Oshiomhole registers for APC, lauds party



Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State, yesterday formally registered as a member of the All Progressive Congress saying the party is leading by example by taking democracy to the grassroots.

Oshiomhole who was a member of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) before the merger of parties which gave birth to the APC, registered at Iyamho Primary School Etsako West Local Government Area and was given a membership card with number 10018645.

The Governor who urged people in the state to trrop out and join the party said the registration process is free, fair and transparent. According to him, “the issue of membership of the party is open; it is transparent; the location is exactly as you would find in INEC rules. Every polling unit is the unit for registration. That means whether you are a governor, a party chairman, or a leader, you have to go to your polling unit to register as a member of APC.

“The process has been decentralised and very transparent. So it is not a matter of favour as you can see, even as governor of this state, I had to leave Benin City to come to my village where I am a registered voter to come and register.

“I think this is extremely important If you look at the turnout of voters across the state and the country, you see the excitement on the faces of the people, which shows that APC has laid a solid democratic foundation on which we can build”, he said

On the issue of presenting the INEC voter’s card for registration, the Governor said “it is to ensure that people register where they are expected to vote. The tendency is for people of little minds to try to acquire many cards in order to use them on Election Day.

The Governor declared “you know that when it comes to ward congresses, people who are not even members of the party are given emergency party membership to use them to distort the primary election.

“By insisting that you have your voter’s card you cannot move from one location to another. It is an attempt to copy INEC and decentralize the process and avoid double registration.

On the possibility of extending the registration exercise, Oshiomhole said “there is no need to talk about extension because there is no evidence of people who want to vote and are prevented. Given the enthusiasm of people who want to register, there might be some polling booths where people are much more than the number of cards available.

“The national secretariat of the APC has give assurance that whatever number of cards required would be provided. So in any event, this is just to kickstart the process that would be continuing everyday because more and more people are likely to join the party.”

Oshiomhole declared “The APC registration has shown that we are taking democracy to rural communities and encourage them to become politically conscious and with that level of consciousness they will hopefully one day use their numbers to compel people who wield political power not to forget the rural majority.

“Other parties should borrow a leaf from what the APC has done in this exercise. I am proud of it and from today, I am able to say not just that I am a member of APC but that I have evidence to back it”, he said.



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