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Information available to 247ureports.com obtained through sources knowledgeable of the goings on within the presidency indicates that the Buhari administration may have bitten more than it can chew with its appointment of personal aides. Particularly, President Mohammadu Buhari’s appointment of Malam Abba Kyari as his Chief of Staff may have become the action that bites the hand that feeds the presidency. Reliable information reveal that the Chief of Staff has become an unguarded cannon within the presidency – to the extent that he no longer comply with the strict instructions of the President of the federal republic of Nigeria.


Immediately following President Buhari exit from Nigeria on November 22, 2015 en route Tehran, Iranian capital to participate in the 3rd Gas Exporting Countries’ Forum, the Chief of Staff took off on an unannounced trip to London without due permission or knowledge of the President. Abba Kyari, according to available information, zoomed out of Nigeria on the afternoon of November 22, 2015 to London where it is believed he went to meet with international business ‘fronts’ and to attend to his personal medical upkeep. He returned on the early morning hours of 24th November before the President’s return the same day. [Kyari suffers from complications brought about by diabetics and high blood pressure.]

His trip to London without seeking due permission from his boss is considered insubordination, and could serve as grounds for immediate disciplinary action that may include immediate dismissal. 247ureports.com is not certain the President has gotten knowledge of the trip.

Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff

Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff

Our source indicate that Kyari has become the main facilitator of most business dealings within the presidency. “He has become one of the most powerful influences on President Buhari aside from Mamman Daura. He is no longer acting as a mere Chief of Staff. He has plunged himself into every business of the presidency”, decried a source who also pointed out that Abba Kyari has taken the Presidency as his personal business to run as he pleases regardless of what the president wants.

The aim of the Iranian trip, as the State Department indicated was to boost the revenue earned from gas exploration.  Nigeria and other GECF members currently account for 42 percent of global gas production‎, 70 percent of global gas reserves, 40 percent of pipeline transmission of gas and 65 percent of the global trade in Liquefied Natural Gas. The countries in the forum comprise of Algeria, Bolivia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Iraq, the Netherlands, Norway, Oman and Peru. The President’s expectation was to review strategies to boost gas production with other world leaders.


Interestingly, against the unfolding development, Kyari, already preempted the President by approaching four [4] Asian based petroleum companies as likely prospectors for what appears a new and unfolding business front for the new administration – without the knowledge of the President or permission from the President.

Our source points to a recent meeting with representative of the chief of staff and a major player in the oil and gas industry in Indonesia – Medco Energi headquartered in Jakata, capital of Indonesia. The meeting was held over possible opportunities in the exploration industry inside Nigeria. Present at the meeting were Roberto Lorato, Director & Chief Executive Officer [CEO] and Anthony R. Mathias, Director/Chief Planning & Financial Officer [CFO]/Independent Director – and two representatives from Kyari. The venue of the meeting was Jakata. The representatives also met with Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum, China – already in Cameroon drilling a well near Chad; KOGAS Korea Gas Corporation, Korea – already in Nigeria providing a training program for the Cawthorne Channel Associated Gas Gathering (CCAGG) project; and Hallin Marine System, Singapore [operating primarily in the offshore oil and gas industries].

The resolution reached with the four Asia gas exploration companies remain unknown to 247ureports.com but it likely these companies will be presented as likely partners in the effort to boost gas production in Nigeria – in exchange for possible kickbacks that may run into the billions of Naira.

In the same manner, “he brags that he can do and undo” claims a source who adds that “Kyari has gone about telling close associates that he singlehandedly appointed the daughter of Waziri Ibrahim, Khadija Ibrahim a minister and that he was the one that appointed the new Vice Chancellor for the federal university at Dutse in Jigawa State”. Abba Kyari, according reports from competent sources, has become more than just a Chief of Staff. His role at the presidency has spread beyond the role of a chief of staff. During the submission of ministerial list by the President to the National Assembly [NASS], Abba Kyari hijacked, or rather, intercepted the list before it could reach the NASS – therefore causing the delay in transmitting the list to the NASS. “He was the one responsible for the embarrassing delay expressed in transmitting the list the Senate President”, claims the source who was adamant in adding that the President was not aware that the delay was caused by Kyari who wanted to inspect the content of the list before it goes public. “Kyari wanted to ensure that Buhari added his selected candidates for ministerial positions”.

Kyari’s gluttonous tendencies at the presidency has begun raising concerns amongst political officers within the presidency who have observed some anomalies resulting from Kyari’s overbearing antics. According to one of the officers, “Kyari’s overbearing efforts to take control of all actions has caused him to overlook the moral need to ensure federal character in observed at the workplace”. During the past administration, the region of origin of the Ministers and the Junior Ministers were usually handled with sensitivity – counterbalanced with a Permanent Secretary from another region. But through the influence of Kyari, “virtually all the federal appointments from Borno State has come from Kanuri tribe where Kyari hails from, nothing for the southern Borno indigenes who happen to be Christians and primary victims of Boko Haram”.

Political officers inside the presidency have called for a voluntary declaration of assets for all political appointees including the chief of staff. The call stems of out the manner the current occupant of the position has exhibited his propensity to sink his fangs into every business opportunity within the Presidency. The other political appointees within the presidency who are unhappy and uneasy with the antics of the chief of staff expressed that “he believes he is the godfather to the president and the master of everybody at the presidency”. One of the officers decried the manner the President continues to play ostrich over the chief of staff’s meandering antics. The Chief of Staff has gone on record to refuse declaration of his assets, and Mr. President, on his part, has also not requested of him to submit a declaration of assets. But the noise decibel for the chief of staff to make his assets public is not subsiding. Rather it appears on an increase from concerned patriots within the presidency who are certain a public declaration of assets by the chief of staff will ensure a restraint on personal interests.

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