Gozie Okeke Goes on Pampers



(From Nweke Nweke, Onitsha)


Close to two years Prince Gozie Okeke and his erstwhile wife, Princess Njideka Okeke of the Akanchwa fame separated in their matrimony vows, revelations are that the reason of the separation is not far from the fact that Prince Gozie Okeke is alleged to have adopted fixing Pampas like little babies before moving out to the public, this according to very dependable source close to the famous gospel artiste (names withheld) compelled the woman to abandoned their marriage as both has gone astray in the search of earthly riches.



Princess Njideka Okeke according to information reaching the news desk of 247ureports reveals that she abandoned her husband after many years of preaching to him on the consequences of been involved in homosexual act, the move said to have not gone well with the icon gospel musician as Gozie is accused to have threatened to deal with her should she ever open her mouth to complain over the barbaric act of homosexuality.


Sources within the family of Prince Okeke confided on this reporter that amount budgeted for Pampas of the artiste in week tops the amount used in feeding the rest members of Gozie’s immediate family, the move said to have angered Princess but to make sure that his dirtiest part of the body (anus) did not disappoint him publicly, the only option left for them was to adopt using Pampas until Princess Njideka bowed out of the marriage.


It was gathered that after 3rd Eye Magazine based in Anambra State exposed the alleged involvement of the gospel icon in homosexual act, Prince Gozie Okeke is said to have relocated to the Federal Capital Territory where he is ‘new and beautiful bride’ to his senior homosexual men, the action that may likely fetch him 14 years imprisonment if caught as newly stipulated in the law of the land by the parliaments.


Unconfirmed source within the family of Princess Njideka Okeke revealed that arrangements are at its peak on how to reach the biological father(s) of the children of the already separated couple on the bases that Gozie never at any time impregnated their daughter as it was alleged that immediately they got married, Njideka after discovering that her husband preferred enjoying young boys on bed than having relationship with female folks, she started prying to God for the change of her husband’s attitude but when it became obvious that there is no repentance for Giozie according to our source, the woman on the alleged instruction of her husband contracted some of the singers and other friends of Gozie Okeke to take charge of his wife bed wise.


“You see, I am from the family of Njideka and we have resolved that our sister should be invited to come and tell us the biological father(s) of her two kids so that the kids will be made to rejoin their father on time so that there will be no trace of the ugly story associated to their birth” 247urports source stated under the condition of anonymous.


When contacted on her GSM line on the 30th day of January, 2014 at about 06:35 hours, Princess Njideka Okeke sent in text massage that read thus: “Pls do not call my number again, not interested in whatever you have to say or ask. Have a blessed day” Full details soon in this online, stay tuned.


  1. I am a very close pal to Prince Gozie Okeke,why do guys want to tarnish the image of this artist, what ever you sow you,you will reap it one day.is not only pampers but always.useless people

  2. ebube and chuks….u people are very stupid for saying rubbish….Gozie is a homosexual…he will soon go to jail with chinedu nwadike…fools…idoits

  3. Why you guys never say truth on this 24/7
    Gozie is a brother to me,her wife is so close to us,check out the pictures of the baby,if you see the baby not someone will show you his father.why you guys so stupid I really hate nonsense.nweke nweke or what every you may call your better say what you know stupid people

  4. This is pure act of blasphemy. Why is some so wicked that all they care about is to defame other ppl’s image? So callous of this fake reporter.

  5. If truly your a very close pal to Gozie okeke, and u said dat d information written up there is a lie frm put of hell, now tell us the reasons why his wife which is my sister when I say my sister their house is behind mine in Nanka,left Gozie????…@Ebube Jesus!!!

  6. Pls sis njideka is my sis and all the alligations labelled against the husband is a big lie,pls don’t publish anthing u r not sure of it is very bad,prince Gozie is not homosexual,and he doesn’t use pampers pls don’t spoil that man of God’s image.Thanks God bless.

  7. I think it will better to hear from those who do go to their so called programs and shows, if they themselves do give the same report of sexual harassment why will we want to hide him them, the danger is not just for him but for the sake of the gospel he is proclaiming. I still believe that we can pray for him so that God can change him after all he is a good singer, I cant imagine such a waste in homosexualism.

  8. Nweke Nweke again. Why is it that it is only this nweke nweke that comment about Gozie. Why is others not writing. I suspect publicity and promotion. Maybe Gozie has composed another new album. The ASILI 98 of Morocco Maduka gave him a lot of money. Akam di ocha of Paul nwokocha made him popular and fetch him a lot of money. Nweke Nweke story about Gozie, I suspect new album Nweke nweke part 3.

  9. i Dnt Knw wHt to Believe But Mr. nweke remember if u re pointing one finger @ someone, the order four fingers are pointing @ U, Be wise in chosen ur words carefully, if not is u dat wil burn in hell, i dont gv a Dem to a word of an idiot B/c u re one, u better find a hand work before is too lat 4 u, ( AN IDOL MAN IS DEVILS WORKSHOP) pls stop this ur act of blasphemy, is not gud, punishment is waiting 4 u Mr Nweke.

  10. Nweke nweke u are a fool by thinking to destroy ur fellow man,s gift God reward u soon,u and ur members will die soon .Cal me 08108820084.row from rivers state


  12. Nweke Nweke am not suprised at this yuor write up because yuo are a fetish jobless Abakiliki fool that moves about with MASSOB people causing problem in Onitsha.Police are looking for yuor leader and you are here writing unfounded rumours about Gozie.nweke go and find a life leave Gozie alone.

  13. Nweke Nweke are you a journalist or a saddist how can you center your news on only one man, what has Gozie done to you that you are bent on tarnishing his image,writting baseless lies about him. I know you very well you are the secetary of the jobless ZOINIST MASSOB people that are causing problem at Upper Iweka.When did you come out of hiding from the police.Gozie dont mind him, you have a great destiny thats why all this is happening.The only mistake you made in life is getting married to a woman that is not wise, a woman that doesnt know that a wise woman builds her home.Instead of facing the challengies of marriage with prayer and wisdom she ran away to live a free life sacrificing the future of her children.


  15. nweke nweke is a very useless man,God will expose him very soon.when you see gozie’s children you will know that nweke nweke and his third eyes magazine is fake.this is how he copied gozie’s profile picture from facebook and lies that gozie was arrested

  16. i want to confidently tell nweke nweke he is a very fulish man. U waek up one morning just to distroy sombodys name, it shall not be well with u and ur generation nweke, u will die a shamefull death. And for u Njideka, be very kia full dont be deseived.

  17. Nweke Nweke you must be mad for writing all this nonsense,infact you need psychiatric treatment cause a sane person will not write this nonsense.I wonder why Gozie has not done anything to you cause if it is me by now you would have beign dead and forgoten.

  18. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.PRINCE GOZIE OKEKE i can see your crown bigger and shining than that of your enemies including Nweke Nweke thats why they want to pull you down by all means but dont mind them because they will not succed.

  19. This story is from the pit of hell, Gozie might/ mightn’t be homosexual but I can’t trust him with Uwadike… Most Igbo boys and men are homosexuals.

    Who says Homosexuals don’t father children? Funny enough those effeminate ones you see are patronized by the most manly… Homosexuals in Nigeria now are going into body building to deceive prying eyes…

    Gozie may not be straight and he isn’t gay either… He is probably bi-sexual

    The writer of this nonsense story won’t even make it to judgement let alone heaven or hell!


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