Still On Emeka Offor’s War Against His Townsmen – By Mike Ofiaeli



The difference is clear: while President Goodluck Jonathan, Tony Elumelu who is CEO of Heirs Holdings, Phillips Oduoza, GMD/CEO UBA PLC, and Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, were in Davos Switzerland in the later part of January, 2014, at the World Economic Forum, our local tin god in Oraifite, Emeka Offor, a creation of Nigerian malfunctioned system where corruption is celebrated, was busy terrorizing his kinsmen and women, young and old, and their neighbours. Emeka Offor, whose real name is Wilson Orakwue Offor, adopted the name of his younger brother in the late 1980s in a desperate effort to escape from the long arms of the law after a series of heinous crimes.

Our tin god, who behaves more callously than Pharaoh of Egypt as recorded in the Bible, bratalised a number of people. He intimated and arrested a man of God from neighbouring Ozubulu town named Agu Udor, who revealed that Alusi Sunday killed his sister Joy Igboanuzue. He also caused the arrest of Ifeanyi Igboanuzue, Tochukwu Igboanuzue and Chinedu Igboanuzue.

Top genuine Nigerian businessmen were with President Jonathan in Switzerland discussing the future of the Nigerian and African Economy. But our most deceitful “illustrious son” spent most part of this January 2014 celebrating his 40years of stealing from public institutions, which reminds us vividly how he stole beans from the kitchen of Merchant of Lights Secondary School at Oba I Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State in 1974, which led to his rustication from the school the same year. In 1977 he stole during his West African School Certificate examination at Abott Boys Secondary School Ihiala, also in Anambra State. Consequently, his result was withheld. He did not go beyond this level academically. That was why was why Ikedi Ohakim, the immediate past Imo State governor, referred to him as an illiterate. In return, Orakwue vowed to do everything within his means, legal or illegal, to deal with Ohakim. No wonder, during the 2011 Imo State governorship election, Orakwue threw his weight behind Rochas Okorocha, the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) candidate. Yet, typical of Orakwue, he shortly invited Uwajimogu, the state House of Assembly speaker, to a meeting where he offered the speaker millions of naira to start an impeachment process against Okorocha. He refused.

Orakwue Offor, the only Anglican knight with three wives, a former advance free fraudster who acquired the art of 419 business at the feet of the notorious Joneb chief executive, John Nebolisa of Awkuzu in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, has just been hit a brain waive. He wants to be seen as a peacemaker, a reconciliatory of warring families! Needless to warn, Oraifite people must be careful with this character whose best gift must be a Greek gift. Remember Chief Egbo Madueke (Goman) in April 2012, in Port Harcourt? Shortly after his death, a serious family dispute arose as regards how he should be buried. The Maduekes innocently invited Wilson Orakwue Offor, alias Sir Emeka Offor. He, in turn, invited Goman’s two wives named Josephine and Anuli for discussions. But he ended up creating more serious problems! To cut a long story short, Chief Madueke’s body is still in the morgue, about two years after the man died! That is Offor for you! Our people must, therefore, be careful with our brother, and even with his gift.

Not yet done, offor summoned up enough courage to invite the family of the late Archdeacon Emengo for the resolution of their family dispute. But when the Emengos asked him to come over to their family for discussions, he told them that he has not the time for them. Can you beat that? Ndi Oraifite, how long will it take Orakwue to visit Archdeacon Emelugo’s residence from his house which is a walking distance? To the Emengo family members, I beg you in the name of God not to bring Emeka Offor into your family problem. Consider your background. You do not need such a character to settle your family problem. Remember Alusi Sunday used him to destroy the Igboanuzue family. Chinedu Igboanuzue and Ifeanyi Igboanuzue are now in the Onitsha prison, thanks to Wilson Orakwue. He has no respect for Oraifite tradition, as he sent his “Umunwadiana” to prison. The mother of Chinedu and Ifeanyi is from the Azubuogu family Nkalafia Irefi, Oraifite, the same lineage as Orakwue.

Our most dubious son, Wilson Orakwue Offor alias Emeka Offor, has stolen so much from the Nigerian government since 1995. The money he has stolen from the Federal Government treasury can build the long expected and critically needed 2nd Niger Bridge. It can fix the Enugu-Port Harcourt Express Road. It can fix the Enugu-Onitsha Highway. Remember the 16 billion dollar power fraud probe in which he was mentioned conspicuously, yet he has nothing on the ground to show for these stolen fortunes, apart from three wives and over 30 policemen as security escorts.This dubious brother of ours, who crisscrosses all the segments of the Nigerian economy, bought 450MHZ spectrum from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for 6 Million dollars. This license he purchased for 6 million dollars should have fetched Nigeria 50 million dollars, if properly sold. When the Executive Commissioner Gwandu quarried the sale because it is a fraudulent transaction, he was removed from office.

As you reading this article, young innocent indigenes of Oraifite in desperate search for jobs are being swindled of their meager resources. Each is charged N500 for the submission of an application in the hope of being hired at the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company which he fraudulently acquired last November. The scam of swindling unemployed young men and women has been going on for seven months now. These young fellows are not told the nature of the jobs they have been promised, their resumption date, their salaries, designations or anything of value. Nor are Orakwu Offor’s business partners in Interstate Electrics aware of the huge promise Orakwue has been making to thousands of desperate Oraifite young men and women. This scam will soon burst in the open, and the entire Interstate consortium will carry the can.

Meanwhile, we call on Dr JAP Okolo, the President General of the Oraifite Improvement Union who was a member of the Ebonyi State House of Assembly and special adviser on agriculture to Dr Sam Egwu when he was the state governor, to quickly intervene in the job racketeering. Let all and sundry join hands to prevent the gathering storm of the rage of young men and women in Oraifite.

Mike Ofiaeli holds the prestigious traditional title of Udene Jele Akwukwo of Oraifite, Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State.




  1. Well am happy that one of our son could see through the thick layers of darkness that has enveloped oraifite to openly talk about this,could majority of them has been blinded by his openly pretension good deeds,but I won’t be fooled by this,Last year,nearly 50 of our youths was arrested by members of the special anti robbery squad who are his pet soldiers on the ground of smoking marijuana,lands were sold for innocent children to be bailed and many were killed which he personally signed, Oraifite has been turned to a land ruled by lawlessness where suspects are not charged to court but killed like dogs and thrown into a shallow graves,emeka offor is evil and one day,weda evil or good shall also rise up in a bloody rebellion and all thoses who supported and partKed in his wickedness shall pay their own part of the price.


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