Governor Orji’s Achievements Too Intimidating For His Critics – By Madubuko Hart



The bright Chief Press Secretary to Abia State Governor, Mr. Charles Ajunwa has recently said that the government in Abia State has acted very well, owing to the numerous touchable and confirmable projects that Governor Theodore Orji has done in the state and is still doing.

Ajunwa has directed that common sense, common honesty and common decency would make anybody to see the “Legacy Projects” of the present government which have made Abia a better society. He has asked persons and groups using sentiments against the government of Governor Orji in order to mislead the unsuspecting public to stop forthwith.


He averred that there are many misinformations in some media outlets which were meant by some persons and groups to misdirect the society. Hence, he has advised those who are in this habit to look for a profiting job and leave Governor Orji out of their maliciousness. He has also worried that he would not understand the gains some persons make by attempting to blackmail the governor’s government.


It could be recalled that Ajunwa in July this year challenged critics of the governor for a debate on Governor Orji’s creditable achievements. Ajunwa made it clear that the governor does not condemn criticism, but that critics should be constructive in their arts, not destructive.


He had expressed shock that some individuals and groups out of hatred that does not meet the eyes, are bent on discrediting all that the governor is doing. Hear Ajunwa: “They are not doing it with honesty or pointing out any alternative. They are bereft of ideas but just want to make noise to attract attention. Abians see them as nuisance and of course in democracy you have to tolerate their nuisance value.


“They have sworn to destroy through propaganda, all that the governor has put in place that has positively changed the face of Abia. But I can tell you the governor is not bordered and has never lost focus on what he wants to achieve and where he wants to leave Abia by the time his tenure expires.”


Ajunwa believes that the achievements of the governor are so intimidating and this has brought envy on critics and detractors alike to drive crazy. Ajunwa believes that there is no sector in Abia State that anybody can fault the governor’s performance by way of infrastructural provisions or otherwise.

He says that there is no sector that is neglected and he stands to be challenged. He believes that if opinions of people in the state should be taken judiciously, people are ever-ready to tell the world that they have not had it as good as they are having it in the government of Governor Theodore Orji.


An example to start with, he said, is that Abia is a safe haven for investors as residents can now sleep with their two eyes closed. In his calculation, Ajunwa says that there is no part of the state that one will not see newly constructed roads, schools, rural electrification, but the critics of the government say nothing is happening in Aba; but they forgot that the Osisioma depot that was moribund for years has been revived and is on stream today, not even as a sizable number of Abia youths have been profitably employed there.


Giving insight on the governor’s achievements, inter alia, Ajunwa has said that in the area of health, there is the Abia State Specialist and Diagnostic centre with all the state-of-the-art paraphernalia which is among the best in West Africa. Again, there is the Amachara Specialist Hospital an annex of Diagnostic Centre where you have a chest specialist centre; there are nine 100-bed hospitals in all the three senatorial zones within the state, there are over 710 health centres, well equipped scattered all over the state.


So, he would not understand the justification with which detractors were measuring development in Abia State. Ajunwa expresses concern that for those with the thought that the governor has done nothing in the state, should pick up their viewing lens and see that Ochendo has left landmarks that are visible and verifiable in all sectors and that the government was ready to challenge critics anywhere, on radio, on television through any debate to showcase what the government has done as well as projects waiting for commissioning in the areas of agriculture, tourism, youth and women empowerment, housing, and so on.


Hart writes from Lagos



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