Nigeria @53: Is Not Too Late To Amend…Nwakalor

Ogbonna Casmir, Enugu
A governorship candidate, Alliance for Democracy (AD) in Anambra state forthcoming governorship election, Mr. Okechukwu Nwakalor has joined force for national dialogue noting that at 53, Nigerians are yet to feel being a Nigeria.
Nwakalor who welcomed the decision of Mr. President Consideration for national conference, said there are numerous problems confronting this country, “I think we should seat down as a people and dialogue on how Nigeria should progress. It has come to a point where we as Nigerian should seat down dialogue how to move Nigeria forward.
“Nigeria has great potential and an average Nigeria should be happier than an average American, the kind of resources we have, if is judiciously utilised, all Nigerians would be happy”.
The governorship candidate who regretted the trend where one individual will be much much richer than a state, without doing any substantial thing to justify such wealth calls for concern yet optimistic that it can be reeled off. “It is not too late; it is not too late at all. We can from now on agree to disagree on how to move this country forward”.
“I have misfiling, at 53 we are supposed to have matured. But let me ask a question are we matured. You get up in the morning do you have light, you drive your car around Nigeria are the roads stable? Are the roads good enough for us? You go to school is school good enough for you to read when you are suppose to read or go on strike so many months in a year as we are now on strike. Is that a way a matured Nigeria should be?” said Nwakalor.
“The impunity being advance by the people in governance, the impunity being advance by the people in INEC, the impunity don by people everywhere without regard to the rule of law, is that what it should be?”


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