$9.3 Million Arms Deal: Shut Up! You Took Nigeria To Islamic Conference, Christian Group Tells Cardinal Okogie

Looters’ list: APC, PDP in a show of shame, says Okogie
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…says we’ve videos where you appeared

The Christians United Against Boko Haram on Sunday in Abuja slammed a former Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie for his comments on the current President of Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, saying he should keep quiet because under him (Okogie) Nigeria was taken to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

The organization therefore urged him “to be mindful of his words and avoid being used by enemies of the Body of Christ”.

Okogie was quoted to have, while reacting to the $9.3 million arms deal in South Africa, criticized Oritsejafor for establishing a University and for allegedly romancing with President Goodluck Jonathan, saying it had totally derailed him from the essence of Christian leadership.

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But the Executive Secretary of CUABH, Deacon Olusola Oyedokun in a statement issued on Sunday in Abuja entitled:”Okogie: Those who live in glass Houses”, said Okogie’s attack on the integrity of the current CAN President was hypocritical and unbecoming of a man of his personality.

He warned that “those who live in glass houses should not throw doyens at the undeserving”.

Oyedokun, son of a former Deputy National chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party and member of the Board of Trustees of PDP, Shuaib Oyedokun, expressed disappointment that Okogie could compare his tenure to that of Oritsejafor.

He said, “As CAN President under whom a secular Nigeria was taken to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Okogie has very little moral grounds to stand on to attack the integrity of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor whose name invokes apprehension in those who wish to entrench one religion over the other in Nigeria.

“We are surprise at Okogie for criticizing Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor for opening a University and wonder whether Cardinal Okogie considers education as Haram. To recall that if opening universities was wrong, then the Catholic Church has participated in the wrong doing by being behind Madonna University. It is double standards for Cardinal Okogie to close his eyes to Madonna University and attack Pastor Ayo’s University.”

Oyedokun urged Cardinal Okogie not to act on rumour and innuendo with regards the $9.3 million that was to be used by the Office of the National Security Adviser to buy arms.

He said that if people were to act on rumour and innuendo, certain people would not be able to explain exotic videos for which they were rumored to have appeared.


  1. Deacon Olusola Oyedokun, son of a former Deputy National chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party and member of the Board of Trustees of PDP, Shuaib Oyedokun.
    —a Christian or a Politician?

  2. Okogie is now retired from active church service. He must have returned to his once preferred janjaweed religion, given his recent utterances. Did Okogie not give a nod when IBB took Nigeria to membership of OIC?

  3. Nonetheless,pastor Oritsejafor need to explain to us,how his private jet air-borned the $9.3 million out of Nigeria to south Africa.

  4. Thank you Papa for taking time to make these clarification.
    We knew you can never be involved in any shady deals as some people are trying to make beleive

    wake up from sleep and know all these are set up to indict Papa Ayo.Ask yourself these questions;

    1. Why is it that of all the monies being stolen from cofers of Nigeria
    since 1960,none has been caught red handed as we are made to believe
    like this one. We all know how trickish and sleeky Nigerian politician
    are.You have never and will never catch them with cash of this magnitude
    in the manner we are made to believe

    But because some persons just want to blackmail Papa Ayo Oritsejafor.
    Hence they ensure his jet was used (there are other many private jets on hire also) and caught with the money. It is a
    set up and Nigerians are wiser than those conspirators.

    2.Why is it that whoever speak/work against Boko Haram is suddenly seen
    to be their sponsors. First was President Jonathan,then Gen.Ihejirika
    and now Papa Oritsejafor. Sheriff was indicted only after decamping from

    This is grand plot to cause disaffection among Christians.Don’t be deceived.


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