Senator Ifeanyi Okowa and Commissioner for Information, Mr. Patrick Ukah

Senator Ifeanyi Okowa and Commissioner for Information, Mr. Patrick Ukah

… GOV. OKowa caused it, says Barr. Agbajoh

Former Special Assistant (SA) to the immediate past governor of Delta State, Barr. Marry Agbajoh has berated the governor of the state, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa over the manner late Olorogun Senator Felix Ibru’s burial was conducted, saying the state government refused to assist him while he was in hospital in London and further humiliated him in death by giving him a poor burial.

Agbajoh in an exclusive interview in Asaba said “Okowa for failing to render any financial assistant to Olorogun Ibru, even when appeal were repeatedly made to him by those close to Ibru about the financial challenge he was facing in UK”.

According to her all efforts to see Governor Okowa failed and his Principal Secretary Mr Hilary Obi Ibegbulem failed to respond to earlier promise to see Okowa in order to get back to Olorogun’s aide in UK also failed as he never responded thereafter.

In a text message she forwarded to journalists which was sent on April 1st, 2016, reads in part: “Dear Hilary, I know you are very busy… As discussed, I just finished speaking to Olorogun Felix Ibru PA in London and he said things are very bad and Olorogun is dying silently.

As regards the medicals they spend over 30m each trip. Pls any help from Delta state government will go a long way (than state Burial) God bless you; Barr. MoAgbajoh, 01-04-2016”.

While picking holes in the manner the burial of the first former civilian governor was conduct, Agbajoh query the burial committee led by the Secretary to State Government Hon. Festus Ovie Agas over the choice of casket used to bury Ibru.

“Olorogun Ibru is noted for white, if they could not honour him by buying white casket, at least they would have gotten silver because he worth it.

“To further humiliate him in death, they bought a brown coffin that does not worth one N100, 000 and claimed that they bought it for N 5million naira. Can you just image how heartless the committee is? Especially the SSG who is an Urhobo man! That coffin they bought does it worth N 100, 000? She asked.

She said that facts would unfold soon how the burial money was share among the Committee including one of the media aids to the governor on electronics Mr. Amaechi Udemba who diverted publicity fund, adding that Hon. Agas took half of the fund.

“You journalists investigate and see how the money was spent, were you not there and saw the type of entertainment on that Wednesday? Even that of valedictory session at Government House, no entertainment and all these were budgeted for. Where is the money? she queried.

She stated further that governor Okowa in his vindictiveness choose to name a state secretariat building after Olorogun Felix Ibru; “is Olorogun Ibru a Permanent Secretary or Head of Civil Service that a secretariat should be named after him?

Why not named Osubi airport or desirable things after him if Okowa was sincere about immortalizing Olorogun Ibru, who else deserves it more than Ibru?

She disclosed the SMS sent to the governor; “Your Excellency! Hope this meets you well. Why the choice of state secretariat named after Olorogun? What happened to the Airports Asaba or Osubi which was formerly Warri Airport, the Ibru’s Aero pioneered? Please who else is best fit to be named after an Airport that the first civilian governor or is it you after you die?

“You have been so unfair to Olorogun, even while in the hospital and in death. If you had responded to him, Olorogun wouldn’t have died. God is watching you,” she added.

At press time, efforts made to reach the chairman, Ibru Burial Committee, SSG, Mr. Festus Agas failed.

In same development, the Commissioner for Information, Mr. Patrick Ukah has also diverted over N50 million approved by the state government to burry late Steven Keshi while N150 million was spend in renovating late Keshi’s house amidst economic crunch and poverty ridden Illah community that lacks government presence.

19 Comments to: REVEALED: How Delta SSG, Others Shared Ibru’s Burial Fund

  1. Ezeji Anthony

    August 8th, 2016

    Marry Agbajoh, we are all Deltans and it is easy to comprehend where you are coming from and heading to. Nevertheless, it is ignoble of you to engage in falsehood especially given your profession.

  2. Akin Obeyi

    August 8th, 2016

    Issiorite! Only God knows where lies the truth but ‘e get as the tori be’.

  3. Godwin lemu

    August 8th, 2016

    These claims are bogus, unco-rdinated and seemingly mischievous. The accusations lumped in this single press release are contradictory and difficult to believe. I do not think the lawyer said all these that make no much sense. I guess the reporter of this story did not record her properly or she spoke under the influence of something too strong for her brain to manage

  4. Young Okotie

    August 8th, 2016

    With all sense of respect but honesty, what has Asaba Airport got to do with the late Felix Ibru? Even your reference to Osubi airport with Aero airline is inarticulate. The owner of Aero is still alive please! Kindly research your facts properly on the governor that initiated Asaba Airport and the governor that built it. Please find other reasons and space for your anger. You just wasted readers time in a reputable media.

    • Edewor Alfred

      August 8th, 2016

      This is all about politics. Barr. Marry Agbajoh has stated her views. Whether right or wrong, it is certain that the refusal of the State government to deal with her on the funds she request for was what informed her actions. I sense a lot of inaccuracies in this report.

  5. Linda Eluaka

    August 8th, 2016

    Delta SSG must have learnt enough from this story especially in this lady’s feeble attempt to make a rubbish of his office. As a matter of fact, what this woman needs is attention political patronage. She is obviously willing to serve especially in areas that may require couriering money overseas! Enough of her fairy tales!

  6. Franca Odiase

    August 8th, 2016

    This must be one of those of our Urhobo folks that their parents give them identities like ‘senator’ ‘Judge’, ‘Bishop’, ‘Pope’ ‘lawyer’ during naming ceremonies. Is this woman really a lawyer? If so, she needs to revisit her books on law of evidence before ranting.

    • EzeWhatUkoloko Vincent

      August 8th, 2016

      What family backing from the Ibrus does this woman have to solicit for money? May God grant mercy to the deceased Senator Ibru and receive his soul. This is failed 419.

  7. Chris Odia

    August 8th, 2016

    Madam, in your story, it is obvious you did not follow up properly with your “Dear Hilary’’. You should not have waited for him to get back to you. In Hilary Ibegbulem’s capacity as the Governor’s Secretary, I guess he would have had a message for you if really they considered your request as genuine. But what nature of aliment was it that you were demanding money for and what amount did you actually request for? Was your mission just to beg for any amount of money without any supporting document? How would such be accounted for? Perhaps, the Governor would have stated “Money given to Barr. Marry Agbajoh as medical bill for Ex Governor Felix Ibru”. How does this sound to your ears in this period of financial transparency? Please the era of impunity in Delta State is over. It is sad we lost Senator Ibru but I doubt if it was due to lack of money. Do you really know the financial rating of the Ibrus in the Nigerian society? Please stop disgracing this prestigious and affluent family for personal gains.

    • Alika Rose

      August 8th, 2016

      Hilary should have asked this politician to bring the medical bills. That would have been the end of the matter because you never see her again.

  8. Okolo Ikechukwu

    August 8th, 2016

    Madam Barrister, from your narration, I wish to state that any lawyer that stands before a Judge in a court of law and presents a case the way you have done will end up confusing the Judge than convincing him. In all you have commented on what actually do you want and what proofs do you have? If you are on a personal mission to destroy the integrity of the Delta SSG, why not focus on that with credible evidence than expanding a debate that is very irrelevant.

    • Udoh Frank

      August 8th, 2016

      This na yawa story! Would it be right to say that the SSG erred by not including this woman in the Burial Committee given all her claimed ‘efforts’. Probably these blackmail and deception would not have emerged. What a greedy agenda by a barrister

  9. Uwa Benite

    August 8th, 2016

    The remarks from Barr. Marry Agbajoh are a mix of irrelevance and half truths. It is very surprising that a qualified lawyer will tow this line of augment. If truly she has facts and wants to be professional about this, she should have known that the right place to go would be EFCC or ICPC. I guess she is just angry because the money she requested was not given to her. Again, if truly money was a problem for the late Felix Ibru’s medical treatment and there was a good motive behind her intent, I know that just a few Urhobo men would have handled it without any public announcement. Barr. Marry Agbajoh, please tell us another story!

    • Joke Osoba

      August 8th, 2016

      This madam politician complained of “economic crunch and poverty” whilst on the other side of her mouth she criticized that the coffin used was worth 100,000 naira instead of 5 million naira. So, where is her sense of prudence?

  10. Abike Olaniyi

    August 8th, 2016

    Barrister. please are you Ibru’s daughter? Then, go to court if not satisfied and let our dear Senator Ibru rest in the bosom of the Lord. The Ibru family need prayers in this period of bereavement than dispute over money that was never disbursed or arguments on price of coffin that would get decay. This is certainly what the late Felix Ibru represented as a perfect gentleman and highly respected modest personality in his stay on earth. This Barrister’s motivation is very doubtful.

  11. Osakwe Ndubuisi

    August 8th, 2016

    The issues raised by Marry Agbajoh are not only baseless but suspicious and senseless. How can someone suggest that a State Government that is struggling to pay salaries spent such huge amount of money she variously mentioned. The fact is that 150 million is not 15 million naira. What type of house in a village would require such amount for renovation or is it a massive estate? Even at that, where would such money be invested in a building project within a span of two weeks that the Burial Committee worked before the burial date of the late Okechukwu Keshi? Was Marry Agbajoh really at the burial site? If really this writer is a qualified Barrister, I doubt if should would be able to present convincing evidence before a judge.

  12. Idoko Johnson

    August 8th, 2016

    What type of rubbish comments are these. Is the Personal Assistant of the late Olorogun Ibru the right person to make such an important request? I strongly believe that if that money was ever remitted, it would have been shared by those that collected it without the knowledge of the Ibrus. More so, it is important to state herein that the Ibrus are not in any imagination of cash distress. It is really unfortunate that some persons are most willing to make money from any dubious method.

  13. Stella Idama

    August 8th, 2016

    What medical report did Barr. Marry Agbajoh present to lay claims that the late Olorogun Ibru required 30 million naira for every medical trip? How relevant and authentic is her referenced text message of April 1st, 2016, “Dear Hilary, I know you are very busy… As discussed, I just finished speaking to Olorogun Felix Ibru PA in London and he said things are very bad and Olorogun is dying silently”. Is this how they spent money under Uduaghan’s administration? Olorogun Felix Ibru was a worthy son of Delta state and deserved support but the approach of Marry Agbajoh was really very unrefined and inappropriate. Could the text message she sent to Hilary be regarded as official request.

  14. Chinedu Obasi

    August 8th, 2016

    Who is this Barr. Marry Agbajoh is she the spokesperson for the Ibru family? Being a former Special Assistant (SA) to the immediate past governor of Delta State (Uduaghan) does not in any way mandate her to collect money on behalf of the Ibrus. This is just a very desperate act of a politician. Something must be wrong somewhere in Agbajoh story! May the soul of Ex Governor Ibru rest in Peace.
    Chinedu Obasi