Nigeria At War: Who Gains? – By Igwe Ejikeme



One thing about universal set is that it has a way of influencing all the subsets in a mathematical permutation and without its web of inclusivism the subset anaomalises. However, it does not also preclude the possibility of a functional subset without correlation with the universal set. Conversely, the Nigeria universal set has a question mark. First is to answer the question in the mind of over 250 ethnic nationalities visa vie equal representation in a constituted assembly, equal share of federal job allocation and a decentralized arm forces. Secondary, it is no longer news that the universal set favour certain few nationalities and meagre part of unfavoured subsets. For instance, in the universal power game, Hausa- Fulani has enjoyed both military and democratic power more than any other nationalities in the minor sets. This is followed by the Yoruba, Ijaw, Igbo in that order.

The currently ‘endangered species’ the Igbo people has but produced a ceremonial president without power. For in a parliamentary system of government real power is vested on the prime minister. So Tafawa Balewaa was actually the leader and not zik as many published literatures have made most to believe. Thanks to the British. Thereafter was Ironsi, despite the ugly circumstance that brought him to power only lasted few months more than shenikon.

The universal set and its blame game on how the British orchestrated the present Nigeria predicament that led to the gradual demise of a somewhat potential heavy weight. A reoccurring nightmare for the minor subsets. The underlining implication is a deeply steeped ethnic and religious dichotomy and a completely tribalized and divided arm forces. The news of a military murder along ethnic line was all over the air few months ago. The mainstream universal set has demonstrated grossly skewed poor service oriented civil service, that is corruptly dressed and kwashiorkor ridden. All a metamorphosis of western agenda in Nigeria, in a wave of economic gain.

Century earlier, the fad was conquering and subjugating the weak, kingdoms and empire expansionism; not too long, colonialism arrived and its field were Africa, Asia and America. After the idea was dismantled, it vestige metamorphosed into neo-colonialism. The ‘ism’ war in Europe (Capitalism vs communism) ensued; when capitalism finally won, it pitched tents with imperialism on a global scale while parading its new wife (democracy) in Africa and Asia. Unfortunately for Africa and Nigeria it has emasculated us to the role of serving and doing the biding of the west with an element of unresolved slave trade madness, the misgiving of warrant chiefs that destroyed Igbo traditional system.

The British gains over the years have made billions of dollars at the back of the universal set in uncalculated oil flow and deals. They also made billions during the war period; of course it is not different from the ones the west, like all its policy and strategy made from Liberia diamond, Libya oil and the middle east with unresolved crises. The implication will always be debated in lecture halls and immediately forgotten by people without a history class. The indices to suggest a possible disintegration of Nigeria were generated by the west with some of these realities on ground today; who will benefit if Nigeria goes to war? A simple analysis of different ethnic nationalities and their possibilities could further underpin the need for Africa to be wary of the west even with their aid packages.

Inherent dichotomy within the Nigeria universal disposition along ethnic lines shows that multiple conflagration of minor subsets exist; such as in Biafra and middle belt regions. For political convenience, the middle belt has the proclivity of fraternizing with their brother at the order of the caliphates. For the exigency of political survival and ethnic identity, there is the need to address the Biafra question. To actualize Biafra is the easy part; the problem with Biafra therefore is to get other ethnic nationalities to buy the idea of freedom away from Hausa –fulani subjugation without a reoccurrence of “Igbophobia”. Secondly, will the new nation be a society that is competent driven or will it be one anchored on share ‘system’  along political blocs. Or should they make it an all Igbo affair like Chidi suggested? If the Igbo have a true viable political and economic state, it will be easy for their brothers in the west bank to join the union by meeting necessary prerequisite and standard just like in European Union.

In retrospect, if the Igbo were to make it an all Igbo affair will Nigeria allow them to go? Since after the facts, they were their problem since 1960-a possible British idea. If they go alone, the truth is that they will survive to become a great nation and a powerful people in Africa and the world. If also the Igbo from the west bank of Niger decides to be part of a minority in a south –south affair or a continuum in the Nigeria project; will the five Igbo state as Biafra survive as a nation? The answer again is an emphatic yes but they will be surrounded by enemies. There is amongst the Igbo a fear of lack of brotherly love, a cultural vestige imposed by the warrant chief system and the manner in which the war was prosecuted. To prove the hypothesis they rightly points at her leaders today in position of power.

To answer the former, the five Igbo states or the Igbo speaking states and regions combined will survive and thrive alone as Biafra so will the Yoruba. The consequent is that they will never be the smallest nation on earth, the demand on our republicanism, free enterprise and collective skills will be enormous. Perhaps, could even dwarf the comparative demands of the 60’s . Survival will be the only thing steering them in the face; this will inadvertently give room to all kinds of invention and ideas. Concerning the issue of land lock, we have over 20 economically viable land lock countries in today’s world. If not for repetitive peace and economic accords in Europe; one-quarter of its countries are landlocked eg. Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belarus etc. In land water and port agreements made these nations a ship haven and some of these countries are somewhat better than Nigeria in economic indices. The possibility of exploiting this avenue could help the Igbo survive and thrive if south –south with her Igbo minorities or whatever they claim to answer decides against ‘the union of the willing.’

Another factor the Igbo has as an advantage is her ability to adapt and survive in any part of the world thus the cliché ‘any country you visit and there is no Igbo man there, leave that country’ or this, ‘One in four of every black man is a Nigerian. Take a look at our NYSC posting for the last decade, a surprising statistic will re-emerge. To test how true these statements were, I will offer one example. I could remember vividly during my service year in Kastina State. I visited Niger republic in a missionary capacity as a volunteer in a small town about 4 hours drive from kastina town. The gentleman in charge of the area was a Kanuri man from southern Kaduna and strongly involved with CAPRO mission. He once told me, bro Igwe, come and see your brothers, one is a business man and a chemist, the other a local chief with vast landholdings. He is married to three of the natives with children and houses. When we got there they were from Nsukka and Anambra respectively.

Most antagonist to the Biafra Agenda have opined that landlocked and poor landmass could make it difficult for agriculture hence it cannot feed her people and may not survive another war.  She will also deal with the problem of mass exodus and housing crises considering her unverifiable population figure of over 40million. When we measure these thoughts in the face of facts and available technology today, you will discover that these two ideas or questions are obsolete. Desert Israel is still one of the lead nations in Agriculture. In sorghum production for instance, Nigeria uses close to two northern states for sorghum cultivation, whereas USA and India uses twice less but produces more because of mechanized farming. Therefore, for Biafra Igbo to survive the food question, Agricultural mapping of eastern lands will commence with approved lands fully mechanized to drive the industrial process. Topography issue could also be resolved along the same lines. As we traverse the northern states, apart from the capital and some market towns; few conspicuous features of these states are the scanty landmass, the muddy hamlets and near zero story houses. To substantially alleviate the housing crisis in the east, in the phase of mass exodus and population explosion, a policy of ‘not less than 10 stories a building’ shall be permitted with modalities worked out by health, environment and housing agency or departments. I have also heard in some quarters that the Igbo should relocate elsewhere if they want Biafra. If the entire North forgets Islam, then the Igbo could consider leaving Nigeria for them. Native lands are held in esteem and as sacred in Igbo land and no matter where they go? No place will be like the East. Perhaps, Arewa should consider leaving Nigeria to join their brothers in Middle East or other African countries since they love sharia and Islam very well

The balkanization of town into villages, and those seeking meaningless village autonomy to create their own ‘Eze and Igwe’ courtesy of Gov. Okorocha and Nnamani. Others with political power that installed these local titles without traditional power and respect is a slap on the Igbo republicanism and traditional system. The experience of the warrant chiefs and its ruthless imprint in the demise of a complete and competing spirit will never be forgotten. The story of how their first touch with the white men helped pushed their progenies to the fore of pre and post-independent-Nigeria power games is still on-going. Their children were in the army, in government and were forging the fate of those with honour, integrity. This anomaly was further exacerbated by the war, when the Nigerian government robbed the Igbo in blood day light of their means, these warrant chief’s children with their usual scheme and treachery bought their way back into power, business and politics. This was how the idea that Igbo love money originated. I always wondered, was it because they were good in business? Others said,’ some of them collected money from Nigeria government to betray Biafra, some were given money to buy weapons but they embezzled it while their brothers suffered and died.

When we look at it on a straight line, we may be constrained to agree after the facts. However, on microscopic sighting, the obvious thing in Nigeria experiment is that both the Yoruba and the Arewa love money more than the Igbo. The Arewa has over 1million Almajiri, if their Emir and Sultans do not love money, why do they still beg and roam the streets of Nigeria. All the military leaders of this country have looted billions from this nation. One successive dictator keep giving excuses of corruption after another to justify their psychotic action and the number is endless. Do you remember the Abacha loot, Abusalom Abubaka, Obasanjo, Buhari and PTDF, the Haliburton scandal, Tinubu giving his mother the Lagos market leader etc. Why do all the governor like producing their successors? We are just discovering billions looted in the arms’ budget for the last four years. What of those looted from 1970-2007? The war bounty-oil is control by Hausa –Fulani.

If your argument that the Igbo love money is based on high charges for goods and services; why not open yours and charge less? The Igbo strongly reject this kind of obnoxious characterization. Perhaps, the Arewa and the oduduwa should show the world and the Igbo that they do not love money by relinquishing political power in 2019. Let me tell you something, with political power comes economic power. These two people groups love money more than Igbo people; they robbed us in a blood day light, with western signatures. I mean after the war they gave us E20 for the billions we had in our accounts to start afresh and went ahead to indigenize national companies. What of abandoned properties policy? Who is the richest man in Africa? Yes call that name- Mr Dangote. We know how Obasanjo used political power to nearly ruined Ibeto as he favours Dangote, if not for yar’adua. There are even rumours that he is the conduit through which some of our Governors route their loots. Let call a sped a sped, ritualism and some of this occult groups that are sources of blood money are inherent and predominant in the west and north but vaguely found in Igboland. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with doing business and providing services for honest living and charging high for it.

In the first Biafra war oil was at the centre of it but great nation and great economy are not built on oil revenues. It is built on interplay of complex system of economic indices such as idea, technology, agriculture, micro and macro-economic participation and growth etc especially the richness of the people not in numbers/population but in transferable intellectual skills. I am not talking about  people holding academic  papers but in what can you do. Yesterday, Biafra was declared on reasonable ground of ethnic massacre and evidence of genocide though internationally ignored. Today on peaceful self determination, blood day light, law enforcement officers committing brutality on the innocent, Fulani herdsmen attack in the south, military action in Niger Delta, political power imbalance and grossly steeped ethnic nationality war roaming. Who will the west back?

Many will say, like me, the side with economic power. The Oduduwa Republic have oil in Ogun state, thanks to Obasanjo who ceded itskekiri oil to them; that notwithstanding, they are a people well read, well travelled, western connected and a powerful people. The Yoruba have a mix of the religious divide living peaceful since 2014, hitherto has been gravely steeped by present realities and political rancor. They will bargain from two position- economic and suitable wife for western ally. If they wish to remain with the status quoi, they have more to gain than paying for alimony and child support in a broken marriage.

Religious proclivities and predilection for anti-west as is evident in sharia law declared in 12 northern states placed the Arewa without the middle belt in a dire situation. As a nation they will survive like Sudan, Niger, or even Malta. They will at best thrive in animal husbandry and farming; a worthy venture and a continuous supply of western raw materials. Their reserve of solid minerals will also help their quest for economic survival, God willing the love of their life ‘oil’ if discovered in commercial quantity in Chad or Benue basin; it is Christmas again. Their war effort to keep the union will be supported by Arab league, and other benefactors in the status quo.

The south –south will survive outside of the Igbo participation because today they have the cocaine of western technology driven economy-oil. The real trade will be happening here, oil for weapon swaps, OPL rights. They have access to sea and war machines can easily be routed. So if they stay the present course, maybe in the next 4- 10yrs, they could become another Eriteria or Qatar. Their challenge like the middle belt will be how to harmonize and share power along the political bloc thereby returning back to the very thing that killed Nigeria project. They would create another Nigeria with different name. On the other hand, if they align with the Igbo to secure Biafra from whence they can now insist that the right to self determination and that the federating units right to resource control be included in the constitution. They could even demand for referendum or autonomy. Such referendum will be resolved by simple majority. It will be an easy way to nation hood. Then Yoruba and the Arewa can now forge a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria. The West cowed Obasanjo into ceding Bakassi Penusula to Cameroon as part of the agreement they reached to enforce the land brocade of Biafra. 50 years later, the same process that enforced the ceding of part of Biafra land, gave silent ear to the agitation of the indigenous people. We live in hypocritical world, I almost forgot.

My question is as the drums of war are beating in Nigeria and if Biafra secedes in entire different circumstance other than a referendum or peaceful disintegration; would it be justifiable if they go to war to get back Bakassi, just like Russia and crimea? Perhaps it is a discussion for another day.

In this war, the richest region can buy war machines, even untested weapons to totally annihilate one another or command submission. Twenty first century has given this generation a rear opportunity. This is because what the white men hitherto, have hidden in books are now accessible to anybody that can read and to the person with certain skills, one necessary for prosecution of war. If it comes to it, the Igbo will survive another war. As a people who had fought and lost, as a people who has evidence of injustice will obviously command western sympathy and question the very foundation and core values of the so called united nations. This war will be covered globally, the world will see it, America is not in Vietnam, Russia is not in Afghanistan and Israel is not at war with the Arab. All the British lies will not be covered this time. Social media will be flooded with outrageous videos and picture and if electricity and communication systems are still intact; but trust me war has always been the time of great inventions.

One thing is certain in this drums beating- millions will die on both sides, the west will make billions in oil for weapon swap and cash for weapon sales. Billions will be spent by each region to garner the support of the west, sickness and disease will be on the rise and malnutrition will kill thousands left by war machines. Over 1/3 of the land may not be farmed on for years, thousands displaced, human  and organ trafficking skyrocketing. One other possibility will be the introduction of genetically modified food to sample its suitability for western consumption. It will easily be embraced by the natives without recourse for its harmful consequences. Some of these things will be covered up under aid packages and the world will never know the evil committed in this war.

Let us get one thing straight, the west do not like Africa and will never arm their enemy to a healthy competition. If giving us arms will do it for them, they will pursue it with vigour until we are eviscerated as a people and our population decimated. Syria, Libya and Middle East have not recovered from the aftermath of the war. Another factor that could shape the war will be the region secular enough to accept the idea of a one world order and homosexuality rights in a black world. Any region willing enough to embrace these will easily get aid and western backing more than Biafra on the sympathy of the west. Which region will feed its military and population during this period? Which region has more access to food store and importation? The first war has evidence of food used as a war machine and the second one will not be different; especially because the heart of man is desperately evil and wicked.

I suggest the present government should consider the following:

  1. Since the share system has come to stay instead of competence, all the arm forces training school of the country should be decentralized as follow: south –west-Navy or police, south east- military or airforce, north-air force or military, middle belt- police or NSDCC, south –south NSDCC/ SSS
  2. Reorganization of present administration to reflect the Nigeria heterogeneity both in the arm force and education.
  3. Allow for a national identity question and resolution through political process of referendum by simple majority
  4. Implementation of some of the ideas in national confab
  5. Constitute and allow to design by technocrats a 50years national vision, with clearly defined mission, to be pursued by both ruling and opposition party.
  6. A total redesign of the present political process that gives power to the money man to one that favours idea, open context between the money man and the middle or lower class.
  7. A clearly defined constitutional law that has no preference to religious affiliations.





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