Aso Rock Visit: Right Activist Blast Rev. Fr. Mbaka

By Raphael Onyekachukwu
Human Right and Environmental Conservation Activist and founder, Movement of Voice for Democracy (MVERS NIGERIA), Mr. Ifeanyichukwu Okonkwo have blasted the founder Adoration Prayer Ministry Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka for visiting President Muhammad Buhari at the Presidential Villa.
Okonkwo stated this while fielding questions from in an interview advice Rev. Mbaka to either be a priest and remain a priest or remove his cassock join politics and be a politician.
The right activist who was speaking on the corrupt practices going on in this country said part of the problem is that we have a culture of praying, “that is why you can see Rev. Mbaka has to go and embrace Buhari in the presidency” while querying his constituency stressing that “these are part of the rubbish that is going on in Nigeria.
“What is his constituency that he was partisan and he has gone to embrace him? These are issues that are going to confront us in 2016, if you want to be a priest you will be a priest, if you want to be a politician you form a political party”, said Okonkwo.
On the continued detention of leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu by the federal government, the right activist said there is an unwritten conspiracy or tacit support for his continued incarceration by Igbo elite noting that the minute Kanu is released from federal persecution there will be a change in political chemistry in Igboland.
Okonkwo disclosed that looking at the movement whether you support it or not of the agitation for project Biafra, a specific generation of those born after 1970 are the majority and their medium of mobilization is highly technical through the internet and social media.
He said their loyalty to the cause is devoid of somebody receiving gratification or hiring a crowed, noting that most of their communication has being argumentative which he said the Igbo elite have not tried to give them answers which they are agitating for.
“Every agitation for Biafra is an indictment of the collective leadership in Igbo land in the last 20yrs. Our political elite have not been able to stand up to demand full citizenship and they compromise group interest for personal success and that is the only issue that is firing Nnamdi Kanu’s movement.”
He said that on the treason charge slammed on him would not hold as the government will have serious issue trying him, stressing that opinion can never amount to treasonable felony as section 39 of our constitution will come to his rescue.


  1. Rev Mbaka is only a clawn who uses his adoration ministry to seek political and finacial gains. Soon he would come up with one prophecy if he failed to get his selfish desire.

  2. God has vindicated Rev Fr Mbaka. That President Buhari hosted the Man of God shows the President is very liberal contrary to what PDP agents fed us with.
    God bless you Reverend for being bold to declare the truth even when Goodluck Jonathan holds the ace.
    Every enemy of truth should cover their faces in shame.


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