There was a productive and passionate plan by Jigawa state PDP chapter to receive its national chairman, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, his entourage and many PDP governors inclusive on a visit to Jigawa state capital Dutse on Monday the 18th of April 2016 but there was an obstruction along the way of the stoppage of the event for security reason(s). Hmm! Wonders never end.

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For God sake, even when the activities of Boko Haram was at its peak, who will even doubt of Jigawa’s security situation, mutual understanding, law abiding and peaceful co-existence? because we were among the most safest, secured and peaceful state in Nigeria most especially in the north. End of last year the Jigawa APC led government organized a big rally of receiving the so-called 37,000 PDP members who decamped to APC in the state capital with high calibre of APC political leaders who grace the occasion, about 10 APC governors, former and serving Senators, Ministers and Reps, SGF and the Speaker of the House of Representatives who represented the vice president were all in attendance see Daily Trust of Monday, December 21, 2015 page 7 and the state government did not collaborate with the police to stop that rally for security reason, not to talk of now, when almost the issue of BK’s activities is at its low ebb.  Its now, when the opposition party, PDP wants hold theirs then there are excuses to stop them for security reason. What an irony? Even in Maiduguri, events, ceremonies, political and social gatherings take place. Just last Saturday the Emir of Kano was in Maiduguri for the university’s 40th anniversary celebration.
What interest me most is, almost all the dignities that came to Dutse, the Jigawa the state capital for that APC Jamboree end of last year landed in the Airport built by Sule Lamido which is been castigated and condemned by this present administration as useless venture and white elephant project. The event venue that was used for the ceremony was also built by Lamido, which is the Malam Aminu Kano Triangle. Also the accommodations were guests log-in, the G9 and commissioners’quaters etc were built by Lamido’s administration. So, credit must be given to Jigawa Messiah, Sule Lamido for putting these things in place, that even his rivals, castigators and traitors are happy and comfortably making use of them.
To this respect, I adivice Jigawa state governor, Alhaji Muhammadu Abubakar Badaru Talamiz to emulate the attributes of his predecessor,  Sule Lamido because the present style or approach of his government’s deprivation, intimidation and vendetta cannot stand, because they are not the principles of democracy. In a situation whereby citizens are denied enjoying their constitutional rights of free association and political participation its mean the governor is operating a tyrant government and he maybe regarded as a dictator under political dispensation. I totally agree with US politician and peace negotiator George Mit Chel,  (1933- ) who once said “Peace, political stability and reconciliation are not too much to ask for. They are the minimum that a decent society provides” Please allow the opposition to be.
Lamido and his administration as one which accommodates insults and abuses from the people without having to reprimand anyone, and its bid to entrench democratic values, his government had ensured the freedom of speech. PDP was not afraid of the APC, but was enjoying its activities because the opposition party remains its creation. Lamido observed that, it was his deliberate policy of promoting freedom of association that made it possible for those in the opposition to merge and challenge the ruling party.
Lamido believes that, strong opposition is good for our democracy. APC should be very grateful to Sule Lamido and his administration.  His administration has promoted the right to vote and be voted for and strengthened the sanctity and integrity of democracy by ensuring that votes count, the 2015 elections is a case study. Despite all negative comments, abuses, insults and castigation against Lamido and his government, there had not been any political prisoner in the state also the administration of Lamido had been able to stabilise the state assembly by not interfering with their operations. This, he explained, is his own way of decentralizing power by strengthening institutions rather than making himself or anybody serving under his government a dictator.
To be candid, if care is not taken, Jigawa is waiting to deteriorate soon ………..It seems that the present leadership of the state is not vigilant and mindful of its policies, initiatives,  and handling issues. Don’t watch the manner different group of people and government actions are threatening the state and its people’s peaceful o-existence, mutual understanding and political stability etc. Mutiny or peace, Jigawa still remains our state, our place, our home and our pride most especially the way and manner how Sule Lamido rescued and rebuilt it.
I appeal to governor Badaru of Jigawa state to be on the look, because we are in the new era of democracy, human dignity and free indiscipline government in Nigeria. You should do everything possible to have a peaceful and a united Jigawa. Because I have been in a dream state, dreaming of Jigawa of my dreams. Please governor Badaru, try and accommodate everyone because you are not the governor of APC members alone but the governor of Jigawa state. So, the opposition should have a playing field to exercise their constitutional rights most especially in political participation and the freedom of expression without threat and fear of deprivation, intimidation, humiliation and victimization.  May God guide us aright.
                                                Adamu writes from Kafin-Hausa, Jigawa state.

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