Orji Kalu And His Attack – By Sampson Okoro



The former governor of Abia State Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu will not stop using Sun newspaper and his aids to attack the office and person of the Executive Governor of the state, His Excellency, Chief T. A Orji, Ochendo Global. This is even when it is confirmed that the sun Newspaper was established with Abia State funds and the printing machines meant for the Abia Newspapers publishing company, publishers of Ambassador Newspapers.

In his latest attack, Kalu used a certain Ebere Wabara, Who has no home, to attack the Governor and his son who is happily married and living in Umuahia. First, Wabara, according to our sources, hails from Ukwa East local government area of Abia state. His tiny village, Umuogo, our sources reveal, was burnt down some years ago when they brutally murdered five police men in cold blood.
Before the incident, Wabara, the powerful media advisor to Kalu, had not visited his village for over 15years.

Wabara is married to a woman from isialangwa south local government area where he built a house for himself and his immediate family. So, why can’t Ebere Wabara build a house at Umuogo? Why has he not gone to his native village for over 15 years? The answer is simple. Ebere Wabara committed an abomination and his father disowned him, banned him from entering his compound and cursed him for life. Details in another piece. He is under the influence of that curse. And he can only work with those that are under curse. Like Orji Uzor Kalu who was cursed by his ‘ real father’ Johnson Nsiegbe. Ebere Wabara’s father cursed him that he will be wandering till death. Ebere was practicing journalist, resigned from journalism and went into banking. Today, he is back into journalism and media advisor to Kalu.When Ebere’s cousin, Chief Adolf Wabara was in the senate, Kalu used him to write all manners of stories against the Senator. How can Ebere Wabara, who has not been to his village for over 15 years know what is happening in Abia State? When did he visit Abia State last?
Ebere said that ‘ anyone interested in development should take a trip to Abia state and see the level of dilapidation, especially in the major cities’.There are two major cities in Abia state.They are Umuahia and Aba. Governor Orji has tarred numerous roads in umuahia, built the new secretariat complex, built international conference centre, built a permanent government house, built the Dialysis centre, the mecure, the Amachara specialist hospital, high court complexes, the skill acquisition centres, thee library, two new markets…Industrial markets police and army lodges and the street lights are functioning. And more. Ebere should go to umuahia and verify these things. In his next sucide mission, he should tell Abians why kalu did not build any single structure in umuahia for good eight solid years which many now describe as eight years of locusts.
In Abia, Governor Orji has embarked on massive road construction. The roads include Ukwu mango road, Ikot Ekpene road, Aba- Owerri road, Faulks road, Ngwa road, Azikiwe road, and other roads. Work is going on on other roads. How about the new High court complex built by Ochendo in Aba?
The major problem in Aba is the blockage of the drainages. These drainages are being opened up.
A few years ago, kidnapping and armed robbery were the order of the day in Aba.
Today, kidnapping and armed robbery are things of the past in Aba. Is Ebere Wabara reading?
Let it be included here that the kidnapping in Abia state was sponsored by kalu and his mother, Eunice uzor kalu. Eunice had the effrontery to order Governor Orji to giver her security contract so she could call the kidnappers to order. But the Governor refused, arguing that a woman in her class has no knowledge of how to handle security matters. Kalu’s mother went wild.
She latter changed her mind and asked her second son, Nnanna, to get the security contract from the Governor. The governor gave Nnanna who was in the House of Representatives for years without moving a motion, the sum of N500 million as mobilization for security contract. Nnanna took the money to kalu and Eunice and three of them shared it and kidnapping continued. Until T .A Orji decided to take the bull by the horn and kidnapping disappeared? Is Ebere Wabara listening?
In Aba also, Governor Orji started the street projects. But Mother Excellency kicked against it. Her reason was that the governor should not try to overshine his son by such projects. Kalu, Eunice, Ebere is it not so? Ebere Wabara, to satisfy his paymaster, did not spare the son of the Governor, Engineer Chinedum Orji, Ikuku. He described him as power drunk, that he is assisted by jobless elders to run the state and that his word is law. Something must have gone wrong with Ebere Wabara, perhaps he is suffering from the curse placed on him by his late father. In Abia State, Ikuku does not attend government functions. In Abia state, Ikuku is not seen in any office in government house. In Abia state, those who have his phone number say he hardly puts his phone on. So how does he run the government when nobody sees him both at government functions and government house?
It is on record that most, if not all the governor’s appointees have never come in contact with Ikuku. What Abians, genuine Abians, Abians who are not under any curse know is Ikuku pleaded with the father to include the youth in his administration. And the father did just that, hence the Abia state youth empowerment programme, which has seen many Abia youths become car owners. Many of them have been trained in various skills. Where were Nnanna and Mascot when kalu was Governor? They were there in government house, daily, making the state and political appointees.

Our dear Ebere Wabara should be reminded, if the curse placed on him by his father has not affected his medullar oblongata, that Mrs. Eunice Uzor Kalu cleared every political appointee under his paymaster, kalu. He must also pay a specific amount of money. Most, if not all these appointees were workers in the kalu’s private offices. After the appointee was cleared, he was taken to Okija shrine to take oath of allegiance. All elected chairmen and councilors under kalu were also taken to Okija shrine for oath taking. They would gather at Enitona hotel, Aba, from where a notorious Godwin Duru would taken them through Mbaise villages, Owerri streets, Orlu town, before moving in to Okija. Whereas kalu’s mother was busy milking the state, Ochendo’s wife, Mrs. Marcy Odochi Orji and Ikuku are busy empowering Abians. Mrs. Odochi Orji has empowered over 50,000 widows and indigent persons in Abia state. How many did Eunice empower? Killing freely was the order of the day in Abia state under Orji Uzor Kalu. Ebere should ask Kalu to tell him who killed Chukwudozie Nwachukwu, 29, and Okechukwu Maduekwe, 27 two young and promising Ubakala boys at the safari Restaurant and Business centre, 99 Azikiwe Road, Umuahia. By way of expo, the two young men were killed when Kalu wanted to kill the owner of the school certificate he is parading, because the young man threatened to expose him. But he ended up killing two innocent persons. Ebere Wabara must have been to Igbere before. He should ask Kalu who killed Eze Ukaegbu of Igbere. Ebere Wabara hasn’t told the public how many people that governor Orji has killed. There are others that the kalus killed that we will mention their names in our next edition. Is Ebere Wabara not aware that kalu’s first wife, Ifeoma, became mental while addressing women at the saint Michael cathedral, Aba? And that it is common knowledge that Eunice Kalu inflicted the madness on her. Are these not parts of kalu’s fame and credibility?

Ebere Wabara forgot to mention one single structure built by kalu for eight years. Just mention one. Tell Nigerians just one thing, not two, that kalu achieved for eight years. Because Kalu’s credibility and fame cannot reach high heavens without one single structure attended to his eight years reign in Abia state. We remember he achieved a Toronto degree certificate from the Abia state University, Uturu. Ebere should ask kalu how he earned this Toronto degree certificate and what happened to the fake document today. Ebere is old enough to know the story of a certain Igbo man who packed papers in a carton and donated to the university of Maiduguri in the name of cash. That Igbo man is Orji Uzor Kalu. Is Ebere taking note? Is Ebere still talking about credibility and fame for Kalu?
Yes, the president of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Gary Nnachi Enwo- Igariwey went to kalu and told him to drop his ‘ presidential’ ambition for 2015. That is what we read in the papers. Two things: it is either kalu organized the visit or Gary went to mock him and warn him not to allow himself to be used by the north to create crisis in the southeast. The visit also clearly shows that it is only Kalu that northerners can buy over with money or threats that if he doesn’t play the spoiler role for them, they will expose his dirty deals with him.
I am sure that Ebere was of age when Kalu contested the 2007 presidential election and came last. I am sure that Ebere was of age when kalu contested the 2011 senatorial election of Abia North and lost woefully to senator Uche Chukwumerije. Kalu did not even win in his booth at Igbere.
So, can Ebere Wabara, except he is under the influence of the curse placed on him by his father, Tell Abians, Ndigbo and Nigerians that kalu is any threat to presidential Jonathan in 2015?
I don’t know how many genuine awards that kalu won when he was G

overnor for eight years. But I know that Governor T.A Orji has won over 50 genuine awards both in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, U. A. E, the United States of America and the united kingdom. Ebere, do we count?
Also, I don’t know how many genuine awards that Nnanna, Mascot and Eunice won for eight years. But I know that IKUKU OMA Abia has won several genuine awards including the award of the pillar and hope of Nigeria youths by Imo state police community relations committee, PCRC, and the award of Media personality of the year 2013 by the independent Newspaper publishers Association, INPA, Imo state. I mention these two because they are awards from outside Abia state. They are from Imo state. Ebere Wabara, any comment?

If Kalu is ahead of Governor Orji, it can only be on the negative side. Governor Orji has a peaceful home but Kalu has a scattered home. Governor Orji and Ikuku are graduates with verifiable degree certificates; Kalu is a school drop out who used his position as governor to force the Abia state university, uturu, to award him a Toronto degree certificate. Kalu’s mother, wife, daughter and brothers have broken marriages; Governor Orji, wife, ikuku and his sister have peaceful marriages. The Kalu’s have blood in their hands and on their heads, Governor Orji and his family have no such record. Ebere Wabara should be man enough to mention the ‘little’ achievements that Kalu and Orji recorded between 1999 and 2007. Yes little achievements. But mention just one. Or doesn’t Ebere Wabara know the means of these ‘little’ achievements recorded by kalu? How can Ebere Wabara say that kalu ferreted Orji to Abia state liaison office in Lagos and swore him in as a governor just before Nuhu Ribaadu of the Economics and financial crimes commission, EFCC? Okay, can Ebere tell Nigerians and the world the offence T.A Orji committed for which the EFCC arrested and detained him?

In case Ebere Wabara does not know, T A Orji was arrested and detained because of financial crimes committed by kalu. They wanted T. A Orji to make statements implicating kalu, but Orji refused. That was what happened. Is Ebere with me? Ebere has flair for insulting elders. He insulted his father; he insulted his elder brother who is a monarch. He insulted his cousin who was former number three citizen of Nigeria. Now he is insulting bull in government house. Has Ebere forgotten Eunice Uzor Kalu who’s was the beginning of wisdom in Abia state? Has Ebere forgotten how Mother Excellency was worshipped by every Abian who wanted any favour from the government house? Is Ebere Wabara aware that men and women had to talk to Mother Excellency kneeling down? Is Ebere Wabara Aware that men and women became slaves under Orji Uzor Kalu? Because Ebere Wabara is under curse, he can say that the likes of Dr. Anagha Ezikpe, General Ike Nwachukwu, Chief Ojo Maduekwe, Prince Vincent Ogbulafor, Chief Onyema Ugochukwu, and other statesmen are jobless. But I make bold to ask Ebere: Where were these statesmen during the eight years of Orji Uzor Kalu and where are they today? If Ebere Wabara cannot answer this simple question, we will answer it for him next time.



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