APC Postpones State Congresses To Allow Governors Attend Meeting


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The All Progressives Congress (APC) has postponed its State Congresses

scheduled for Wednesday, April 23rd, to allow State Governors under

the aegis of the party to attend the rescheduled expanded National

Security Council meeting, fixed for that day to discuss the security

situation in the country.


In a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday by its Interim National

Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the

postponement (to Saturday, April 26th) is a confirmation of the

party’s stated stand to be part of all genuine efforts to end the

insurgency in the country, and its strong belief that bipartisanship

must replace the crass partisanship of the presidency and the ruling

party if the security crisis is to be overcome.


APC reiterated its earlier warning to the presidency and the PDP not

to politicize Nigeria’s security and to desist from seeking to profit

from the current state of widespread insecurity in the country.


”Cunningly edging out the APC Governors from Thursday’s meeting of

the expanded National Security Council is a bad strategy because,

despite belonging to the opposition, our Governors are not any less of

stakeholders on the issue of our nation’s security than Governors of

the PDP or its satellite parties.


”As a matter of fact, three of the states worst hit by the ongoing

insurgency are being presided over by APC Governors, hence they are

indispensable to any serious effort aimed at ending the security

conundrum,” the party said.


It wondered what the Governors of the PDP, Labour Party and APGA could

have discussed with the President at Thursday’s surreptitious meeting

that they did not want APC Governors to know about.


”Every trick in the book was employed to give APC Governors the

impression that the meeting had been called off, only for those who

believe they are the ‘real stakeholders’ to go ahead with the meeting,

and then attempt to deceive Nigerians into believing that APC

Governors shunned the meeting. Unfortunately for the deceivers, truth

– as always – has prevailed and they have fallen on their own

swords,” APC said.


Alhaji Lai Mohammed

Interim National Publicity Secretary



  1. APC inoroder to put the record straight, please forward all related evidences that proves your absence from NSC meeting was as result of information from the presidency or its agent.
    Failing do so, allow us nigerian to believe that APC wete actually behimd Boko haram.


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