Biafra Zionists Accuse Ohaneze Of Betraying Ndi-Igbo



By Larry Martins

The Biafra Zionists Federation, BZF, has criticized the Apex socio

cultural organization   Ohaneze Ndigbo, over what it described as

being cowardly

silence of the group in the face of injustice against its people.


The BZF in a press

statement made available to journalists in Enugu, signed

by its national publicity secretary, Mr. Chiemeria Chibundu said the

present Ohaneze leadership should be seen  as a gathering of selfish,

visionless and weak

individuals who do have interest of their people at heart.


The Zionists said it was alarming that two

months after the police clamped down on Igbo sons who were

championing the common course of the people, the Ohaneze leadership

had not deemed it fit to make a single comment.


According to the group, rather than chart a

course for Ndigbo, the Ohaneze leadership had remained a political

tool, whose only job is “to campaign for President Jonathan’s

re-election, even when he has not declared any interest to seek a

second term”.


“From our checks, the present Ohaneze

leadership as constituted is the worst in the history of the group,

as they lack in vision, they lack in zeal, capacity and will to

promote the overall interest of Ndigbo.


“The Ohaneze leadership has since sold

Ndigbo for a plate of porridge, and reduced the South-East to a

cheap zone, where other zones have their way so easily, even

without any form of negotiation.


“We believe that since the Ohaneze

leadership is not prepared to make sacrifices, the members should

resign and hand-over to selfless individuals who are ready to

promote the collective interest of  Ndigbo”.


The BZF while urging the Ohaneze leadership

to take a cue from the Arewa Consultative Forum, as well as the

Northern Elders’ Forum, said “it is quite regrettable that they are

so afraid to speak out in the face of oppression against Ndigbo.

For this singular fact, many things are going wrong in the

South-East, Ndigbo are being taken for granted because nobody has

the guts to talk.


“In the ACF, we see what it means to be

leaders of the people; even though the Boko Haram are ravaging the

North, the ACF and the Northern Elders Forum had continued to

insist that the law should not be breached in fighting the



“But here in the South-East, the Ohaneze

leadership has not seen anything wrong in the prolonged detention

of Igbo sons without trial. These are men, whose only crime is that

they are demanding for Biafra, even when they are doing so without



“We, are however, not so much surprised

because the Ohaneze leadership and indeed some other Igbo leaders

have chosen to keep silence in order to protect their pockets and

properties in the Northern part of the country”, the statement




  1. Ndiigbo is geruntocratically republican. Igbo State Union recognised this and adopted it. And that was the only successful pan-Igbo association to date. The rest including the Zionist movement has been trapped in top-down organisation that’s always doomed to failure among Ndiigbo and out of frustration lamely point fingers….!

  2. If in the midst of Book Haram war, the Arewa still talks hard, Ohaneze Ndigbo present leadership needs to insist that no Ignored are held up in prison for voicing support for Biafra.


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