Shooting At SSS Headquarters: One SSS Officer Dead, 10 Boko Haram Members Dead


Information reaching from sources within the State Security Services [SSS] reveal that the shootings which occurred at the SSS headquarters at the early morning hours of Sunday March 30, 2014 was the result of internal agitation between detained members of the dreaded Jihadist group, the Boko Haram who had been condemned to death by the SSS – and the members of the SSS.


As gathered, one member of the SSS was overpowered by a group of Boko Haram members as he approached the detainees. his weapon was seized by the men of Boko Haram – and in the process – they [Boko Haram men] shot and killed the SSS member to death instantly. The Boko Haram men also managed to hold two more members of the SSS hostage – as they attempted to use the two SSS members as shield to escape from detention.

In their attempt to escape the SSS headquarters – using the two SSS hostages as leverage – a gun fight ensued. At the end of the gun duel, the ten Boko Haram members were killed. The SSS rescued the two SSS officers who were held hostage safely. is not certain of the rank of the Boko  Haram members held at the SSS headquarters. It is also not certain whether the Boko Haram members were captured at the unfolding battles in Borno State.

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