APC to Maku: The govt. you serve is anti-development, anarchist



The All Progressives Congress (APC) has asked Minister of Information  Labaran Maku to look inwards if he is earnestly searching for people who are anti-people and anti-development, and to ask his principal why he  is finding it difficult to allow peace to reign in Rivers State.
In a statement issued in Lagos on Thursday by its Interim National  Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party accused the Minister of engaging in an emotional outburst that is devoid of reason or logic  by describing as anti-national interest and anti-development the APC’s  directive to its members in the National Assembly to withdraw  cooperation with the Executive until peace returns to Rivers State.
It urged the Minister to realize that anytime he points one finger at others, four other fingers are pointing at him.
”It is interesting that an Information Minister who does not see anything  wrong in the illegal use of the police to deny the people of a state, in the nation he is purportedly serving, their constitutionally-guaranteed rights of free association, free movement and free speech, has suddenly found his voice to rant at perceived enemies of Nigeria, when the real  enemies are within the government he is serving.
”Where was Mr. Maku when a serving Senator was shot in Rivers simply for  attending a rally? What happened to Mr. Maku’s voice when an elected  Governor was being harassed by a Police Commissioner who is supposed to  take orders from him, going by the Constitution? Why did Mr. Maku not  raise an alarm when Rivers legislators were locked out of the State  House of Assembly chambers? If Mr. Maku wants to know those who are  seeking to truncate the nation’s democracy, he should inquire from the  Presidency, which has been the pillar of support behind the anarchists  in Rivers,” APC said.
The party insisted there is nothing anti-development about a party asking  its federal lawmakers to withdraw legislative cooperation from a lawless federal government that is promoting and sponsoring anarchy in a state  of the federation until it restores constitutionalism and the rule of  law to that state.
”In case Mr. Maku has forgotten, it is his party, the PDP, that has used  its majority in the House to frustrate the Petroleum Industry Bill that  has now forced international oil companies to start divesting from  Nigeria. Considering that oil remains the mainstay of our economy, who  then is trying to endanger the nation’s survival? Which party can best  be described as ant-development if not the PDP?” it queried.
APC said  Mr. Maku should tell Nigerians why the Presidency is finding it so  difficult to rein in the impudent and unprofessional Police Commissioner in Rivers State, Mr. Mbu Joseph Mbu?
”If the Presidency wants  the legislative cooperation of our members today, all he has to do is to call Mbu to order by telling him to face, squarely, his policing duty  and leave politics to politicians; and also ensure that no other part of the country is allowed to descend into a state of anarchy just because  the Presidency wants it to happen for reasons that are everything but in the national interest.
”Mr. Maku, the summary of our statement is that the Presidency should be held responsible for the face-off that has now  rankled you so much. Rest assured, however, that the face-off will not  last another 24 hours if the Presidency would stop playing the puppeteer in the Rivers crisis,” APC said.
Alhaji Lai Mohammed
Interim National Publicity Secretary


  1. My foremost question is what has Mallam Lai Mohammed and his cronnies in APC done to stop the war which they intentionally started and continued sponsoring in all the Northern States? All and sundry knew that these Cabal’s intention is to create similar havoc their militants, the Boko Haram, perpetrates in their neck of the wood through soggy, self centered politicians in the Rivers State.

    In fact, this man, Lai Mohammed should be advised to go back to school to learn what patriotism, democracy and rule of law are all about. At this moment, his over zelousness as the Interim National Secretary for his APC should have a limit to avoid getting into his head to the extent of creating a national crisis. Honestly, I cannot understand why Buhari who claimed when he overthrew Shagari’s democratically elected government on the grounds of instilling discipline in our citizenry can not call this indisciplined vociferous individual to order. I would rather see this guy in the motor park than holding a position meant for normal humanbeings.


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