Stan Chira “Odera” – Blackmailing Obiano In Return For N115,000 Per Month

Mazi Odera


By Polycarp Ubaka, Onitsha

It is usually not customary in Igbo culture to tell a full grown adult to step out of the sun and into the shade. Only a child is told to step out of the sun. And this is for obvious reasons.


The case of Stanley Chira aka Mazi Odera puts customs on its head completely upside down. Watching his antics lately against the government in Awka, Anambra spells disillusionment and disappointment of how a fully grown adult in his late fifties could allow himself to be dipped inside the sewage repeatedly. No shame and no regards to reality or décor.


Every blessed morning his wakes up with matching orders from his pay master. Most times the orders are written and dispatched into his email box – ready to be dished out to the various e-groups and social media outlets where he is listed as a member. The email write ups are often fabrications and concatenations of a made up delusional reality of what they want the gullible to accept as facts. And for the past two years, Stanley Chira has wasted his energy propagating these sexed up lies.


Stanley’s background may be the responsible factor to his actions. To those of us who know him personally, his actions are not out of the ordinary compared to his normal person.


The Awka Etti born blackmailer – was a secondary dropout who started his adult life in the far China where he was engaged in trade. He traded in buttons and zippers at the ghetto business district of Shenzhen.


His initial arrival to China in the late 1990s was through Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. He initially arrived Lanzhou to engage in “hustling” until his run-in with the legal authorities and law enforcement. He served a six months jail sentence and was released. His released from jail changed his path and left Stanley economically devastated particularly for someone in his position who had only arrived China with little family support or relatives. He relocated to Shenzhen – a low income settlement for migrant workers.


As the year 2002/3 came around, Stanley had already become active within the Igbo communities. He was already registered with many of the fora groups in China and even in far America. He was registered with Anambra State Association in the USA [ASA-USA] and some other Biafra groups. He was also political active in the various foras. He was not shy to air his political opinions. He made it open his Biafran allegiance and by extension his membership of the newly formed party, All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] under the leadership of the then Chairman, Chekwas Okorie.


The 2002/3 gubernatorial elections in Anambra State marked a turning point for the economically devastated Stanley. At the many foras, it was widely believed the election that brought in the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] candidate, Dr. Chris Ngige as the winner – was rigged against the APGA candidate – Mr. Peter Obi.


Stanley who had not made contact with Peter Obi – and had not known Peter Obi personally then, was fanatically engaged in presenting a daily argument of vilification against the PDP government. He quickly developed a reputation for comical presentations. He also caught the attention of Peter Obi – who was also a member of ASA-USA fora.


Shortly after Peter Obi recovered his mandate, he asked ASA-USA for Stanley’s contact. But ASA-USA had already sacked Stanley out of the various fora – for his unwanted nuisance value. Through some other means, the newly sworn governor found Stanley’s contact in China. Arrangements were then made on how the two will meet.


Peter Obi told him, to hold tight, that when next he visits China – he will search him out.


Peter Obi’s visit to China came and the two met along with Valentine Obieyem. Peter Obi was not pleased with the economic situation of Stanley. Peter Obi, being a gifted businessman, saw an opportunity to utilize Stanley cheaply. It was easy to offer Stanley a job to return home and assist Valentine Obieyem as the side kick noisemaker – to help bat away would-be detractors of the then Gov. Peter Obi. Stanley returned home on a paid flight by Peter Obi – for the first time since he left the shores of Nigeria.


He was housed in Lagos initially on the tab of Peter Obi, maintained financially by tips and stipends until the end of 2010 when Peter Obi’s second gubernatorial election came about.


He was brought in fully and offered N115,000 per month to mount a watch over the social media and the various online foras. Along with the N115,000, Peter Obi offered to pick up the tap on his children school fees and payment of house rent.


Stanley was made the head of social media during the gubernatorial election that brought about Chief Obiano to the governor’s seat.


Following Obiano’s victory, Stanley requested for an upgrade in pay. He requested for N550,000, a vehicle, a job for his wife and a house in Awka. He even submitted a proposal, and was invited for talks by a member of the media team.


He promised to begin promoting the government of Obiano if the Governor would release the initial sum of N5million. The media team were left speechless.


Stanley Chira has since opted for daily suicidal missions against himself and his dwindling ‘emailing’ career in his attempt at vilifying the seating governor of Anambra State. He has called the Governor a drunk, a liar, a cheat, a looter. He has claimed the governor’s security votes to be over 1billion monthly, he has claimed that the three beautiful edifices in Awka – flyovers – have failed structurally. His latest is that the Miss Anambra sex-tape debacle was the doing of the Governor. How desperate?


Why a man approaching his 60s would so belittle his adulthood for pittance?




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