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Press Release By The Christian Association Of Nigeria Kachia Local Government Branch In Respect To The Religious Crisis Of 11th May, 2014



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Since 2000, Kachia has remained the choice place for habitation by all irrespective of one.s religion, tribe, creed or alienation chose to belong. This is as a result of the peaceful and mutual correlation that was existing amongst its habitants.


As all may know, Kachia is the head quarter of the Adara people and everybody came to meet them on their land whether since pre-colonial days or not. And all persons living in Adara chiefdom know that the gospel of peace, respect for human life, dignity and mutual understanding for harmonious co­existence. human and economy development and free practicing of religion has been the heart desire of our dearly Agom Adara His Royal Highness, Mr. Maiwada Galadima, the council chairman Hon. Peter Agite, CAN as a whole and our Christian elders. That is why we have agreed to live peacefully with all people because, as Christians we are people of peace and we believe it.


Therefore it became quite worrisome to the Christians community having made to rest assured that all is well and believing this to be true, were taken off guard and were forced to incur losses of lives of their members and properties running into hundreds of millions of naira to Hausa Muslim youths through an orchestrated cover up fashioned to look like a crisis to all but with the sale aim of making the lives of Christians miserable and difficult by attacking their economy. Whatever cause they were fighting and standing for, one thing stood out “the Christians must be finished”. These were the hand writings and marks that were left written on the state, left for all to see. Having allayed these we as the Christians community in Kachia wish to let the world see how we as a people have been stabbed at the back and will like to tell how a litany of lies is been crafted by the security apparatus to make a plight look simple before the world.



We the entire Christian notice some events that were showing up that there were plans towards attacking us or else said crisis, these events were reported to the appropriate quarters but the steps taken to correct those measures were played off through the channels because the actions taken were refused to be followed since what was plan is believed to be followed and few days after, Christians were attacked. Some of these indicators were thus;


1. All Muslims girls that usually come to Gumel for petty trading suddenly stop for about three months; this situation was reported in the security meeting., because it was suspicious.


2. Despite the law promulgated by the Kaduna state government banning group hunting in the state, the Muslim youths in Kachia refused to adhere to this law. They were frequently seen going out in large groups under the pretence of hunting but were going for training with an expert called Staff Sgt Nuhu Musa (Baba Maryam). The issue of the hunting was reported in the security meeting.


The district head was mandated to call their leader to order but they district head reported that they boys refused to take instruction. Before the chairman could swing into action, the crisis erupted.


3. Provocative words like, we are ready for you infidels in Kachia, and we shall finish you up because we are ready for you now. Today is not years past. There were other issues of such even some were reported to the security agents.

4. On 8th May, 2014. A young man called Samaila Mainama openly told a woman that they are ready for all infidels in Kachia, she promised Samaila and his group of more than fifty that should anything happens she would report it to the appropriate quarters. Which she did.


5. On 11th May, 2014, we observed that in the morning which was Sunday, all shops belonging to Muslims were closed and all their cars and trucks were moved by them to their zone for safe keeping that was seen around 6:30 – 7:00am by the Christian faithful that were going for Mass. This strongly show that there already a plan on ground.


From the indicators above, the world should know that Christians did not at any point attacked Muslim or cause any upheavals in Kachia rather the Muslim community perfectly planned and attacked Christians on Sunday 11th May 2014 while in their places of worship, looting their shops, burning their houses and church



The said cover up called the crisis was sparked off when a part of Eid fence was. damaged (this fence was still under construction and not even half finished. Emphasis here is for the listener to have an over view of the wall and not to have the notion that it was a full structure). The damaged took place on the 10th of April and 11th of May respectively.


The first damage on the Eid fence by unknown persons on 10th April, 2014 brought an uproar by the Muslim youths who stormed the area throwing stones at the security operatives present even injuring some, until concerted efforts we’re made before calm was ensued because, the Council Chairman Hon Peter Agite took steps for rebuilding of the broken parts and it was done immediately. While the dust was setting, exactly after a Month, part of the fence was noticed that it was tempered with, on time, the Council Chairman instructed for the replacement of the part damaged which required not less than five blocks and it was remade before 7:00am so that nobody will even know that something of such nature has happened. But the Muslim youth, who were already made up, mobilized themselves under their choice leader Alhaji Ali Maikyalli and started unleashing terror on the innocent Christians faithful who were quite worshipping in their churches who had to abandon their devotion half way. The Christians were told that, the Muslim youths have smashed a car parked by devotees by name Mr. IlIiya Panga while worshipping and had damaged the wall of Nasara Baptist Church. Also, another group burgled a shop in Ungwan Ganima and also a beer parlour. The Muslims started all the destructions not the Christians as some Media claimed. It is pertinent to note that in the history of religious crisis in Nigeria Christians have never been the first to causes one and Kachia is not an exception.


The very unfortunate part in the whole saga was when the security men assured the faithful of Nasara Baptist Church to go home rather than stay to protect their church because curfew was put in place but just to see their church going up in flames. And much later for the houses of Christians around the stadium area went on flames. These provoked the Christian youths to react.


The first persons killed by the soldiers were residence of Gumel who were held in apprehension by the story of the happenings in Kachia. They were not in riot mood. They had not received the news of the curfew only to be warned by reckless direct shots that claimed the lives two of our youths and other left with score of buUets shots. In addition to the activities of the soldiers, they followed some of our people into their houses/rooms, molested them for doing nothing and even arresting under age.


Furthermore, the Muslim youths were seen in ungwan Shakarua and other spots in Nigerian Army uniform with sophisticated weapons which they used to attack the Christian and also burned their houses. The better story is with the security operative who arrested those people.



a. Reaction by the Muslim Umma and some publications made by some biased reporters like vanguard of Friday May 16th 2014 (that Christians broke the Eid fence) is not true. The very action of the Muslim Umma is quite unfortunate, having attacked on the 10th of April a bus belonging to the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) and on the 11th May looting the shops and burning down of the properties of Christians indicates an indictment and therefore we wish to state categorically that, that must cease and never repeat itself.


b. That the selected looting of shops and houses of Christians and setting ablaze what cannot be taken of low value is unfortunate and suggest a pre-meditated action targeted at the economy of Christians.


c. That the Army was led by Major General Alkali Madibo (Muslim) the commandant of NASA. He made the arrest of both Christian and Muslim youths suspects during the crisis not the DPO and during such arrest, religion and tribe was not identified as an issue. This should be known also that the people who were arrested and taken to the state CtO head quarters in Kaduna were those arrested with weapons and army uniforms during the crisis of cause; they were taken to Kaduna at the order of the police policies. Only in Kaduna they discovered that they were Muslims. That means that the actors who where Muslims were found with sophisticated weapons which indicates the level of their preparedness against the Christians.


Furthermore, the DPO did not lead in the arrest of suspects during the crisis and there was no place or act that the council Chairman and the D.P.O connived to carry out such act of maltreating and only arresting Muslims as some claimed and petitioned. And the issue of releasing suspected Christian should not come up because if under age were arrested in their houses without weapons or army uniform, how would you expect them to be taken to Kaduna 7 Also, who selected all the under aged Christians and Muslims youths on 12th May, 20147 Go to the Police station and confirm it, we were eye witnesses to what happened there and stop shouting that they took 44 Muslim youths to Kaduna. Please stop fueling trouble for us in Kachia.


d. The local government chairman is carrying aU religions along. This crisis was not erupted as a result of the failure of the local government chairman from fulfilling his promise. The fence was rebuilt after our sitting on 10th April, 2014. If the Muslims saw it as a failure on the part of the chairmanr then they were the people who went and removed the few blocks on 11th May 2014 to use it as a stepping stone to exterminate Christians in Kachia but mind you, even with the few blocks remove, the chairman asked for immediate replacement which was done yet the Muslims went ahead to destroy Christians. Is it all for unfulfi Hed promise?


e. The security agents insisted on telling us that they work without religion sentiment or bias, we the Christians discover this never to be true. Presently in kachia and with the recent posting we noticed that there is religion sentiment in the security force because; the commandant of NASA is a Muslim, the Deputy commandant NASA is a Muslim, the Commandant Rehap Centre is a Muslim, the newly posted SSS director is a Muslim, the D.P.O Katari Division is a Muslim and in the recent posting except it is changed the suppose incoming D.P.O is a Muslim.


CAN has observed with interest the recent postings done by the commissioner of police Kaduna state which include the D.P.O Kachia Division with suspicion. Would there be a need for questioning the true intention of the security operatives in Kachia been headed by this structure, are they probably setting up what we the Christian community in Kachia need to know?


f. Let our Muslim brothers try by all means to tell the truth. In a press release by the Muslim community of Kachia after the crisis and a publication in The Daily Sun of Friday June 13 2014/pg/34 stated:

i. That only four (4) Muslim members out of twenty three (23) were appointed in the committee of inquiry set by the chairman of the LG council. It is not true; from the entire set up the Muslims have seven (7) members representing them. It means that the chairman is very loving and fair.

ii. The Muslim community requesting for the creation of Hausa/Fulani chiefdom in Kachia is a gross mischief as seen by the Christian community. Crisis cannot be framed in order to create chiefdom. It means that the destruction of the Eid fence was done all these times by the Muslim to create an end so as to meet a need. The Christians should not be use to look for a chiefdom. We Christians need peace. Every tribe, religion or people leaving in Kachia met the Adara people here, and all of us are under his Royal Highness, therefore, if the Hausa/Fulani are looking for a chiefdom from Adara chiefdom in Kachia L.G.A, for the sake of peace we say, let it be given to all the tribes and ethnic groups dwelling in Kachia like the Igbos, Yorubas, Marwa, Tiv, Idoma, Jaba, At yap, Ogoja etc. But let no one cause crisis and begin to look for chiefdom using us we say NO to this. The so called Emirate or Chiefdom they are looking for, can the Adara people or any peoples’

group demand for such in Zaria Emirate, Sokoto Emirate, Brinin Gwari Emirate or it Kano Emirate and be given? Why is that if a set of people are ruling there is peace A but if they are being ruled it becomes a problem? Can peace be given a chance that we may live well!

g. That the accusation lay on the Christians resident around the Eid ground as those who destroyed the fence should stop as some media are portraying. Anybody anywhere can do that since from all indication the attack on the Christians was a premeditated one with an intention/motive.


4.0 OUR STAND AND RECOMMENDATION: stand and recommendations:

a. That a high powered committee be set up by His Excellency Alhj. Dr. Muktar Ramallan Yero to investigate the current problems and happenings amongst the different dwellers of Kachia, to proffer solutions on the way forward for peaceful and harmonious coexistence of all dwellers.

b. That due compensation should be made to all affected persons, they never asked for it and should not be made to suffer for the irresponsibility of others.

c. The Eid ground should be relocated to a ground where it will not be used as a mark for instigating crisis, because miscreants can still go and pull down the fence and still accuse the Christians for doing it. For instance, the Deeper Life Bible Church had suffered a worst situation in the hands of the Muslim youths but as a peace loving people they sort the consent of their leaders and did not raised an eye brow after a concerted effort to remain there failed, they dusted the dust on their feet’s, bought a new place and vacated their premise. It is worth noting to state that after the crisis the Muslim youths went and hack down the old Church Why must they do that if there is need for peace as proclaimed?

d. The commissioner of police should as a matter of technicality withdraw his maction. It will be incredible to have you post out an officer in the midst of inquiry if the intention is not to distort facts.

e. The Market should be relocated to a neutral ground, where miscreants will not take advantage of its position to enrich themselves via instigating crisis, to serve as a vehicle for unleashing their terror on the economy of Christians. Christians are known to live solely on their hard earned money not depending on looting to enrich themselves.

f. The Fulani should as a matter of peace cease from their attacks on the Christians in all villages. For this is the only sure way to peace.

g. The government of our State under the leadership of our Governor should assist in putting back the Church that was destroyed to enable worshippers carry on with their activities.


We sincerely appreciate the Executive Chairman of the Local Government Hon. Peter Agite for all the effort he has put from the day one of this crisis till date including the Member of State House of Assembly, the Agom Adara, Stakeholders and all. God bless you.


We hereby appreciate the Governor of Kaduna state His Excellency Alh. Dr. Muktar Ramallan Vero (DaIJatun Zazzau) for his love and concern towards the people of Kachia local Government and for bearing with us. Thank you.



The quest for chiefdom, the lootings, the already Sown military uniforms, sophisticated weapons crowned by the intentional damage of the Eid wall suggest that the crisis was stage, managed and it is a premeditated action and it is clear that it was stage using Christian and the name religious crisis to look for Chiefdom or Emirate. Therefore, Christians should not be mentioned for breaking the Eid fence. Furthermore, Christians did not attack their Muslim brothers, rather we were attacked.


Like Christ, we shall always live peacefully with our neighbours  (Romans 12: 18)


Rev. Ayuba D. Dogonyaro



Rev. Jesse Mallam CAN CHAIRMAN


Rev .lsah Chom Dang



Mr. Felix John



Mrs. Elizabeth P. Kahuwai



Mrs. Felicia P. Kantiok.



Mr. Sunom l~ka Kurah



Mr. Haruna Zacharia.



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