Orji and the Senatorial Lilliputs – By Eddie Onuzuruike


> The THISDAY Newspaper of Tuesday, January 7th 2014 edition, page 14 came out with a mischievous article titled ‘Orji’s Wave of Endorsements.’ Reading in between the lines, it doesn’t need any telling where the salvo was fired from. We are used to such frantic clutching of straws by drowning deserters who feel so intimidated with the high profile performance and records of assumed opponents.
> Chuks Akamadu wrote from the sheep’s clothing but behind him are ravenous wolves, frightened by the person of Chief T.A. Orji.
> He makes it look like a sympathetic counsel but it is steeped in negative innuendos aimed at cajolery and damage to the reputation of our helmsman.
> Now, the truth is that Chief T.A. Orji has performed in Abia raising the level of social indices which are core aspects of governance and strictly in line with his manifesto of 2007 and 2011. As a matter of fact, he has gone beyond the manifesto.
> The Abia senatorial seat is open to all aspirants, so why bother with what awaits Ochendo- the phantom booby traps on his way to the Senate. If you don’t have anything to gain from his absence in the senatorial turf, why enumerate as if you’re his lawyer. Strangely enough, you admitted that the governor liberated the state from the vice grip of his predecessor but your veiled bitterness is not hidden as you have no pang of conscience in attacking a whole family on the page of a newspaper. Why not face the father alone who has the Senate component?
> Her Excellency, the exemplary and venerated wife of the governor has a defined role which has existed from colonial times ranging from Flora Azikiwe, Victoria Gowon, Mariam Babangida, Mariam Abacha to Patience Jonathan. Since 1960, all the presidential wives and governors wives play ceremonial roles from Chinyere Ukpabi Asika, Chief (Mrs) Adanma Okpara, Mrs. Ahuikpeghe Mbakwe and others. In recent times, Mrs. Stella Obasanjo until her death loomed larger than life and contemporary wives like Unoma Akpabio, Obioma Imoke, Chioma Ohakim all played same roles. Oluremi Tinubu who is now a serving senator graduated from same. Chief (Mrs.) Odochi Orji has engaged herself in such roles, especially raising compassion and charity to the needy and sick to an enviable level in strict imitation of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Or do you want Ochendo to strike his wife with madness and hide her in the closet like some did in the recent past?
> The writer wrote that much because he is ignorant of Nigerian history. The name Nigeria was given to us by Flora Shaws, a mere fiancé of lord Lugard- The colonial officer and 1914 personality, who carried out the historic amalgamation of the North and South protectorates including the colony of Lagos which is the reason for the centenary celebration that is looming in the air. Has Osinulo dared this much to change a name or add one? Your choice of words failed you when you called Engineer Chinedu Orji ubiquitous. Where and when did you see Ikuku? If the children of all Governors and presidents behave like Ikuku, Nigeria will be a better place. Have you not read of the excesses of sons of presidents, governors and upscale politicians who indulge in prodigality of criminal level at home and abroad?
> Not too long ago, there was the news of a governor’s son on the list of the EFCC. Chinedu Orji is a home boy who schooled in Nigeria and lives in Nigeria and unlike many; he keeps himself busy with his business and has affected many youths through his Ochendo Youth Foundation. In truth, Chinedu Orji has become a role model to youths and other sons of governors who have come consulting him on how to help youths in their domain. The youths of Abia have not been this happy with numerous empowerment components bequeathed through his foundation. I know you would have been happy with a floundering governor’s son who holds all night parties and yacht around with half naked women so that you have much to write.
> In your warped argument, you forgot that in the protocol list that the Senate is higher than the governorship and you see it as a demotion.  Come to think of it, T.A. Orji won the elections in 2007 and 2011 so resonating with a landslide, so why worry about the fate of somebody who won elections twice?
> Like it or not, the strident calls to the Senate are genuine or are you suggesting that the Umunne Ato, comprising Ossisioma, Isialangwa North and South are fakes in search of crumbs? Or the Ibeku people and the Bendes in Aba who came out en masse to honor their son urging him to go higher. Do you need to change a winning team?
> Not too long ago, the Ukwa, remembering their horrible experience in the hands of ferocious  kidnappers and the fact that they have been long ignored even with being the source of oil wealth, nobody but Ochendo thought it wise to create a commission to assuage their feelings and offer solutions to the environmental degradations, including the appointment of their son to supervise such a project. These towering and indisputable facts of performance and high acceptance rating is actually why you are smarting in the political heat.
> Your sponsors, the political Lilliputs who are green with envy and the foxy mastermind not too far away from the top seat a few years ago should re-strategize. You cannot stand the high vote magnetic field of Ochendo. No matter what you do, 2015 senatorial quest will be decided by the votes of Abia people in the central zone. Any knowledgeable politician should focus on that and not wallowing in back waters of calumny. What you are doing is trying to shout down one who has already climbed atop the Iroko tree. Lies, and damn lies.
> Onuzuruike wrote from Umuahia, Abia State


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