Is The Nigerian Army Now At The Mercy Of Omoyele Sowore? – By Ellis AkamaIgbo Jack

Omoyele Sowore
Omoyele Sowore
Omoyele Sowore
It appears that Omoyele  Sowore, who is technically on asylum in the United States of America [USA] has sworn to pull down critical institutions of the Nigerian State via insidious reports in his Shortly after sneaking out of Nigeria, he came down heavily on many leaders of this great country. In an account he gave in the Nigeriaworld Magazine on the 17th of February 2003, with the title: Omoyele Sowore, The Ten Years Old Boy Who Became an Activist; wherein,  he said many unprintable things about both Military and Police leaders. Here is what Sowore said about military leaders and by extension the military: —“Let me say that it is not enough for societies to transit to democracy. In Nigeria’s case, the democracy is a ‘bootleg type C democracy. Except for a few low level thugs like Mustapha, Danbaba, Yakubu and Sgt Rogers, common criminals like IBB, Abubakar, Diya and plenty others, including Obasanjo and Buhari are moving around in Nigeria as freemen, this is the motivation for crime that our society needs to get rid off entirely.”
For a second time in a month, Omoyele Sowore has shown through his reports that he meant business as far as destroying the Army is concerned. On April 28 2016, Sowore reported in saharareporters the allegation by Islamic Movement in Nigeria that the Army was planning to steal bodies from the mass grave in Zaria. The movement further alleged according to saharareporters that a contingent of soldiers have been deployed to keep guard at the site of the mass grave in an effort to prevent the uncovering of the hundreds of bodies buried there. This writer has no problem with this report if it was done with the best of intention for Nigeria and the Army. These are the reasons to believe that Omoyele Sowore has sinister intention against the Army in reporting the story. In the first place during the March19, 2016 re-run elections in Rivers State, this same Omoyele Sowore carried both conventional and pictorial stories, on how thugs working for an interested person in the elections were arrested in military uniforms. In this regard, how sure was Sowore that the solders his client saw, were actually Nigerian soldiers? If Sowore has no hidden agenda, why did he deny the Army the opportunity of stating their own side of the story, by way of a rejoinder? It was probably the frustration of not being able to state its own side of the story in saharareporters that the army, through its spokesman, Colonel Abdul Usman, had to send its reaction on the comment side of the said publication.  If Omoyele Sowore were to be a patriotic Nigerian, one would have expected him to get the view of the Army on the matter before publication and possibly publish both positions side by side.
Omoyele Sowore’s latest onslaught on the Army arising from Amnesty International report on Giwa Barrack detention camp is another proof that the Nigerian State is at the mercy of Sowore. On May 12, 2016, Omoyele Sowores saharareporters, deploying the same style it used in reporting the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and Military tango, elected to tar the Army in black paint, in trying to prove the amnesty international presentation of the situation right.  Although, it is not clear to this writer yet, who is playing the music amnesty international is dancing in Nigeria. One issue is clear here, the United States of America [USA] is not signatory to amnesty international convention and laws and so only heavens knows the interest of this group in Nigeria. The text of the amnesty international’s report on Giwa Barrack as published by Sowores Saharareporters contained at least one unpardonable fraud. The report admitted that the names paraded as the writers of the report were not the real names of the writers. This fact Sowore failed to reflect in his own reportage, at least for readers to make informed decision on the matter.
It is even more hypocritical and unpatriotic of Sowore to always willingly and generously report trash from amnesty international that is against lager Nigeria’s interest. Is it not ironic that in almost a decade of saharareporters existence, Sowore has not written anything about American’s detention camp [Guantanamo detention camp] where many terrorists are held in the most inhuman conditions. If Sowore is patriotic enough, he should have embarked on detailed investigation of the report he obtained from amnesty international on Giwa Barrack for reason that many factors could influence the report. In the first place, since the report from amnesty international was written in Nigerians by those working for them, who are probably Nigerians, chances are that these people might have approached the military authorities for bribe for a favourable report, but met a brick wall. In this regard, it is only natural that the report will against the army. Secondly, some people who were feeding fat on Boko Haram crisis in the last regime may not be finding the current focused fight against insurgents by the PMB-led administration funny, hence, the need to sabotage it through unsavory fathom report like this. Equally, some people who do not want to see PMB-led government succeed may be behind the amnesty international report, and Sowore’s unpatriotic attacks on the military and prominent Nigerians.
In a nutshell, it is apparent that people like Omoyele Sowore are not happy with the success recorded by the military in the fight against insurgency which the USA has acknowledged and commended PMB-led administration over. If the criminal refusal of Omoyele Sowore to publish the reaction of the army on the allegation of “planning to steal bodies from mass grave” in his site could be excused as oversight; can Sowore tell Nigerians why he refused to publish the army rebuttal of the Giwa barrack episode in the same site? It is obvious that Sowore is not at peace with the Nigerian State. He is virtually fighting everybody, institutions of government as well as the authorities in University of Lagos where he was expelled as a student for cultism, rape and associated criminality in 1994. He must be told in clear terms that Nigerians will not allow him to sow seed of discord in the army, particularly now that the army is on the verge of routing the insurgents in the northern part of the country.
Ellis AkamaIgbo Jack
Wrote in from Abuja
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