Re: Protest Greets Police Postings





The attention of the Nigeria Police Force has been drawn to a report on page 33 of Vanguard Newspaper of 1st November, 2016 credited to one Joseph SaaterUndu under the caption “Protest greets Police Postings”

  1. The report was entirely false, malicious and capable of misleading the members of the public. The story is absolutely a figment of the imagination of the writer; however it is pertinent to educate the writer and set the record straight.
  2. It is suffice tostate that transfers and postings in the Nigeria Police Force are administrative and routine aimed at enhancing utmost efficiency of the officers and men of the Force for better and effective service delivery.
  3. It is utterly misleadingto assert that the recent transfers and postings in the Force across the Country were based on witch-hunting, tribalism and favouritism, and that the IGP has flooded strategic command units with his kinsmen from Niger State and vendetta against officers hoping to ascend to higher positions in the Force in future.
  4. It may interest the writer and the general public to know that the officer alluded to in the report transferred to the Force Headquarters hails from Niger State, while conversely, the officer posted to Lagos hails from Osun State. How does transferring a man from the same State with the IGP and replacing him with someone from a different state constitutes nepotism? The IGP’s primary interest is Nigeria.
  5. Though the reporter admitted in paragraph 2 of the report that the IGP, in consultation with the Police service commission, has the power to transfer or post any officer of the Nigeria Police Force, this in itself has vindicated the IGP and made it abundantly clear that the IGP has not single handedly carried out the postings and transfers of officers for the reasons adduced by the reporter.
  6. Consequently, the Force wish to reiterate that redeployments, transfers, re-assignments and secondments are administrative, routine and normal not only in the Nigeria Police Force but in every organization that takes productivity and optimum performance of its personnel very seriously as been observed by the Nigeria Police Force,the IGP and the Police service commission.
  7. It is imperative to enlighten the members of the public that Police officers are subject to movements, transfers and postings within the Force and other assignments in the course of their career. Protest in this regard amount to serious misconduct and could attract commensurate sanctions.
  8. The Force Public Relations officerdid indeed inform the reporter that transfers and postings in the Nigeria Police are administrative and also within the powers of the IGP and the Police service commission. The writer of the story was further referred to Abuja correspondentof his paper and his colleagues who have interviewed the Force Public Relations officer earlier on the same subject matter.
  9. The Nigeria Police Force, wish to assure the media of its support and cooperation to ensure crime free society and credible reportage. The print media are implored not to allow the pages of their esteemed newspapers to be used to publish unverified reports and stories that are capable of causing disaffections.
  10. The IGP Ibrahim K. Idris NPM, mni, will not be distracted or deterred from carrying out his statutory responsibilities for the benefit of all Police personnel and the members of the general public that we serve.








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