah fsi, Amnipr in a statement noted that persons who engage in this act will have their vehicles impounded as this is in contravention of Section 6 Cap 115, laws of Akwa Ibom State 2000 which provides that “any person who forges or fraudulently defaces, alters, mutilates or adds anything to any license or identification mark shall be guilty of an offence”.

The Akwa Ibom State Road Traffic (RTA) also provides that “no person shall drive or being the owner, permit any other person to drive a motor vehicle on the highway unless such vehicle is registered and licensed under the law and has affixed hereto an identification mark as may be prescribed”.

The C.P wishes to implore persons who have indulged in this act to politely remove such material from their number plates and further restates the unwavering resolve of the Command to among other things secure life and property as mandated by the laws of our land.



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