Kaduna On My Mind – By Anthony A. Kila

el-rufai being taken away
el-rufai being taken away

Dear friends at home and abroad, today my short notes are dedicated to the state of Kaduna.

As you know my country Nigeria is going through a very exciting period at the moment. It is a period in which a lot people are having a lot of hopes and many especially the young people in and out of the country are really believing they can attempt and achieve things many before them thought was impossible.

After decades of fatalism and apathy induced by cynicism of those that have misruled and mismanaged the country with impunity there is new hope in the air and people are felling they can really reclaim their country. It is indeed a magical moment we are living.

Those who know me will confirm how allergic I am to magic when it is not for pure entertainment. I have always insisted on normalcy for Nigeria not magic or miracle.

As people enjoy this magic moment, I think the best we can do for all is to think ahead and to try to preempt what can go wrong.

What I think can go wrong mainly is that soon the poetry of electioneering will fade away and our people will be left with the prose of governance. That prose needs to be well written and better delivered.

History is littered with tales wherein people become disappointed once governance starts and there is no real improvement in the lives and ways of the hopeful people.

When such disappointment comes politicians naturally find excuses or worse still become dictators.

To avoid such scenario I have decided, after much scrutiny, to identify and support a candidate that has a sense of history and good understanding of governance. That candidate is Mr. Nasir El-Rufai and he is running to be governor of Kaduna State.

For those who do not know let me hasten to say that Kaduna is a very good example of what can be good in Nigeria and also a good example of what kind be bad.

This calm, cosmopolitan space has a long history of peaceful coexistence of nationalities and religion plus a vibrant intellectual life.

Like most areas with such mix it has no petroleum for which Nigeria is known for after or alongside corruption.

In Mr. Nasir El-Rufai we see a man that has a good understanding of his space and will show the rest of the country how to govern without the obsession of oil revenue.

Nasir El-Rufai understands the importance of the rule of law and the benefits that planning and transparency can bring to government and people.

A good look at his proposed progarmme of government will show you the man has a rather clear idea of what Kaduna needs.

Though fragile looking and rather reserved, the man Nasir El-Rufai is more than stubborn and terrifyingly brave.  He is a pragmatic man with foresight that understands where trouble and other hindrances might come from and has no fear in confronting them

I am endorsing and actively supporting his candidacy to be next governor of Kaduna state not only because I know he will do a good job but also because I know his administration will provide us with a lot of case study on good governance. I am endorsing and asking for people to support Nasir El-Rufai in Kaduna because I know his administration will be a concrete proof to use to counter those elected politicians that will not perform well in the next coming four years. Alas there will be more than just a few it is just the nature of politics and governance.

I am asking those who can to vote for Nasir El-Rufai for every if things goes well I know in four years we shall be able to say, you see how it is done with mere thorough planning.



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