APC Youths React to the Recent Trend of Impeachment in the Country

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The All Progressives Youth Forum (APYF), being a youth movement of the All Progressives Congress (APC), continues to work towards the attainment of a people-centered, solution-oriented, and progressive government.  However,  the recent trend of impeachment proceedings being brought against Governors of the opposition parties that oppose the largely unproductive and negligent PDP administration gives us cause to worry about the future of our nation’s democracy.

At a time when we should be setting meaningful precedents that are aimed at strengthening our nation’s young political and governmental institutions, this People’s Democratic Party (PDP)-led Federal Government has shown that it is ever-ready to resort to underhanded means to corrupt and malign our nascent democracy.

Seven months to the general election, when credible parties and candidates are working to show the Nigerian public their accomplishments in office over the past few years, as well as their plans for Nigeria moving forward – states like Adamawa, Nassarawa and Edo – to name a few – are being thrown into unnecessary political upheavals by bought over henchmen loyal to the “ruling” party. This cannot stand. Politics of this nature is unsustainable.

The Nigerian public must be made aware of the fact that if the PDP could run on the merits of its achievements both federally and in our nation’s thirty-six states, it would not resort to scheming out plots to remove APC governors using largely unconstitutional methods.

In this regard, we call on the Youth all over Nigeria to join us as we continue to work to preserve the sanctity of our nation’s democratic institutions, and to ensure that candidates that take Nigeria’s present challenges, as well as its future into cognizance, are those that represent us at every level. Not politicians that assume office by stifling dissent and corrupting the democratic institutions that they swore oaths to protect.

May God in his infinite mercies continue to guide our nation.

Olu Onemola

For Chiarman, APYF



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