As Peter Obi Intensifies Calumny Campaign in the Media: Ndi Anambra Beware!

Valentine Obienyem
Valentine Obienyem
Valentine Obienyem

Public Notice

This is to alert the general public and the good people of Anambra State of some fraudulent documents being circulated in the media by Valentine Obienyem, an employee of the former governor of Anambra State, Chief Peter Greg Obi.

The documents contain spurious and incredulous claims of how Peter Obi’s phantom N75bn was allegedly spent by the governor of Anambra State. Curiously, Mr. Obienyem himself had admitted in a live programme on Channels Television on Wednesday November 18, 2015 that former governor Obi did not leave the sum of N75bn in cash to his successor.

These fabricated documents are nothing but products of the fevered imagination of former Governor Obi and his agents who are out to destabilize the high-performing administration of Governor Willie Obiano. They should therefore be ignored by the general public for the following reasons –

  1. These documents are not part of the contentious Handover Notes that Chief Obi passed onto Governor Obiano on March 17, 2014.
  2. Obienyem admitted on live television that contrary to the bogus claims in the contentious Handover Note, former governor Obi left only N26.5bn in foreign investments and N35.5bn in “liquid currency” consisting of mobilization fees paid to contractors handling shopping malls, hotels and business parks in Onitsha amongst others.
  3. Obieneyem also further admitted that the Handover Note Obi passed onto his successor had only assets and no liabilities thereby perfectly covering up a staggering N106bn indebtedness to local contractors by the former administration.
  4. In the spirit of Obiano’s Continuity Promise, the government of Anambra State has accepted all the liabilities left behind by the Obi administration and has since paid out the sum of N35bn on the projects inherited from the outgone administration.
  5. As at July 31, 2015, the Obiano’s Administration had achieved an additional 19.0%, taking the completion rate to 61.6% on inherited projects from the past administration.
  6. The Obiano administration has so far spent 50.8% of its FAAC Revenues on settling payment certificates from inherited projects from the past administration
  7. Nevertheless, the Obiano administration shall continue to honour all verifiable financial obligations entered by the previous administration on behalf of the government of Anambra State.

What the we must never Forget

As former governor Peter Obi and his foot soldiers intensify their diabolical campaign against the governor of Anambra State, here are some of the highlights of Governor Willie Obiano’s 19 months in office that they cannot erase –

  1. In less than six months, Governor Obiano recovered Anambra from kidnappers and armed robbers and made Anambra the safest state in Nigeria turning the once notorious Upper Iweka into an island of peace.
  2. In less than one year, Governor Obiano attracted $2.4bn investments to Anambra State with Coscharis Farms, Ekcel Farms, Hyper Farms, UDIPPCO Limited, Richborn Auto Assembly Limited and West African International Market in Ogbunike already underway and creating jobs for Ndi Anambra.
  3. Governor Obiano inherited internally generated revenue figure of N450m from Obi and in less than one year, raised it to N1.3bn thereby creating enough buffer to save the state from the shock of dwindling revenues from the centre.
  4. Governor Obiano has effectively changed the landscape of Awka with three ultramodern flyovers nearing completion simultaneously.
  5. Governor Obiano increased workers’ salaries by 15% at a time when other states are seeking for bailouts due to plummeting oil prices in the international market.
  6. Anambra under Governor Obiano is one of the few states in Nigeria that is not on financial life-support from the Federal Government.
  7. Anambra under Governor Obiano was the only state in Nigeria that paid workers salaries in the month of October this year without external assistance (this is verifiable).
  8. Governor Obiano launched a comprehensive urban mass transit scheme and set up a modern water transport system to connect the riverine communities in one and half years of his regime.
  9. Governor Obiano has concluded a comprehensive aerial mapping of the Awka Capital Territory and completed the designs of the new 21st century capital city that is become the pride of Ndi Anambra.

Above all, Governor Obiano achieved all these without touching the N9bn left behind in bank balances by the administration of former governor Peter Obi. Now, the time has come for well-meaning Nigerians to ask former governor Peter Obi ‘what exactly do you want?’

Thank you

James Eze

SSA Media to the Governor



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