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Niger Delta Youths Coalition For Buhari ( NDY-COB) Caution Jonathan, Against Elections Rigging



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Niger Delta Youths Coalition for Buhari ( NDY-COB) has cautioned the Presidency to play strictly by the rules in the coming March 28th and April 11th general elections if it wants Nigeria to remain an indivisible entity beyond 2015.

The group made the call two days ago while addressing world press conference in Warri, Delta in a statement signed by National Coordinator, Comrade Tony Akeni Le Moin and Director of Campaigns, Hon. Harrison Akpojaro.

“We, youths and people of the Niger Delta region, amalgamated from diverse professional,  vocational,  ethnic  and  multi political party backgrounds under the umbrella of Niger Delta Youths Coalition for Buhari (NDY-COB) hereby implore the general public, the national security institutions and armed forces of Nigeria, local and international civil society organizations, diplomatic missions in Nigeria, the African Union (AU), the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) to join us amplify our goodwill clarion to the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan”.

“We call on Mr. President to say no to his PDP political party’s planned do-or-die civil war type of rampage, subversion and treason against the true results of the forthcoming presidential and governorship polls of Nigeria, currently slated for March 28 and April 11, 2015 respectively. PDP’s national chairman Alhaji Adamu M’uazu, PDP state chairmen in the 36 states and Abuja Federal Capital Territory, their ballot snatching command structures, election-day war dogs and thugs of bloodshed are also hereby put on notice of this patriotic warning”.

“In sincere and brotherly goodwill, we demand of President Jonathan to put the love of country above the PDP and its self-serving micro interests during the entire syllabus of the 2015 general elections. This is in order for Mr. President to secure for himself a permanent place of honour in Nigeria’s history by engaging the levers of state powers to ensure violence-free, fair and credible elections through the use of Permanent Voters Card and Card Readers.

“This press release and international clarion call has become necessary because our body is overwhelmed daily with perilous intelligence about the forthcoming general elections from impeccable sources within the Niger Delta states, patriotic operatives of security agencies and contacts inside PDP caucuses across the country. These intelligence point to the stark reality that subsequent to the February postponement of the general elections, PDP is presently perfecting a rigging master-plan akin to a civil war against Nigeria, and especially in the Niger Delta states. The plan involves rampaging attacks of unfavourable voting units and LGAs, seizing and destruction of Card Readers at gun-point and oceanic cash inducements on voting grounds. Others are ballot snatching with armed backup from corrupt Red Beret, Mobile Police units and detachment of the Navy in riverine areas, Boko Haram-like abduction of uncooperative INEC voting unit officials and opposition party agents, large-scale result forgery, mindless bloodshed and assassination before and during theMarch 28 and April 11 polls.

“We are aware that President Jonathan, a profound gentleman on his individual merit, is under intense furnaces of pressure by his PDP’s ballot rigging machine nationwide. The PDP’s rigging brigades comprise sinister ministers of the president’s cabinet, PDP governors and their commissioners and national corruption czars foot-loose with billions of naira of stolen public funds committed to sponsoring violence. Others are President Jonathan’s heavily financed Niger Delta militant merchants of violence and a ready gang of shameless, conscience-deadened election tribunal SANs of the Nigeria bar, all pushing Mr. President to reverse by all means, however illogical, the use of INEC’s card-reading accreditation machines in order to pave the way for PDP’s planned rigging rampage, mayhem, violent subversion of the people’s franchise and treason against the Nigerian people”.

“We rise to warn that should President Jonathan allow the wicked cabal around him, his self-serving praise singers and the mindless narcotics-fired wolf packs of his party lure him into the temptation of heeding to the PDP’s polls subversion project against the Nigerian people, the consequences shall be utterly dire for both himself and the PDP. The Nigeria masses, including the impoverished teeming youths of the Niger Delta, all of who have been on edge from decades of excruciating state rape and unemployment, will rise spontaneously during the months following the elections and the years after. Should President Jonathan and his PDP make this to happen, Mr. President shall give vent to the long incubating and silently building Nigeria spring, culminating in a state of anarchy or a full-blown people’s revolution, or both. In that scenario, President Jonathan alone will take the Gbagbo fall or worse, and bear the unprecedented shame and brunt of a brutally disgraced regime. Mr. President can be sure that the Asari Dokubos, Fani-Kayodes and Ayo Fayoses of the PDP’s desperate campaign army shall flee the country and watch the President’s disgrace on CNN and BBC cable news from the comfort of their paradise hideouts overseas. Our dear President Jonathan should not be deceived: the overwhelming majority of Niger Delta youths in pains of PDP’s corrupt administration of nearly two decades, who have since 2007 watched Jonathan’s meteoric rise from grass to grace, will not bat an eye of hesitation to see his atomic plunge from grace to grits”.


“We further warn the PDP handlers of our country that the people of Nigeria shall not allow April 19, 2003, a bleak, black, traumatic day in Nigeria’s electioneering history, to repeat itself in our shores. That date saw one of the foulest, most violent and subversive presidential polls in Nigeria’s recent history between the PDP’s presidential candidate then, General Olusegun Obasanjo, and General Muhammadu Buhari, then of the ANPP. At the Appeal court election tribunal verdict which took place on Monday December 27, 2004, four justices delivered the final verdict. Justice Umar Abdullahi, Mohammed Mahmud and Felix Tabai returned a septic verdict in favour of the PDP, while Justice Sylvester Nsofor, a man of exemplary courage and truth who hails from our Niger Delta region vehemently disagreed with his fellow justices in favour of General Muhammadu Buhari”.

“The concluding words of Justice Nsofor’s dissenting judgment remain evergreen. On Nsofor’s words of marble we the Niger Delta people stand today with respect to the forthcoming general elections: “May Nigeria never see again a black Saturday like April 19, 2003!”

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“Tragically, the violent elections of 2003 and the despicable election tribunal verdicts of that election were largely repeated in the 2007 and 2011 general elections and has peopled our National Assembly with parliamentarians who actually woefully lost elections but were returned by reprobate court judgments. Never again shall this tragedy resurface in our nation’s political landscape”.

“We know that the horse-collar establishment justices, Umar Abdullahi, Mohammed Mahmud and Felix Tabai who favoured the depraved 2003 so-called presidential election victory of the PDP, for whatever mess of benefits they gained, will go to their grave’s joyfully and permanently forgotten by right-thinking Nigerians for their contributions in bringing our nation to the state of political decadence, lawlessness and moral precipice Nigeria is entrenched in today. In reverse, the starling and upright Justice Sylvester Nsofor of our Niger Delta soil who conscientiously and patriotically disagreed with the horse-collar justices and stood alone will be remembered long after he has departed from mother earth”.

Long live the name, family and legacies of Justice Sylvester Nsofor.


“On these components of the 2015 elections and every other election hence forward, our words are few. We stand with all well-meaning Nigerians at home and abroad that the use of INEC’s PVC and Card Readers is final, sacrosanct and irreversible. The PDP governors, legislators and candidates who now hysterically call for the Card Readers not to be used are not speaking for the electorates of the Niger Delta or other Nigerians but are only raising alarm from guilt and panic. PDP’s sitting governors and parliamentarians know that if Card Readers had been used in their own elections, the majority of them will not be governors, senators and legislators today. One and all, they should hide their heads in shame and accept that like the GSM, Professor Jega’s brainwave in engaging the Card Reader, the world’s most recent electoral technology breakthrough, has come to stay. PDP must either accept this fact or prepare for the Nigeria spring”.

“Since the inception of this republic up to the 2011 general elections, the PDP of our region had in every election brutally taunted our region’s progressive electorate that whether they voted or not, our people should go to hell. That PDP candidates did not need the people’s vote but would be “victorious” and sworn to power by force of ballot violence and subversion. That the people would do all the voting and they PDP would do all the winning. Having met their apparent waterloo in Professor Jega’s cerebral breakthrough with the Card Reader, our region’s electorates thus understand better than any other part of Nigeria the PDP’s desperate campaign to abolish the use of the Card Reader and Permanent Voters Cards in the 2015 elections. Thus, every patriotic voter in our region and truth loving soul in Nigeria at large should reject the PDP’s campaign against the Card Reader and insist on its use in the forthcoming elections”.


“It is extremely saddening that for the sixteen calamitous years PDP has ruled this nation, its administration at all tiers has institutionalized brutal corruption, criminal misgovernance and dumfounding economic wastages, especially in our Niger Delta region. This has imparted traumatizing poverty, widespread unemployment, social vices and unmitigated moral decadence in Nigeria to new heights. Consequent upon these, the most flourishing industries today for Nigeria youths of fragile fortitude, youths who do not possess the moral armour to endure infinite poverty, are gun-running and ballot-snatching for politicians, local and international prostitution, stark pornographic dancing in Sodom night clubs, x-rated pornography overseas, alcohol-mania in beer parlour networks across Nigerian towns and cities, kidnapping, armed robbery and a dozen reprobate dare-devil past-times”.

“Also in our region especially, President Jonathan’s PDP has consistently pursued a HOODLUM WELFARE POLICY of might-is-right, be-violent-and-be-empowered Wild-Wild West mentality which dismisses the law-abiding, educated and God fearing youths of our region to redundancy and condemn them to harsh economic isolation, searing poverty and arrested development. When a government maintains a body language, human capital ordinance and state policy which demonstrate that violence pays as President Jonathan’s PDP has done for two decades, it is only a matter of time before such a government pays for its crimes. That pay day is here: on March 28, the electorates of the Niger Delta and overwhelming masses of Nigeria at large shall vote General Muhammadu Buhari as the new President of Nigeria and occasion sweeping victory on April 11 for APC governorship candidates in most parts of Nigeria. A topsy-turvy state philosophy which patronizes the violent and disfellowships from a nation’s commonwealth its law-abiding able-bodied youths who have painfully acquired education and skills cannot long endure even in the crudest of societies”.

“The un-debatable anti-corruption policy banner, ethical principles and discipline in public governance epitomized by the General Buhari and Professor Osibanjo presidential ticket represent a new dawn of equality, sober governance driven by good conscience, development hope and ultimate yearnings of the majority youths of the Niger Delta and Nigeria at large. These are some of the reasons why the youths of our region have come together to work for change under the umbrella of Niger Delta Youths Coalition for Buhari (NDY-COB)”.

“Another reason we have decided to pitch our support behind General Buhari is that PDP’s National campaign policy is not centred on issues of impact to the people. Rather, it is but based on un-African insults to senior citizens and assaults on meritorious elder statesmen who dare to hold a different opinion from theirs, who dare to belong to a different political party from the PDP, or dare to aspire to public offices just like PDP candidates. Both rights are granted to all by our constitution. The PDP’s attack dogs, as the Nigeria media call them, from governors to well-known cocaine addicts, wielding the criminal privileges of ill-gotten wealth and power, have during the last one year seized every moment to lash and gash the most respected elders of our country. If this sacrilegious phenomenon is not removed from our politics but allowed to grow into a culture, we will be setting ungodly, society-ruining examples for our young children who are watching today and generations to come. Today, the horrible and despicable diarrhea of assault on elders by the Fani-Kayodes, Ayo Fayoses, Godswill Akpabios and Patience Jonathans is bringing shame to Nigeria and making all true Africans in the globe and the human race at large to ask, “What are Nigeria’s Ministry of Culture and the Christian Association of Nigeria all about?”

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“We of the well-bred youths, families and people of the Niger Delta have a duty and a choice. Either we join the rabble of retrogressive tribal jingoists and grow backwards to the savage centuries, or move forward with the vision of a truly great Nigeria for today and posterity. Either we join the PDP attack dogs for the quick, cursed money they get easily from the PDP’s capacious privatized public treasuries, or choose our African values of respect, truth-blessed growth and the protection of those values. We have chosen the noble values of respect and protection of our senior citizens and the weak, so that we may live long as our unfailing God has promised in His Holy Book. And so that our land may not be polluted further by the virulent diarrhea from the mouth of Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode, the PDP’s official anus in the 2015 Nigeria Elections, and his fellow travelers on the broad road to hell”.


“For the Jonathan army of popish bigots and pseudo-Christian campaigners who adjudge themselves to be more Christian than Christ himself and who peddle the pathetic religious blackmail card against the ethically upright General Buhari, our words are also few and to scripture point. We draw their attention to Apostle Peter’s words in Chapter 10 of the Acts of Apostles as Peter addressed Cornelius, his Roman guest in the inn at Joppa. Cornelius was a similar Gentile and non-Christian like Muhammadu Buhari. Hear Peter’s testimony of Jehovah’s visitation to him: “God has shown me that I should not call any man common or unclean.” (V. 28). “Indeed God is not partial with people. Rather, in EVERY NATION, he that fears his name and works RIGHTEOUSNESS is accepted by Him.” – V.34-35. Also examine Christ’s personal attention to another non-Christian Gentile, the centurion at Luke 7:1-10”.

 “On the other hand, with all his “Christian” credentials, under the administration of our brother Jonathan and his PDP, we have seen pervasive, all-consuming corruption with Nigeria robbed and raped daily until the overwhelming majority of Nigerians now exist only in the statistics and quantity of the half dead. Holy scriptures which condemn President Jonathan’s debatable Christian testimonial are not hard to find but abound: “A good tree bringeth not CORRUPT FRUIT; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth GOOD FRUIT.” – Luke 6:43.  “Why call ye me Lord, Lord and do not the things which I say?” – Luke 6:46. To what tree in Aso Presidential Villa, the seat of power in Nigeria, should Nigerians trace the fruits of corruption in our land? Scripturally and constitutionally, the answer is self-evident. Similarly, between President Goodluk Jonathan and General Muhammadu Buhari, who qualifies to be called the Good Samaritan or “a true neighbour” to the suffering youths and people of the Niger Delta? Your little labour in search of the Holy Bible will reveal the answer at Luke 10:25-37″.


As a signature of our commitment to the Buhari Ticket, NDY-COB is currently putting finishing touches to several plans of action. One is a one-million man solidarity march in our region christened NIGER DELTA YOUTHS MEGA RALLY FOR BUHARI in support of the Buhari-Osibanjo presidential campaign. Another is a turning-point court action against several seditious media blackmail campaigns by the PDP against the historically principled and reputable person of General Muhammadu Buhari, serially committed in glaring contravention of NBC and APCON statutory ordinances. We will keep other actions under wrap, to be unfolded in the coming days as events warrant”.

In conclusion the statement enthused: “In voting for General Muhammadu Buhari, we the people of the Niger Delta are not voting against the man Goodluck Jonathan but against the PDP of our region. It is a pity that cannot be helped that for once in his life, our brother Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is in the right place but at the wrong time, and that he has to pay for the collateral wreckage, collective sins, political and economic transgressions of nearly two decades by the PDP against our fatherland”.

“President Jonathan is an individual gentleman too good for PDP, too good for his myopic handlers, too good for the Asari Dokubos, Femi Fani-Kayodes and Ayo Fayoses. He is a man too good for his coterie of prodigal ministers, integrity-vacant special advisers and appointees who have captured and have held in perpetual captivity Mr. President’s independence, personal intelligence, humane nature and residual statesmanship. We genuinely sympathize with our brother Jonathan as one of the few true gentlemen Nigerians alive in the corridors of state power. We shall always respect and remember him as the president who came, was always in the right place at the right time, thrust by God’s special grace into the highest office in Africa but was thrown out by his political party’s lack of character and Mr. President’s personal weaknesses in the commanding height of state affairs”.

 “Once more, come March 28, 2015, we call on all Nigerians who mean well for themselves today and tomorrow, who want a better future for their children, to step out of the darkness, to depart from the house of sorrow, protracted poverty, pain, deceit, bloodshed and red flag of PDP into the sunshine of freedom. We call on you to join us march under the white flag of change and freedom and vote en masse on March 28, 2015 for General Muhammadu Buhari as the new President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”, the statement reads.

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