Victor Chigozie Eneh

Victor Chigozie Eneh

Dear Victor Chigozie Eneh,
For quite some time now, I have watched your vicious attacks on the Governor of Anambra State and his wife on this forum. I have also listened to your largely impressionable crowd of followers who cheer every comment you make on this arena, no matter how pejorative or
socially distasteful. I am saddened to contemplate that you are fully aware that I am in this forum and yet you have chosen to continue your often undeserved attacks on Governor Obiano and his wife whose only crime against you is their triumph in the last APGA primaries in Anambra State over your boss. I had hoped that you were capable of self-correction and that at some point you would realize that the elections are over and desist from your scurrilous attacks on the persons of Governor Obiano and his wife and commence a constructive criticism of their policies and programmes. I am forced to conclude from the body of evidence available on this forum and beyond that your incredulous obsession with the Obianos goes beyond politics. It must therefore be called to question.

I had hoped that a group that describes itself as “APGA Interactive Forum” would be a place where the ever worrisome issues of Ndigbo’s seeming lack of cohesive leadership and unbridled bloodlust that goes on unabated among our leaders would be exhaustively dissected and the basic strands of every argument around it x-rayed for the benefit of APGA youths. Unfortunately, it is obvious that you set up this forum and gathered your own cheerleaders to egg you on while you mow down every seemingly capable Igbo leader except your boss. This is as reprehensible as it is unacceptable.
I must hasten to add that as democrats, Governor Obiano and his wife are open to any constructive criticism, advice or suggestions that will help them expand the frontiers of administrative excellence in Anambra State. Having been exposed to the purest democratic cultures across the world and having evolved essentially as key figures in the nation’s corporate world, Chief Obiano and his wife are fully aware that there is no democratic society in the world today where only one man has all the answers. So, they are receptive to any solution or initiatives from Anambra State and beyond that will help them push the
envelope of development in this hemisphere.

That said; I am particularly perplexed at the illogic of your attacks. I am bewildered about how the recent judgment against the Chairman of Ihiala Local Government who was elected long before Chief Obiano became the governor of Anambra State should constitute one of Obiano’s many grave sins against you. I simply do not understand that.
However, I must warn you that my prolonged silence in the face of all your tempestuous provocations all these months must not be mistaken for weakness. I shall no longer watch you cast unearned slurs on Governor Obiano or his exalted office for fun.  There are constitutional ways to stop libellous attacks, in the air, on the land and in the sea.

Please be warned.

Thank you.

Ifeanyi Aniagoh

EA to Governor Obiano on Media


cc:        The Director, DSS, Anambra State.

            The CP, NPF, Anambra State Command.