Alleged Rape Of Muslim Teenager: Police Declare 18 Year Old Man Wanted

Chukwuemeka Ibezim
Chukwuemeka Ibezim

Police authorities in Abia State, Nigeria, says it is still searching for Chukwuemeka Ibezim over the alleged rape of a Muslim girl, Aisha Ibrahim and has therefore urged the general public to report to the nearest police station any information that could lead to his arrest


Our correspondent gathered that the said Ibezim who hails from Ahiazu Mbaise local government area of Imo State, was on October 20, 2014, arrested after he was alleged to have raped the Muslim girl aged 18, who he claimed to his lover.


Police sources told that Aisha is the daughter of a top politician in Bauchi State who has vowed to deal with Ibezim, accusing of raping his daughter, contrary to Ibezim’s claims that Aisha is his girlfriend.


According to the sources, “Even the girl, Aisha, said Chukwuemeka Ibezim was her boyfriend, but the top politician would have none of it, saying his daughter was raped. He claimed that rape is a very grave offence in Islam and that the boy must pay for his sins that he can’t live to see an infidel defile his daughter.”


It was alleged that after admitting Ibezim on bail, he absconded and efforts made to re-arrest him has not yielded fruit.


Handsome reward, according to available information, awaits anyone who would information that will lead to his re-arrest.



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