Kano Set To Commence Students Exchange With 17 Southern States – Kwankwaso


alhaji abbas sanusi the wamban kano, gove rabiu musa kwankwaso and ahmadu giade ndlea chairman 2

Kano state government has commenced discussion with the governments of

17 Southern states of the federation on how starting a student

exchange programme with the states with a view to enhancing national

unity and brotherhood, Kano state governor, Rabi’u Kwankwaso has


The move, he further explained, “is aimed at fostering unity among

Nigerians, promoting religious understanding as well as exposing

youths to diverse cultures, environments and socio-economic



Gov. Kwankwaso who announced this while receiving his Edo state

counterpart, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole who visited him at the

Government House, Kano, yesterday, Wednesday, said the idea is still

on the drawing board but if accepted by the 17 states, will go a long

way in ensuring peaceful coexistence and tolerance. “Irrespective of

our differences, we must learn to live together as one if we want our

country to prosper”, he stressed.


He explained that under the proposal, each of the 17 Southern states

will send 20 youths to secondary schools in Kano, while Kano will in

return equal number to each of the state. He added that details of the

arrangement will be publicised as soon as all the parties involved

reach an agreement on the proposal.


Governor Kwankwaso then praised as Gov. Oshiomhole as the first

governor to respond to the proposal which further proves his

detribalised disposition for always making concerted effort to

strengthen unity among Nigerians.


On his part, the Edo state governor expressed happiness that Kwankwaso

is symbolising the the APC dream by embarking upon developmental

projects that would stand the test of time and impact on lives of the

people positively.


He said the investment of the Kwankwaso administration in education is

exciting, noting that at the moment, there are about 400 students

sponsored by the government of Kano state to pursue various degree

programmes in private universities in Edo state.



  1. Exchanging of students at this time is not encouraging.The North should first create enabling environment for the safety of people in the region. I don’t think such move is ideally or logical at this time. The north should first eschew political rancour and promote unbiased political equal rights.

  2. About 2 weeks ago at the National Press Club in downtown Washington, DC, I suggested this to the Nigerian Ambassador to the US, but he was not for it. But it is now covered.

  3. Is this not the same region that is unable to protect members of the youth corps sent to them?
    The same region that is unable to protect indigenous students of the region. How is any body sure that B.K. members will not infiltrate the program?
    A very good idea but I have to take a rain check.

  4. What then is NYSC for? they should stop all these their propaganda and deal with the situation on ground in the North. My guess, they are running out of people that BH kill and want to influx people from other areas so they will be the target the same way they have been targeting Christians and those of Igbo indigenes for a long time. Thesame Northerners kidnap girls and women that go they to serve with their juju and force them into marriage and police cannot enter into their alhaji houses to look at their supposed wife for investigation purposes because it is forbidden for another man to see their wife’s face.
    I don’t have to study in your area to learn your culture, that is what education is. I can only come there if I want to major in that culture or do a research about the culture.
    This is exactly the problem with Nigeria, they keep chasing shadows and mouse when their houses are on fire. For peace to reign in Nigeria, every people should dwell in the mist of their own where they believe in the same things and share the same culture and religion. That way, no one will be amputated for drinking alcohol or beheaded for looking at a muslim girl which will steer up another ethnic crisis.
    What security measure has he created to ensure the safety of his indigenes schooling in various schools there let alone getting other people from other regions. Just another politician fueling his political ambition and propaganda to the detriment of innocent scholars.
    This has been the cycle in Nigeria since the nation assumed that name. Deal with your imminent problem and stop encouraging waste of life indirectly.

  5. None of my relatives will go to north for anything.Is this a strategy to get the southerners kidnapped by insurgents?

  6. Exchange my foot. There are over 1000,000 southerners studying in Kano state. Is Kwankwaso able to guarantee their security? Are they entitled to the benefits Kwankwaso’s Muslim brothers and sisters get. Southernes buy lands and build estates and houses in Kano and other northern states. Does Kwankwaso have any investment in any of the southers states? That is how Kwankwaso should start his national integration, buy lands and do investments in the south. No southern governor should listen to this noncense proposal, for they cannot be trusted anymore. Everything is not politics.

  7. I don’t buy that idea at all, it’s all rubbish since they can not protect their own children how do you expect them to provide security for a none citizen of that state . just as my friend said; “they’re running out of people” so they are looking for another means of getting a sacrificial lambs to be slaughtered again. Let no Biafrans be deceived again if Yorubas want they can go but they should leave us Biafrans out of this dexterous and barbaric idea.

  8. this is bullshit,they now want to infiltrate in to our land legally. we firmly reject this proposal and the southern gorvernors should do so,our NYSC is there doing that already;so this is absolute nonsence.#Biafra or nothing.

  9. This governor is a BH stakeholder and should not be trusted.
    Let someone tell him to educate his wards on how to accept religious tolerance before the south can do business with them up north. By the way they should even opt out the country and create their own Islamic state and allow the south to establish their secular state.

  10. Governor Kwankwaso is a boko haram and seeks opportunity to push through his islamization agenda in southern Nigeria. He hates our people with passion while pretend to preach love and unity. No reasonable southerner will take him serious except his fellow APC traitors from the south.

  11. It is so pathetic how some people comment. The guy is coming with a honest idea and all you can do is sit back and insult him and call him names! Nobody is begging anyone to come to the north yet the parrot-mouthed southerners still troop into the north. Why must you hate anything that comes from the north!

  12. You guys are spewing too much hate!
    Kano is one of the most peaceful states in the country. Irrespective of Kwankwaso’s proposal or your rejection of it, there are many Christians and Southerners in Kano, who is providing for their security?
    If you want Biafra or anything, you have to physically fight for it on the ground and not on internet sites.
    We need to cool down and eschew emotions. I’m one with Kwankwaso’s suggestion and if there is insecurity in Nigeria, he is certainly not to blame.

  13. Is a welcome development. I in particular had enjoined similar programme in the past during IBB’s era, and it really helps, because we now have friends all over the country. The dynamic leadership of Kwankwaso is manifesting every where. Keep it up. Presidency will never be your limit. You shall go beyond that


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