APC Slams Akpabio For Criticising Buhari

PDP Berates Akpabio Over Plots to Cause Violence In Akwa-Ibom State

Press Release-

The attention of APC Youths Renaissance has been drawn to the loathing
remarks made against President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC-led
Federal Goverment by Senator Godwill Akpabio in which the
gerrymander-Senator cynically claimed that Rivers State Governor,
Nyesome Wike has performed more than the APC-Federal Government.

Ordinarilly, we would have ignored the gerrymander-Senator, but
because his baseless comparism is capable of misinforming and
misguiding Nigerians on the true state of affairs in the country, we
have decided to reply him in a Zimbabwean manner.

First, Senator Akpabio is a remnant of the sacked PDP-government who
mismanaged the fortunes of Nigeria in the past 16 years with nothing
to show for the billions of dollars it received from oil boom.

Second, Senator Akpabio is alleged to have looted Akwa Ibom state
treasury dry with his false sense of ‘uncommon transformation’ which
later turned out to be hoax. For Instance, his self-acclaimed World
Class Hospital is now a paradox for deception as the Senator abandoned
it for oversea treatment when he encountered minor incidence few
months ago.

Senator Akpabio lacked every moral, political and economic ground to
criticise President Buhari who used the last two years to cleanse the
squalor and augean stables left by the PDP government in which the
gerrymander-Senator played a key role in entagling Nigerians in to the

Instead of thanking President Buhari for laying new and solid
foundation for Nigeria in the past two years, Senator Akpabio
shamelessly has gut to criticise Buhari who has freed Nigerians from
the mancles of Akpabio and the PDP.

We therefore call on the EFCC to investigate the mindless looting of
Akwa Ibom state treasury from 2007- 2015 and subsequently prosecute
anyone involved in the looting.


Mr. Collins Edwin,
National Secretary,
APC Youths Renaissance.

Reach us via ekesy2k9@googlemail.com



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