Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha: So Many Tales Of An Inconsistent Whistle-Blower – By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu



At a time in the Samuelson-Speaker’s saga, its more to me like am at a cross road of decision of whom to write to defend or be against as this issues under review are currently more like its been against my principles of engagement as profusely championed by my mentor and Idol, prof. Chinua Achebe in whom I elicits my writing inspirations and spirits of activisms from. In one of his famous lessons on the roles of a writer which guilds me through this acts of writing, he said that;


“Clearly there is no moral obligation to write in any particular way. But there is a moral obligation, I think, not to ally oneself with power against the powerless. An artist, in my definition of the word, would not be someone who takes sides with the EMPEROR against his POWERLESS subjects”


So, you can understand my issues with indecision as to whom to “ally” with or be “against” to in this case of Samuelson-Speaker’s saga. But it was that unfortunate for me that my Idol, prof Chinua Achebe is no more to tell me what would happen in an event when the “Powerless” is energetically maligning, blackmailing and doing everything possible to run the “Emperor” down unjustly? Certainly this would be a matter for another day entirely, because I would therefore take my stand on the case of Samuelson-Speaker’s saga based on moral grounds, principles of social justice which my mentor Achebe had thought me and the overriding theorem of truism will therefore influence my uncompromising sense of bluntness on the matter to bear in this article.


After my recent article about Samuelson in which I defined his character as an ingrate who not only bite the finger that fed him fat but wanted to kill the political career of the man that brought him out from the wilderness of nauseating oblivion through inconsistent, unsubstantiated, frivolous and baseless kindergarten blackmails. So many debates had risen from that very publication of mine and I had received countless number of phone calls and text messages from different people; commending me and condemning me, Samuelson also commended me on it about the advises I offered to him in the article. Prominent amongst them was when Samuelson told me on phone that his former boss_Speaker Uwajumogu is” A very good man and he never imagined that this issues with him can go this global” Samuelsson told me how wonderful hon. Uwajumogu has been to him and finds the rancour currently going on between them as “unfortunate one”, during the course of our conversations on phone, he said that the problem that he has with the speaker is because of his other aides which he identified as his chief of staff (Mr. Kodichi

Anamekwe) and the new SSA on media (Mr. Emeka Ahaneku) who is currently occupying the position him, Samuelson used to occupy prior to his sacks/resignations. My conversations with Samuelson Iwuoha in which he was so full of remorseful and sobering tones for his actions and solicits if he could only get yet another chance to rewrite his wrongs  further confirms the insinautions from strong and trusted sources that Samuelson has been begging and pleading the speaker to reinstate him back and pay him all his entitlements accrued to him, that the speaker should sack those aides of his which Samuelson are having problems with as measures to take for him to withdraw all his fraud allegations against the speaker and that brings us to the broader perspective of this write up.

Would a genuine whistle-blower be giving this types of conditions as to which to make Hon.Uwajumogu a saint again?, or plausibly, it would exonerate the speaker from the Samuelson’s numerous unfounded allegations? Your guess might be as good as mine.


According to my philosopher friend, Mr Afam Nnaji, he said that:


“Opinions and facts are a world apart. They are not the same thing! Opinions are usually subjective in nature and they are based on the preferences, likes, experience, background, exposure, level of brainwashing etc of the people airing such opinions. Facts don’t give a damn about things like preferences, likes, experience, background, exposure, level of brainwashing etc of the people involved.

So, you may be entitled to your own opinions but you are certainly not entitled to your own facts”


As Samuelson is entitled to his own opinion of inconsistent stands on allegations of inconsequential frauds, he is not therefore entitled to the facts which is that after keen studies of events, the facts which he is not entitled to alter or defend is that what Samnuelson has been churning out to the public as a purported activist are mind burgling, bogus, spurious, deprived munimental documents and muon accusations. call it anything related to inconsistency on the altar of reckless absconds and you will not be far away from the truth. And on that grounds, it is my most considered frank and honest views to opine that what Samuelson has been dishing out to the public are his selfish opinions of bargains and it all falls short of factual standings for comparative and imperative analysis for use of reckoning by either the anti graft agencies or concerned citizens of our clan, like Lamido Sanusi the unfortunate whistle-blower whose figures are more inconsistent than the power situation in the country like Samuelson.  Mr. Samuelson Iwuoha is far from the coveted or overtly profile of a whistle-blower. Samuelson was just tactical but unscrupulously seeking in his last days in office to strike a bargain in order to reach a compromise which the speaker, I think, refused to dance to, hence his political pranks and antics is now portraying him before the sober social critics, discerning generality of Imolites and the larger world as a tendentious moonnight tale-bearer playing to the gallery of political opponents of the Speaker Uwajumogu who accorded him trust and confidence abnitio. Its that unfortunate?


One of my online blog publishers upon reception of my first article about Samuelson, perhaps, after going through the work posed a question to me;


“My brother Ambrose you have said in piece. Is the speaker guilty or not for the slew of allegation put fourth”?


As this question came from one of my publishers, it would also be how I know so many other people would be asking? Like I answered him:


“Well, am not a security operative and that is left for them to ascertain if the speaker is guilty or not, I was only concerned about the ungratefulness of Samuelson”


This will also be the answer to any one that, that question is reverberating in his or her lips! But there is one distinctive thing I would want us to understand in this whole saga and that is; in this case of Samuelson-Speaker saga, we the social commentators and social critics and activists alike has a job to do; which I think is to defend this avowal vocation of ours from ridicule. When dishonest and inconsistent men with-facts like Samuelson are portraying us in bad light in the wider society, I think any one who is true to him or herself as a social crusader must take it upon him/herself to defend and put the records straight for all and sundry to cognisance. Irrespective of my political ideology and my fierce critical stand on the present government in the state, I must not fail to make my unadulterated and uncompromising stands known to the public as silence in my definition of the words means connivance, acceptance and agreement. Since I was neither in connivance, acceptance nor in agreement with how Samuelson is dancing the surugede dance in the market square naked, I must not fail to call him to order in the spirits of comradeship, hence, I must not make my unbiased positions averse to exertions. So in this whole saga, if no one does, I see it as a duty to protect the integrity of social critics by refuting the uncharitable attitudes of Citizen Samuelson Iwuoha towards mr. Speaker and his office.


It is therefore my point to note that, without fear of contradiction, the fundamental flaws in the devised plan of Samuelson to make resourcefulness the crusade which anyway, I think its inconsequential. Was Firstly, the purported sharp practices and alleged fraudulent practices in the office of the Speaker and in attempt to blackmail the speaker is that of adopting a holier-than-thou attitude even when we have been told that he has some questions to answer when it comes to some sharp practices too, secondly, in his working relationship with fellow aides of office of the speaker in general and his perceived enemies like the chief of staff and SSA on media in particular, and finally, that instead of the partnership and synergy required among public officers for good governance and smooth running of the their offices, Samuelson iwuoha chosed rather an unpopular methods of the ethics of his office .


But Interestingly, you know is in Imo state where we have suffered immensely from bad governance from both the present and the previous regimes, Imolites are therefore so fed up with the issues of corruption, it was that easy for Samuelson to deceive them and hide under the dubious gab of activism to accomplish his diabolical objectives, thus seeming like a saint to the public when he is indeed very unclean and grimy. But what do you expect from dishonest activists whose traceable means of livelihood are blackmailing, championing campaigns of calumny and maligning of established august characters; who catapulted to the Centre of leaderships because of their pranks, deceptive craftiness and cunning roots? You must be weary of such characters as activists.


This matter has been on for a longer period of time and actions is thereby required to be taken. It is either Mr Samuleson withdraws his unfounded allegations against the speaker and publicly apologise to the public for misleading them or the Speaker sues him to court for defamation of character and libel to his person. Maybe, the painstaking patience and calculating calmness of Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu have been on for so long to warrant this charade of contempt, intrigue and sabotage that Citizen Ikenna Samuelson had brazenly used the office of honourable speaker to unleash against the credibility and stability of the speaker house of assembly of Imo State. I therefore calls for urgent actions necessary before it too late because according my mentor and Idol Prof. Chinua Achebe “He who will hold another down in the mud must stay in the mud to keep him down.”




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