World Igbo Congress Calls On Political Parties To Adopt Igbo Presidency


September 16th,2014


Whereas, the Igbo is the largest ethnic group in Nigeria, numbering over 40 million by conservative estimates;


Whereas, the Igbo can be found in virtually every local government area in Nigeria; and

Whereas, the incumbent President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has not yet declared an interest in seeking his party’s nomination for President and has not declared an interest in presenting himself for reelection as President; and

Whereas, the Igbo has thousands of women and men who can serve  Nigeria as President and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces; and

Whereas, all parties in Nigeria have Igbo members who can serve as President; and

Whereas; the primary goal of the World Igbo Congress is to advocate for the collective advancement and interests of Ndigbo;

Let it be therefore resolved by the World Igbo Congress on this 9th day of the month of September, 2014, as follows:

We call on each political party in Nigeria to give serious consideration to nominating an Igbo as its presidential candidate for the 2015 election to address decades of deliberate  and systematic punitive exclusion of Ndigbo in presidential politics;

We will consider for support and endorsement parties that give serious consideration to and support for an Igbo nominee for President;

Consistent with the spirit of the 2010 Mississippi Accord between the World Igbo Congress and the Ijaw National Congress, we call for collective support for a President of our shared heritage;

We commend the United Progressive Party (UPP) for deciding to zone its presidential ticket to the South East of Nigeria.



Chief Cyril C. Nwaguru                                         Ichie Larry Udorji

WIC  Secretary General                                            WIC Chairman



  1. Am already in cloud nine for this decision taken by WIC.
    Please how can we get this very extremely important message to every Igboman and woman worldwide.
    Ohaneze Ndigbo take note.

  2. Congratulations to the WIC for there stance on Igbo presidency. I commend and applaud your galant stand. May The Lord bless you all and give you more grace. Igbo bu Igbo, eke nekwa unu.

  3. Rotation of presidency among the major ethnic groups, or now among the six geopolitical zones, is the pillar that sustains Nigeria’s integrity. In the last 43 years, all the other five geropolitical zones and major tribes had presided over Nigeria except the Igbo or the Southeast zone. Igbo must now insist it presents successor to President Jonathan or Igbo is allowed new Biafra country. No too much talk about that. It is just.


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