2015: Orji’s Achievements Have Intimidated Opponents Out Of Senate Race – Group

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Ahead of the 2015 general elections, a political group in Abia state, PDP Stakeholders Network says Gov. Theodore Orji’s achievements have intimidated his opponents out of the race for the Abia Central senate seat.
In a chat with newsmen in Umuahia, the group represented by  its state Chairman, Goodluck Ibem, Chairman ; Public Relations Officer, Marcus Ngozi; among others, the group described the governor as the most qualified person for the seat and appealed to him to declare his interest before the end of the second week of the month of September,2014.
The group further stated that it has adopted the governor for the position because of his sterling achievements which liberation of the state from family domination and idolatry remains the most outstanding.
“Gov. Theodore Orji’s achievements have intimidated opponents of the race for the Abia Central senate seat. As at today, nobody has declared interest to run against the governor. We are appealing to him to contest for the position because he remains the most qualified person to represent Abia Central zone at the senate in 2015. We have chronicled his achievements and enduring legacies in the administration of Abia state and have endorsed him for the senate. The achievements such as building of health centres in all communities of the state, empowerment of over 5,000 youths, construction of international conference centre, construction of new government house; among others, points to the fact that Gov. Orji has laid a solid foundation for the state. He is the Moses who will take us to the Promised Land. We are appealing to you to represent us at the Senate for more enduring legacies.”
The group threatened to embark on a two million man protest march in Umuahia if the governor refuses to declare his interest in the position before the second week of September 2014.
“We have resolved that if you does not heed to our request to declare his interest before second week of September, we will mobilize a two million man protest march and will not rest until he agrees to run,” the group threatened.


  1. The governor have strive a lot of development since he became the governor of abia state , , and has also transformed and empowers lots of youth in the state through his youth empowerment programme , his administration has also provide adequate security and electricity in the state which have attracts investors in the state . The present government may have not and may not complete all the infrastructural challenges facing the state in the last 23 years which is enormous, but her speedy effort in the direction so far has brought tremendous changes and relief to the people of the state. If successive governments in the state have made half of the effort before now, the state would have been an El Dorado by now.
    Today, the state capital, Umuahia which was a glorified village more than a decade after creation can now boast ofquality access roads, street lights, drainage channels, International Conference centres, steady power supply, New Government House, New Worker Secretariat, Diagnostic Hospital and several other ongoing and completed projects.The commercial city of Aba that has been neglected for years was not left out as the place is wearing a new look with quality access roads.

  2. Na wa ooooo,with the way aba looks like,some paid ppl without pity on the suffering people of the state, say that this man has done well.its unfortunate with all the death traps on our road.NA only God to punish una.Compare aba with other cities you will wish you never came from abia state.


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