PDP Chieftain Slams Buhari, Tinubu Over Opposition To National Confab


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A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia State, Barr. Friday Nwosu has taken a swipe on the former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari and ex- Lagos sate governor, Bola Tinubu over their opposition to the national conference.

Nwosu who was reacting to the comments of the two chieftains of the All Progressive Congress (APC) that the national conference was conceived in bad faith and meant to deceive Nigerians, described the opinion of the duo as unfounded and borne out of bitterness.

“If you analyze the flank from where the opposition to the national conference has been coming from, you will discover that it is from the same people and groups who have been clamouring for a national conference even before Jonathan came into office. What is wrong in saying; let us sit to talk over issues? Is it not the same Bola Tinubu who has been shouting himself hoarse on the issue of convening a national conference? Does it not show double standard? This shows the type of democrat Buhari and Tinubu. Must they oppose everything in this country? Must Nigeria stand still for them? Nigeria cannot be run on the dictates of Tinubu or Buhari. Whether Tinubu, APC likes it or not, the country has to move forward. Nigeria can wait for Buhari and Tinubu to decide its future. It has always been opposition and noise making because they hold the media, must we play politics with everything?”

Nwosu who is also a legal practitioner dismissed the claims of the opposition groups that the national confab would confer an advantage to Jonathan if he re-contests in 2015.

“The president’s action is for the interest of the nation. It is unfair for them to infer that Jonathan will stand to gain advantage in the next election in 2015. The president is entitled to contest elections in 2015. If the people of Nigeria want him, the few disenchanted minority cannot stop him. Buhari and Tinubu have been accusing the president of having other motives. If Tinubu or Buhari wants to contest or wants to sponsor somebody for presidency in 2015, they should present themselves to Nigerians and not trying to input motives to the president’s action which has been commended by a majority of Nigerians. Jonathan has no ulterior motive because this is not the first time a sitting president will call for a conference in Nigeria.

On the issue of APC states boycotting the sitting of the advisory committee, Nwosu described it as a non issue which

would not affect the credibility of the exercise.

“The issue of some APC states or any other state boycotting the committee’s visit is neither here nor there. What I want you to do is to count their population of those states relative to that of the remaining Nigerians. If their population is 30% and 70% is participating in the conference believing that it is in the best interest of the country, then their boycott is of no effect because there can never be a time the whole Nigeria can agree 100% to a programme., no matter how good such is. It can never happen. If you go to the Holy Bible, at the time Moses was leading the people of Isreal out of Egypt, the Isrealites said, ‘Moses leave us here o’. When they had the encounter at the Red sea as Pharoah and his soldiers have closed in on them, ‘Some of them again asked Moses, ‘did we not tell you to leave us in Egypt instead of dying in the Red sea?’ They were blaming Moses for leading them out of suffering and bondage in Egypt.

“The APC states could be likened to those who asked Moses to leave them to die in Egypt. This is what Tinubu and his group, the APC people are doing. Have you visited the states the APC are controlling and discover that everything is alright there? They should show more responsibility and concern for the welfare of Nigerians. Jonathan is saying, let us sit and talk to make the country better and they are opposing every move, what sense does it make? The APC should come to terms with the present realities in Nigeria. They are always running away from reality,” he said.



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