Leave Soludo Out of Your Scheming– Group Warns Oshiomhole

Soludo Wants 5 VPs, 6-Year Single Term For Nigerian Presidents

We read the report credited to Comrade Adams Oshiomhole alleging that
the former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor and erudite Professor of
Economics, Professor Chukwuma Soludo enriched two Nigerian banks with
the sum of N8billion with great amusement.

We wonder when Oshiomhole became erudite economist to chellenge a
world-class economist like Soludo in matters related to national

What correlation does Soludo’s banking sector reforms which ended in
2009 got to do with our economic crisis in 2017?

Must Adams Oshiomhole politicise everything in this country?

We believe that Vanguard Newspaper invited Oshiomhole to a function to
suggest solutions to our economic crisis and not to attack

We also got to know that Mr. Oshiomhole is looking for a job in
Buhari’s cabinet. If that is the case, we urge him to face his
business and leave Soludo out of his scheming.

Mr. Brown Justice,
New Mandate Movement


  1. Thank you ver much! Indeed, I cannot see any other reason why that tout could be doing mouth at the marvelous records of Soludo except he is looking for an appointment!


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