Gov. Gabriel Suswam Wants FG To Investigate Chemicals Used During Attack On Tiv Farmers



Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue on Thursday urged the Federal Government to investigate the composition of the chemicals used on Tiv farmers by the herdsmen in the ongoing crisis.


Governor Gabriel Suswam said this when he received the Senate Joint Committee on National Security, Intelligence, Defence, Police and Interior.


The joint committee was in the state on a fact finding mission on the Tiv/Fulani crisis in Makurdi.


“We need to assure Nigerians and the International Communities that the chemicals are not weapons of mass destruction and also to know exactly the kind of danger we are likely to face if they are chemical weapons.


“They have used these chemicals in two different areas in the state so far killing innocent citizens in the process.


“As at now we don’t have the facilities to test the chemicals. We are likely to rely on the army or the UN to test its composition.


“I wish and hope that the Senate will also assist us to know exactly the chemical composition of the chemicals to ensure the safety of our citizens.


“However, if these are chemical weapons then, Nigeria is in a big problem as chemicals and weapons of such magnitude are not supposed to be in the hands of the wrong people.’’


He showed the committee the canisters of the chemicals used on his people by the Fulani mercenaries.


Suswam further said that the herdsmen attacking his people were camping in Nasarawa State.


“We share borders with Nasawara State. It is understood that the people attacking and killing my people are camped in Nasarawa State.


“It is a mutual suspicion. Our concern now is that when they are through with my people they will attack their host state.


“Nobody is safe in this country anymore unless we act properly and quickly too.”



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