Odogwu – The Rant From An Unstable Mind – By Ekene Okoye

Emeka Odogwu

I read with revulsion a sleazy fabrication and brazen concoction meant for minors by one Odogwublog and was left wondering what has become of journalism. The rant “Is Obiano a Disaster,” weaved as tales by moonlight was a clear attempt to malign the integrity of the governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano. I must confess that the gumption of the untruth riled me to the extent that I wondered why Obiano’s media team has not shot back at the wannabe blogger.  Then I remembered my discovery of the governor’s mandate to his aides to ignore the orchestrated campaign of calumny being funded by known personalities whose claim to greatness is that they possess financial muscle to lure hapless youths into the daily business of casting aspersions and insults on respected persons in government just to further perceived political gains.

But as someone who recently had reason to recant and express my admiration for the giant strides of governor Obiano in the interest of my state and future of our youths, I could not let the dubious attempt by the fledgling blogger pass.  I happen to know the young man whom from all indications is known to most who have been in contact with him as unstable.   The story of his sojourn in journalism so far has also been anything but complementary. Odogwu’s obvious inadequacies have consigned him to bylines in rag sheets that do not boast of up to one thousand print-runs. This fact is also attested to by his present stable which massaged his flailing ego with big title but hardly sustains his wages. This no doubt explains why the loquacious young man’s claim to fame is the intrusive introduction he makes by announcing his often ragged entry in every forum by repeating his surname to attract attention.

The fact that the egotistic blogger regurgitated the blatant falsehood peddled daily by a well-known blackmailer and rumour merchant, one Stanley Chira who goes with many aliases like Mazi Odera, OderaIgbo, APGA Alaigbo etc is a telling commentary on the mental capacity and sense of objectivity of a supposedly professional journalist. Pray how can, the man Odogwu think people would be amused by the obvious attempt to smear the squeaky-clean profile of a gentle-man governor whose only sin is that he dared to fulfill his mandate to Anambrarians? Odogwublog should be informed that the daily fabrications and allegations of ownership of several properties across the state, the country and the globe is a worn-tale full of sound and fury in the ears of discerning citizens of Anambra.

Less they forget, the bashful fellow, his cohorts and their sponsors should be reminded like I since discovered, the daily staple of lies and spurious concoctions cannot distract the man – Akpokuodike. Indeed some of us are here and will ensure that our dear State-Anambra does not return to the years of locust when brigandage and mayhem reigned supreme.

 (Ekene writes from Nawfia:ekeneoko1970@gmail.com)



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