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Soldiers Invade Imo State Government House



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Armed Soldiers numbering more than one hundred Tuesday, February 10, 2015 stormed the Government House, Owerri and barricaded the main entrance with armoured vehicles on the order of the Junior Minister for Education, Prof. Viola Onwuliri.   The soldiers on arrival caused stampede at the Government House as workers ran helter skelter for safety, but one young man was not all that lucky and was beaten to coma.
On hearing about the soldiers’ action at the Government House, Owerri, women and youths numbering about five thousand stormed the Government House to confront the soldiers, but they were prevented from doing so by Senior Government officials around who pleaded with the youths and women not to confront the soldiers.
As the situation was becoming choatic the Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha who was returning from Abuja arrived the scene and there was thunderous shouts of Owelle, Owelle, Owelle, by the women and youths.
Addressing the crowd, the Governor said, “some of the PDP leaders led by Viola ‘Otuashi’ Onwuliri, the great liar of the century were behind all these.  The woman that that claims the 305 schools belong to Federal government and some other PDP leaders who brought some women and some thugs who are dressed in women clothes.  I also learnt that some of these people are not women, most of them are men who are dressed in women’s clothes to come here and destroy the Government House”.
“Now it is obvious that what is happening in Nigeria is caused by the PDP.  And again, it is obvious that the said Viola Onwuliri claimed that she has the support of the Presidency to organize this crime.  And now she claims they are going for protest.  Now, she claims that she is going for protest and the protest without an escortion by the Nigeria Police; but rather she organized the army.  The army gathered here and beat up the innocent children of Imo state. ”
“Imo state is peace loving people, and I want to call on Mr. President to warn his minister and warn the leadership of PDP in Imo state to desist from this action, before they incur the wrath of the people.          This reminds us of what happened in 2011 election where they tried to use the army and the Police and the SSS to rig the election.  But let me tell them that they are making a big mistake.  Not in Imo State.”
“And again, thank you for keeping democracy.  I didn’t know you can come out in such number within 2 seconds to protect democracy.  I want to say that, the army has her respect and must never be used as an instrument to disrupt democracy in Nigeria.  Now, if there is going to be a protest, police should be informed and police ought to escort those who are protesting.  So it is obvious they came in here to set the Government House on fire.  That was the intention of this woman who said it was the Presidency that has told her to use the army to commit this crime.  And I am so surprised that at this point, no action has been taken neither from the police nor the army nor the SSS.  Rather, they beat up and almost killed an innocent boy.  Next time, when they try this, they will see the whole Imo people agog.”
“Let me tell them, all our children both those in school, in the universities, primary schools, secondary schools will join them.  And if they want to kill all of us, they should go and get more guns and more bullets.  But we shall never allow evil men again to rule Imo state.  My People! My people!!”
“I want to thank you.  And I am sure those women from Abia I want to warn them and the Abia government not to allow their women again to be recruited into Imo state to cause crises and those young men who are wearing women black clothes, tie hair tie, if we see you again, we are going to deal with you ruthlessly according to law.”
“I also want to advise you that you should see these young officers and the young corporals as innocent.  Do not hold them responsible. They only acted on the order from above.  So we should not make them our enemies.  Which means, they are our brothers and sisters.  They are only acted on instructions from above.  But let them also tread with caution.  Because this is the last time this will happen again in Imo state.”
“I want to ask you to remain calm and the boy who was almost killed, this morning we shall take him to hospital and possibly fly him abroad to make sure he is well.  My people! My people!”
“But remember that Viola Onwuliri is a liar ‘Otuashi No. 1’”And I don’t like any woman who has not finished the burial rites of her husband, ‘to be involved in all these.  It is a very bad thing in Igbo land. 
Sam Onwuemeodo
Senior Special Assistant on Media to the Governor

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