Buhari Should Comply With Parameter Of Governance If He Wants To Succeed – Economist Analyst





A Dutse based Economist, Mal. Shuaibu Musa Kafin- Gana has

said for the president elect to succeed in office he has to comply

with the ten parameters of good governance


In a chat with our correspondent, Gana listed the parameters as Vision

driven, participatory, accountability, transparent, and consensus



Others include equity and inclusiveness, effective and efficient, rule

of law oriented, responsive, and developmental in orientation.

To Kafin-Gana, we know the president-elect was somebody embodied with

integrity, and incorruptible personality, going by his time, we know

how far he has gone, and achieved I mean during his twenty months in

office as the then Military Head of state. So going by the prevalent

situation in the country, I am confident is going to be very easy for

him to diffuse the most confronting problems bedeviling the country.


My reasons are clear and straight forward, because I belief the

president-elect has the capacity, the intellectual technocrats he has

in mind as Lieutenants, in which I have the belief that himself and

all classes of technocrats he may wish to appoint as members of his

cabinet, have the knowledge, and idea of what the out-going government

did and where it stopped, in making adjustment, amendments, in

addressing the problems, even though it will be in phases, since it is

easier to make mistakes, but corrections has to be done



Other areas that need surgeon operations are Health, Agriculture,

revival of the collapse social infrastructure, among others.

Also there is the need for the in-coming government to articulate a

frame work plan on job creation to be pursue periodically, as  issues

of unemployment has   long term precaution, and serious time consumed

investment that cannot be overcome over night but gradually.


According to him, the bone of contention was politician’s bogus fixed

salary and allowances approved by them to the detriment of the down

trodden masses. This trend must be revisited, since if one is elected

into certain public office, one take himself as superior more than a

University lecturer or a season civil servant who passes all cadres of

promotion, and yet his wage bill is not up to one quarter of an

elected politician. This trend must be reviewed for effectiveness of

social justice, since statistics has shown that public office holders

consumed more than twenty seven percent of the country’s budget so

that issue of poverty and corruption  could be minimize, otherwise we

will continue to be overclouded with poverty. We can only fight

corruption starting with slashing salary, allowances and extra

spending of political office holders if at all we are serious in

tackling the menace which serves as cancer-worm in our blood.



  1. Dr. Suleiman, I agree with you on your submission, however, policies should be made to control for good governance.
    For instance, uncontrollable deforestation, and destruction of wetlands for construction is unacceptable. We need to show the world that we can do things right. There must be adherence to laws at all levels. What we have now is a free for all system, where people do whatever they want, and it shouldn’t be so. We have a long way to go in terms of making laws, regulations, and adheranc. We should rally round the government to succeed.
    Ayo Esuola


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