[Audio] Zaria Muslim Leader Zakzaky Call With Iran During Nigerian Military Siege 


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This phone call allegedly was made to the Zaria Islamic Movement leader, Sheikh Zakzaky during the 13th-14th December 2015 military siege on his residence in Zaria.

The Nigerian army claimed the faithfuls attempted to kill the Chief of Army Staff, Buratai, a claim the Muslim leader denies.
The Islamic Movement claims the attacks have been unprovoked. As many as 100 members were killed by the Nigerian military who did not sustain any injury.
The attacks took place at the movement Husainiyah Baqiyyatullah spiritual house and at the residence of the Sheikh. His wife and son were killed as well as his deputy.
It is the second time the faithfuls has come under attack by the Nigerian military recently. Last year August under the Goodlluck Jonathan administration  31 faithfuls were killed in similar unprovoked attacks as well as three sons of the Sheikh.
The army statement in regards to the latest attack read that the group who hold million man peaceful  processions, constitute a “highway nuisance,” however such statements are odd coming from the military at this time, as dealing with such ‘disturbance’  is a duty of the Nigerian police primarily and would not warrant for the massacre of the faithfuls.
Sheikh Zakzaky is reported to have been found by the military, hiding in a ‘bunker’ after sustaining a gun-shot injury. He and over 100 faithfuls have so far been detained.


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