Press Statement


1st December, 2015.


Enough Is Enough, No Oil Bench Mark In Nigeria Any More Again:

Operation Shut Down Niger Delta Region

Our Resolve To Shut Down Niger Delta Oil And Gas Operations Over The

Federal Government Refusal In Connivance With Chevron By Not Paying

Compensation To The Affected People For Damages Suffered As A Result

Of Gas Explosion, Oil Spill And Fire Outbreak

The affected Communities in Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta, Akwa Ibom and

Cross River States on gas explosion, oil spill and fire outbreak at

K.S. Endeavor Rig that despite the long patience and endurance,

Federal Government and Chevron Nigeria Limited have failed to pay

compensation since 16th January, 2012.

Chevron Nigeria Limited including the Federal Government that always

takes pleasure and interest to answer Niger Delta region that engages

them in confrontation and restiveness, which we the claimants in our

thousands have prepared for now, even though it will cause several

death on both side were oil exploration and exploitation activities is

going to be halted.

Because of insurgency in the North East more attention is given to

them for now, and this is what is going to happen in the Niger Delta

region in the next two (2) weeks, if we face our enemies’ One on One

as every Nigerians knows the people of the soil…

Consequently, Chevron’s deliberate and ignoble attitude towards our

parents in respect of the above mentioned compensations is a clear

pointer to, for in sighting restiveness or confrontation again.

President’s several travels abroad to woe investors will not yield

positive result without addressing this issue within the next two (2)


Our operations are going to berth at Atlas Cove in Lagos State again

etc. We are officially informing federal government so as to prepare

its mind towards it.  As they have failed to direct Chevron, NNPC and

NOSDRA about the peoples suffering as a result of the gas explosion,

which they have connived with Chevron to kill the dream and aspiration

of the Niger Delta people.

Since they have sowed a bad seed in Niger Delta region we are Shutting

Down all Chevron platforms and other oil fields including destroying

of pipelines  to demand an apology for what they have done to the

people of Niger Delta with immediate payment of claims to the

downtrodden people who have no hope again in life.

We’ll also go after those politicians that have mortgaged our future

that needs to die for the region to move forward. What happened in

Ghana years back is going to take place in the region.

Meanwhile, we the onshore communities have becoming more ill and

death, the fishes in the nearby waters that were our livelihood died.

Presently most communities ultimately, had to abandon their villages’

lives and livelihoods. Chevron and other oil companies’ political

donations are damaging Niger Delta region.

Nigerian government and Chevron are making things difficult for our

old parents at home to get what rightfully belongs to them, and have

made it difficult for our parents to discharge their fishing

activities as an obligation to feed themselves and their dependants.

Many crises are being sponsored by oil companies including Chevron

Nigeria Limited.

Chevron dubious activity with government collaborators makes it

impossible for our parents fishing rights in the region. Chevron

non-payment of our parents’ claims with any moment from now shall

ignite fresh crisis which your government cannot control in the next

two (2) week.

Nigerian officials in Chevron for reasons of parochial interests had

over the years connived with few individuals and government agents to

short-change a majority of inhabitants of beneficiary people in the

Niger Delta region.

Note: We are only demanding of our right as contain in the Nigerian

Constitution, and anything beyond that we will be setting fire on

Chevron platforms and stop every other Oil operations in the Niger



We will be compel to use our 10 reload-able Rockets Propelled Grenade

(RPGS) Multiple Launchers including M319 Individual Grenade Launcher,

Caliber 40mm that are ready for operations. We’ll bring down any

Helicopter either in military colour or whatever. Two week from now,

fly No Helicopter in the region. No guerrilla warfare but face to

face. We are watching when the gods (Deity) will tell us to advance,

and remember that Ijaw man looses NO battle.

Please Nigerian soldiers should not be causality again in the region

because we will not spear any ant that will be sighted in course of

our shutting down exercise of oil installations and pipelines. In any

attempt to retaliate by the Joint Task Force (JTF) on us, we have no

option but our struggle for legitimacy is consistent and the rest will

be a history…

We have resolved to keep on eye the date we had in mind as is going to

be directed by the Izon War (deity) god and let us see what the

government will use to run her economy as this will going to be, “To

Your Tent Oh Israel”.  We will attack by exploding any Crude oil

pipeline, new product Pipeline, Pump Stations, Distribution Depots,

Refinery Depot all the 22 Petroleum storage depots, the 4 Refineries,

the Offshore Terminals at Bonny and Escravos, and the Jetties at Atlas

Cove, Calabar, Okrika and Warri that no oil and gas will passes

through the 4315 kilometres of multi-product pipelines and 666

kilometres of crude oil pipelines, oil manifolds and gas pipelines as

retaliation. We shall tell Nigerian government that we owns and knows

all crude oil and gas pipelines in the country.

Despite the oil-inspired provocations are committed to a peaceful

co-existence with the oil companies, our Lawyers and Claim Agents

peaceful demand on several occasion has been ignored. The only


EXPLOSION AT KOLUAMA IN BAYELSA STATE who are to make and receive for

our parents has been ignored and becomes helpless since 2012.

When the conventional method is failed in any dialogue, then you apply

the unconventional method to press home for your demand. This is our

time to notify them openly. We want our parent’s compensation so that

they can join that column of humanity that is willing to do justice.

Oil Companies sworn to oppression is not fit to survive in Niger Delta

region and this will stop forthwith.

NNPC several DRONES to do surveillance activities on the pipelines and

other gas installations will disappoint government and regrets

spending such monies on them, as our boys scatters across the region

when we network the vandalization commence.

Let Nigerians should know that they should not think of any Oil Bench

Mark to run her economy any more rather should go into Agriculture to

run the economy, as we are going to cripple all oil and gas sectors.

This is our word. No more going back until it is accomplished.

Egberifaoo… Haa… Izons! Hmmm!!!

Thank you,



Head, Joint Revolutionary Council               Creeks Network Coordinator-