Re: Security Beefed Up At The Government House And The Whole State In General




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Following the widely reported threat in the media by the leadership of one group that branded itself, Zionist Biafra to storm Owerri the Imo state capital and hoist the Biafran flag in the Government House, the state government has taken the appropriate steps to beef up security at the Government House.


Steps have also been taken to ensure adequate security in all the nook and cranny of the state.


The leadership of the Zionist Biafra which admitted being responsible for the attack at the Government House of Enugu state had also said in the media, that their next target is Owerri, the Imo state capital.


The state government has taken exception to that threat, and has also moved to nip that threat in the bud.  All the security agencies in the state have been alerted of this threat, and they will work in tandem with other agencies of the state government to ensure that the long existing peace in the state, is not brought under any threat or Jeopardised by any group, no matter which name, such group goes with.


Imo state is known as the most peaceful state in the federation, if not in Africa, and the visionary and people oriented government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha has continued to ensure that the state remains peaceful, and any attempt by any group to harm the peace of the state will be resisted.


The leadership of the Zionist Biafra must have been aware that Imo state has the long history of being a peaceful state and the people of the state would not compromise that feat, and would frown at any attempt to take that status away from the state.


The leadership of the group is expected to take cognizance of that fact about the state and also know the danger any attempt to disrupt such durable peace would entail.  And the group should therefore know that it would be suicidal to try the Enugu incident in Imo state.


Visitors to the Government House, Owerri and the state in general should also cooperate with security personnel and others working to ensure that Imo state remains the most peaceful state in the country.




The state government assures indigenes of the state and non indigenes resident in the state to continue going about their lawful businesses without fear of any kind, since all the necessary steps have been taken to ensure the security of lives and property in the state.


Imo state shall continue to be in the hands of God.



Sam Onwuemeodo

Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media



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