Bring Your Investments Home, Iwuanyanwu Tells Igbo Businessmen

Nigeria Restructuring More Important Than 2019, Says Iwuanyanwu


Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu
Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu

Elder Statesman, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu has called on Igbo businessmen to have a rethink and begin to bring at least 20% of their investments home to develop the South East zone.

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Iwuanyanwu who spoke in Aba, Abia State at an integrated economic summit organized by a pan Igbo socio-cultural organization, Aka Ikenga, said Igbo entrepreneurs should begin to invest in Igbo land, adding that if they could invest 20% of their investments at home, the South East would be more developed.


He advocated for stronger ties between the South East and South South geo-political zones to restore the economy of the region which has been deserted by big companies to help create jobs for youths.


According to him, “I’m appealing to Igbo businessmen to return home at least 20% of their enterprise in order to develop Igbo land. If they invest around 20% of their businesses home, the fortunes of Igbo land will improve. Ndigbo have investments everywhere, if you go to Lagos or Abuja, Ndigbo developed these area. Ndigbo believes in one united Nigeria than other ethnic groups in Nigeria. While Ndigbo have investments in all parts of the country, there is no single investment owned by a non Igbo in Igboland.


“There is no need building Abuja, Lagos and other cities when your home is undeveloped? Our people should start thinking of ways to develop Igbo land because we can’t wait for government all the time. Many years ago when I was building my office in Owerri, somebody came asking why I was erecting such a gigantic structure in Owerri, that I should have built it in Victoria Island. My response was that we must build our businesses to project our land and people,” he said.


Earlier, the President General of Aka Ikenga, Chief Goddy Uwazurike said Aba was chosen for the summit because of its strategic position as the melting pot of commercial activities of the Igbo nation.


“We must restore our economic glory. Never again shall we encourage very good businessmen to go to Lagos and Abuja in search of greener pastures. We have woken up from our siesta that created a hiatus,” the President General said.



  1. The comment was spot on. I made this argument with my friend in the USA. Until the Igbos learn to bring their wealth home, they will continue to be subservient to the rest of the country . “Aku ruo ulo oko one nwe ya” Abandoned properties would have taught us a big lesdon. The future of one Nigeria is never guaranteed.

  2. What Iwuanyanwu says is right. I suggest 50%. But he also should do so, and lead by example. No one is sure of the existence of Nigeria anymore. However, independence of Nigerian nations may not mean seizure of people’s properties. There will still be inter trade and healthy economic progress and relationship. The only difference is that one may need just an ecowas pass to freely travel or live in those areas. No nation will like to expel those who bring money to its economy.

  3. Abandoned property was a plot of the Hausa Fulani to create enmity between brothers and relations. Everyone knows the act is unjust and unfair. To sell your property and take it back again is not a healthy act. However, it has happened, and can be forgiven. Before those who took them die, they can return them to their owners so that they might not end up in hell fire. You cannot go to heaven where there is justice, equity, and fairness, when you are unjust. Igbo, Efik, Ijaw, Ogoja, and Ogoni are relations, and can together develop a bigger economy that Nigeria. What happens in Nigeria is stealing. Take the East’s treasury and empty it in the West and North as sharing. Can anyone tell me where such happens in any developed world?

  4. God has naturally given Biafra a mega economy. Even if the Igbo only are given independence, the country will be the envy of the world. Think of how strong Biafra’s economy was before Nigerian waged a war against it. Should any further war arise now, many nations surely will side Biafra. And it cannot be like what happened when we had no weapon. Moreover, the war will not last long before the United Nations step in. Everyone was rejoicing and feeling comfortable in Biafra of 1967. Think then if it will not be better than Britain when Biafra’s economic potency is unleashed. Biafra will be like the U.S.A. just in a few years. Hail Biafra the land of the rising sun.

  5. What we all need now is our country called biafra noting more , nobody will beg them to bring their properties back home until the see it with there eyes ok


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